GloucesterCast 97 With The Mohan Family and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 10/12/14

GloucesterCastSquareGloucesterCast 97 With The Mohan Family and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 10/12/14

Topics Include: Welcome to the Bitch Piss and Moan Club, The Mohan Family (-BJ) In The House, No Love From Brother’s Brew,  Revisiting the Bacon Maple Glazed Doughnut, Read Receipt On iPhone, Old School Love Notes vs Today’s High School Communication, New Cyber Bullying App StreetChat Tearing High Schools Apart, The fallacy of private internet communication, Colleges look at kids social media pages, Amanda feels that a small percentage of irresponsible teenagers makes an entire generation look bad, teen fashion today vs 30 years ago, Benetton Sweaters, Paulie Walnuts 275th Retirement From GMG, Dog Psychology, New Partner For 525 -Maria Seniti, Props to Joe Seniti, Freedom Fitness On Lexington Ave Magnolia, Giuseppe’s Closing,In Defense Of Joe and Memory, What Would You Like To See Go In The Space Vacated By Giuseppe’s? , Indian Food, Anmol, Would A Dedicated Steak House Make It Gloucester?, Fall Foliage Map, Amanda’s Find Animal Webcam Website, Done With Topsfield Fair, Post Of The Week- Paul Morrison Eclipse Post ,Paul Morrison Brilliant and Socially Awkward, Kim Smith Deathwish Post, Rotary Trivia Night, John McElhenny, Chad Konecky, Steve Saleeba, #Mexico,  Merideth Fine, Taste Of Cape Ann, Sista Felicia Post of The Week- Nichole Schrafft’s Taste Of Cape Ann Post, Wally’s Bistro, Roasted Tomato Soup, Macaroons, Stone’s Pub, Virgilios, Going Home Hungry For Fear Of Looking Like A Pig, Smokin’ Jims At Dogbar, Azorean Octopus and Tuesday $5 Tapas Deal





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Poll- With Giusepppes Closed What Kind Of Restaurant Would You Like To Fill That Space

I think the only void we have in the dining scene on Cape Ann is Indian Food. If you’ve been to Anmol in Beverly you know it’s really fantastic. If we could lure the owners of Anmol to open up in the space in the basement of the Blackburn Building that would be round out Gloucester’s dining menu.

What type of restaurant would you like to see there?

Edit: After thinking about this I’m not sure that we have a true Steak House here. That would be something that could add to our dining options. However with the crazy high price of good beef I’m not sure that we could support a real deal Steak House. We could have a place that serves steak obviously but to get real aged beef after you triple your food cost (how most restaurants come up with their pricing) I don’t think we have enough people having business meetings on company credit cards that don’t care that they are spending $40 for a steak and $100 bottle of wine. That’s big city stuff.

So I stand by my original choice of Indian food. Oh and for the people that have never tried Indian food, you’re really missing out. Anmol is a treasure for the people in Beverly.

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The first to be published in my husband Tom Hauck’s Kevin Lone thriller series. Avita Doesn’t Love You is available as an eBook from Whiskey Creek Press (only 3.99!) and you can read a sample chapter Here.

Avita Doesn't Love You_Thomas HauckAvita Doesn’t Love You from Whiskey Creek Press

Lone and his allies – including the brave Jessica Kenney, who seeks to avenge her father’s murder – tell how they must infiltrate and defeat the cancerous North Korean spy ring masquerading as a peace-loving religious cult. But Avita, the secretive leader of the cult, will go to any length to ensure that her deadly mission is accomplished. The fast-moving plot is complicated by a mysterious activist who has threatened to set off a bomb in Washington, D.C. The suspense builds to a shattering climax when Lone must confront Avita and her deadly accomplices. 

To read an excerpt and purchase a copy click HERE

Chickity Check it! Fall Foliage Map With Date Slider-

fall foliagemapgif

Click here to see the full sized map with the date slider for predictions.  It’s pretty cool!

According to the map, right now we have partial foliage, next week we will have “near peak” conditions and the following week our area will have peak foliage conditions.

More revitalization of Magnolia’s Lexington Avenue

By joining Freedom Fitness, Inc. you are supporting the revitalization of Magnolia’s Lexington Avenue. On Saturday I joined Freedom Fitness, Inc., the location is easy with plenty of parking. The gym is brand new, below please find a couple of photos of the brand new equipment, another great feature, this gym is open 24 hours/7 days a week.

14 Lexington Avenue
Magnolia, MA 01930

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Next Step for Fred

Walking4769wmAll VNA services have discharged me because of my improvement and insurance requirements. This means no more weekly visiting Registered Nurses (Diane), no more Kathleen (my physical therapist), and Shelly (my occupational therapist). They all helped me so much that it brings tears to my eyes to see them go. Now, I must look to outpatient physical rehab facilities. There are three on Cape Ann (I cannot walk or drive). Two are in Blackburn Park, and one is at Addison Gilbert Hospital, the place that initially saved my life. Transportation-wise, AGH is the most convenient. I’m determined to be walking by Thanksgiving, come hell or high water. Any suggestions for the rehab facility? (Note: I’m also going to follow an exercise program at home. Kathleen: “Walking is the best exercise you can have, because it uses all of your muscles.”) In retrospect, I should not only thank the medical professionals who saved my life three times this year, but also the dedicated professional therapists from Den-mar and Seacoast, who all helped restore my physical abilities and continue to stay healthy.

