Gloucester in all her glory- part two-filming B-roll around the Harbor


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Gloucester Harbor in all her glory – photos from the Parade of Sail and Schooner race.

GloucesterCast 96 With A Group Of Your Favorite GMG Contributors

GloucesterCast 96 With A Group Of Your Favorite GMG Contributors

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Martin Del Vecchio’s Thomas Lannon Drone Video

For the past 15 years, every 5th-grader in the Gloucester Public Schools district has sailed Gloucester Harbor with captain Tom Ellis in his schooner the Thomas E. Lannon.

The students travel a century back in time to learn how Gloucestermen sailed, navigated, fished, and sang sea chanteys to entertain each other in the age of sail.

On September 18, 2014, the East Gloucester School 5th-graders had their turn to learn about their history.

You can learn more at

Lannon’s Schooner Festival sails for more info

Hi Joe,

Can’t believe that it’s Labor Day weekend already. So, here is a flier for our Welcome the Eagle sail on Friday, as well as a schedule of other fun sails going on this weekend for Schooner Festival.



Terrible Time Aboard The Thomas Lannon For The Paul Giacalone / Ryan and Wood / GMG Cigar and Rum Sail

It was just terrible.  Hurricane force winds, torrential downpours, lost two or three people overboard, the boat was a filthy mess, the most rude obnoxious people you’d ever wanna meet.

A total disaster evidenced by the pictures.

Better pictures on the way from Kim Smith (I was too busy trying to keep people from abandoning ship to take photos)

Look at the sheer misery on these faces-

2014-07-15 20.16.16

That James Eves, he doesn’t know how to have a good time does he?

2014-07-15 20.50.462014-07-15 20.51.332014-07-15 20.08.332014-07-15 19.38.45

In all seriousness I can’t extend enough thanks to Tom,Kay and Heath Ellis and their crew as well as Bobby and Doug Ryan from Ryan and Wood  our local distillery, and Paul Giacalone for providing excellent excellent smokes.

Check out Ryan and Wood for a tour of their facility, it is amazing


and if you haven’t been on a sail aboard the Lannon (the most beautiful boat in Gloucester Harbor by a mile) you really need to, especially if you have guests in from out of town.  It is my number one must do thing I tell people when they ask me what they need to do while in town.   You get to see Gloucester Harbor in all it’s glory on the most beautiful boat in the harbor with the friendliest crew in the harbor.  Total no brainer city easy recommendation for the win.


Gloucester Harbor Schooner Race Coverage

Ardelle vs Lannon From Bruce Slifer-

Great time last night on the Ardelle.  Challenge race/knot tying/chanty singing/man overborard contest–wound up in a dead heat (right Tom?).



2012 GMG Old Cuban Cigar Co and Ryan and Wood Folly Cove Rum Sail Aboard The Thomas Lannon Tickets are One Sale NOW Call Kay at 978-281-6634

Anyone that went on our cruise last year knows it was one of the best nights of the summer.  The tickets are $35 and include Two Old Cuban Cigar Co cigars which are valued around $10 each, Folly Cove Rum drinks from Ryan and Wood AND a sail aboard the Thomas E Lannon.  All together it’s like a $85 value that you get for only $35.  but you know what?  Even if it was $85 I bet everyone that went last year would buy tickets again because it was THAT great a night.

So if you are one of my peeps, I want you aboard so we can hang smoking the finest cigars, drinking the finest rum and sailing aboard the most beautiful boat in all of Gloucester Harbor, the Thomas E Lannon.

Tickets are not going to last.  Please if you know you are one of the people I like to hang with call Kay at the Lannon ticket office and reserve your spot so we can chillax together.

Call now 978-281-6634


Cigar and Rum Sail Photos From John Simmons

Had a Great time In Gloucester. As well as the Cigar & Rum Cruise. The sunset (moon rise) cruise was a totally remarkable view of Gloucester. I love Good Harbor Beach as I do every year. The lobsters Mike Collins and I picked up from you were fabulous. Keep up the tremendous work on GMG. I’ll see you again next year
Treat Everyday as Game Day,
John Simmons
Erie, PA


Auction For Charity: Two Tickets to this Thursday’s Sold Out Sail on the Thomas Lannon to Benefit the Cape Ann Animal Aid

This Thursday the Thomas Lannon will be Sailing away with GMG FOBs and rum and cigars 7PM to 9PM. All the tickets are gone.