Community Stuff 10/12/14

All Things Victorian First Place TV Award For Cape Ann TV

Lisa Griffiths aka Victoriana Lady Lisa (aka That Nutty Redhead) wearing circa 1900 attire from her antique traveling museum collection. Shawl donated by Cape Ann resident Ruth Burnham.

I am incredibly honored, and proud, of John Grant and my 1st Place Award for our TV program “All Things Victorian” which airs Thursday 8:30pm on Cape Ann TV. We attended the awards ceremony today in NH. We won for “Profile Talk Show” in the professional category, in the northeast region including New England and New York. We are delighted that other TV stations already want to broadcast the program in their area.
AWARD Alliance Community Media 2014 008

We thank the Alliance for Community Media, their judges, and Cape Ann TV for this wonderful opportunity to promote Victorian history. I also thank my soul mate and co-producer John Thomas Grant for creating this program, and for the hours of work that he puts into each show.
We are excited about the upcoming episodes, which include a Victorian Tea at the historic Emerson Inn in Rockport, an exclusive Steampunk exhibition, a Victorian baking show, an expert on Genealogy, and much more. Stay tuned, and prepare to be dazzled!
You can watch episodes on and on Youtube under “All Things Victorian.”
AWARD Alliance Community Media 2014 010

​Gloucester Block Party 2014

As many of you know  have a Kickstarter Project underway with only 3 weeks left. I’m not yet halfway to my goal yet. My record of accomplishments should encourage you to sponsor me with confidence. I’m a woman who gets the job done. I humbly ask for your support for my business, and I thank those that have already joined me on this incredible journey. The exposure from my TV program generates interest in my gourmet nut business. (My recipe is based on my Victorian grandmother’s recipe, so it all ties in together. )
Please partner with me. Any and all dollar amounts will be appreciated, as it adds up when many people come together. I have wonderful thank you rewards waiting for you!

Lisa block party tent

My sincerest thanks!! To be a sponsor-


Cape Ann TV Announces It’s Next Lunch & Learn Event
Getting Started with Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Basics taught by Cape Ann TV’s Henry Cooper


Cape Ann TV (, a regional non-profit local access television station that serves all of Cape Ann, is pleased to announce the next learning experience in the popular “Lunch & Learn” series – Getting Started with Abode Premiere to be held on October 21, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. at Cape Ann TV (38 Blackburn Center, Gloucester MA 01930).

“The question of which editing platform to use is a common one,” said Erich Archer, Executive Director of Cape Ann TV. “Adobe Premiere has been generating a tremendous amount of interest recently and it’s time we open the hood and take a look.”

Here to guide us through the basics is Henry Cooper. Henry has a Graduate Certificate in Digital Video from Northeastern University and has worked as a Production Assistant with Rockport Music for 3 years.  He has a wonderful and informative presentation to help us navigate through getting started with Adobe Premiere.

About Cape Ann TV: Cape Ann TV is a non-profit, member-based organization dedicated to the Cape Ann Community. Cape Ann TV is an important community resource that gives everyone a voice. We strive to produce programming and educational content for the community, by the community.

RSVP to:
This event will fill up fast!

Lunch to be provided.

Sunday, October 12th,  3pm, “Remembrance – The Pink Chair Project”  OPEN FREE


Artist Lynn Schulte, currently on exhibit in a two-part solo show at NSAA, will present stories and answer questions about those paintings which comprise an homage to her mother -“Remembrance-The Pink Chair Project.”  Schulte says, “The Pink Chair Project” is a story that everyone can relate to.  We have all lost someone, and dealing with our grief is a universal journey.  As an author and artist I found a route that brought me closer to my mother than ever before in many unexpected ways.   This project has been traveling for three years with this being its fourteenth and final stop.”
    In addition, Schulte will share background on the second part of her show “New England Shores” – richly colored oil paintings that celebrate working waterfronts, sky
and sea.
           The North Shore Arts Association’s galleries are open, free to the public, Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, Noon to 5 p.m. 
    More information on all North Shore Arts Association events is available by visiting  their website at , and by email at , or by telephone 978 283-1857.

Get a raised-bed garden for your backyard!

Would you like to pick fresh vegetables from your own backyard garden next summer? If so, you should apply for the 2015 Backyard Garden program from Backyard Growers, the grassroots nonprofit that brought schoolyard gardens to every public school in Gloucester and has put raised-bed gardens in the backyards of 120 Gloucester households.

Don’t delay! Now is the time to apply — Backyard Growers will be reducing the number of backyard gardens they offer next year to focus more on school and community gardens.

Low- to moderate-income Gloucester families are invited to apply. The deadline is Thursday, October 16. Get your application at