But wait, there are two tickets that just became available and this pair will be auctioned to the highest bidder before 6PM Wednesday.  Normally $70 for the pair we want to raise a few dollars for the Cape Ann Animal Aid.

Do it for the puppies. Or do it for the fine Cuban Cigar Company and Rum Drinks along with a lovely sail aboard the Lannon with Joey and his pals. Just add a comment to this post with the dollar amount. Should we start at $50?

ps. If you would like to make anonymous bids send them to and he will post them as anon to this thread. We will update the bidding on Monday and Tuesday night.

Only 11 Spaces Left!!! Call Kay Now To Get On Our GMG/Ryan and Wood/Old Cuban Cigar Factory Sail Aboard The Thomas Lannon!!!!!!

if you are one of my peeps, I want you on board with us!!!!  Get on the phone, leave a message for Kay if you have to and have her call you back to reconfirm that you have a spot.  It’s gonna be great!!!!!

What is normally a $40 plus sail on the Lannon without all the extras into a Sail on the most beautiful boat in the harbor (The Thomas Lannon), a killer Ryan and Wood Folly Cove Rum drink and two tastings from Bobby Ryan’s personal exclusive collection of rare rums, AND two cigars from the Old Cuban Cigar Factory.

Hey, what can I say, we like to give back and believe me all these fantastic local businesses bent over backwards to make sure that this is a night we’ll all remember.  Seating is limited to 42 people so it will be first come, first serve basis as far as tickets go.

If you are a FOB I want you sailing with us.  We settled on the perfect date July 14th.  I figure it will be a nice warm dry evening for the perfect sail.

You’re still reading this????  You should have already been dialing Kay at the Lannon ticket office to reserve your ticket-

978-281-6634  image

So Far-

The List of Reserved Tickets-

Ed, Paul Morrison, Joey, Patrick Ryan, Marty and his lovely wife Barbara,Terry Weber +1,Lola DiMarco are coming

Let me know if you call Kay and reserve your spot and I’ll add you to the list!

The Thomas Lannon Groupon Deal $22 for Up To A $40 Excursion!

Click here for the Thomas Lannon Groupon

There’s not a much more beautiful way to enjoy Gloucester Harbor!  If you haven’t been then here’s your chance to go on the most beautiful boat in G-Town and if you have been then you know what a ridiculous value it is to be able to go on the Lannon for $22!!!image

Click the picture below for the Thomas Lannon Slide Show

Interview With Tom Ellis-

From Rocky Neck #3 Photo from Thomas Philbrook

From Rocky Neck #3

Had the great good fortune to spend a Sunday morning on a friend’s deck at the very end of Rocky Neck during the 2010 Gloucester Schooner Festival. There were many vessels heading out to join the Labor Day Parade of Boats.


Check Out Thomas Philbrook’s Artist Portfolio

Schooner Thomas Lannon

Schooner Thomas Lannon

Schooner Festival
Heading out to the Harbor

For Daily Sail Schedule and Charter Information click on the link below


Pirate Faire Fun Aboard The Thomas E Lannon Schooner

Hi Joey,

I thought I’d let you know about what we are planning for next weekend on the Lannon. You probably know about the New England Pirate Faire, being held at Stage Fort Park on Saturday and Sunday. To tie in with what they are doing, we are offering Pirate Sails on the Lannon.

Saturday and Sunday morning we are part of the action at Stage Fort Park . We are sailing from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and will have NEPF pirates onboard. Costumes are encouraged. There will be cannon fire involved as we join the action at Half Moon Beach. We can’t tell ye too much, or we’d have to kill ye! Aarrgh! All ages are welcome on this sail. $25/kids, $37.50/adults.

On Saturday night, from 7:00-9:00 we are hosting a Pirate Ball on the Lannon for Pirates 21 and older. Costumes, prizes, grog, NEPF Pirates and lots of pirate fun for sea dogs and saucy wenches. $50/adult includes a ration of grog.  We are hoping people will enjoy the fun at Stage Fort Park , grab a bite to eat at the Block Party downtown, then join us for more Pirate antics at the Pirate Ball. Aarrgh!

Reservations are suggested. Info is at or (978) 281-6634.

Thanks for helping us get the word out.

Kay Ellis

Schooner Thomas E. Lannon

(978) 281-6634

Pirate Sails On The Thomas E Lannon
Pirate Sails On The Thomas E Lannon