Rubber Duck WTF #37

Since no one got #36 name the humpback (the answer was Music go check it out) #37 is going to be even harder but the prizes keep piling up.

First three winners get a GMG sticker signed by RD and one pirate Rubber Duck. First prize gets choice of Zombie Rubber Duck or Pirate.

To win the responder must say exactly where this is not just how/what and or why. Be precise. Precision wins.

Where is this? Not the image, where is the actual photo residing. If you get out in Cape Ann over the last two months you should know.

Crap: I just realized that if you follow me in Facebook you might be able to figure this out without actually having been there.

[edit Oct 12, 9:38AM] We have a winner! Anonymous correctly named the location. The fresnel lens as big as an outhouse is right behind me. Anonymous can come down to the dock to pick up her winnings. Proper ID required.

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Daybreak Death Wish

Kitesurfing Kiteboarding Good Harbor Beach Gloucester -2 ©Kim Smith 2014Also known as kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing Kiteboarding Good Harbor Beach Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2014

Look at what I came upon last Tuesday morning while filming the wildlife at the footbridge end of Good Harbor Beach. The kitesurfing appeared death defying, particularly from where I was standing far down the beach; one kitesurfer especially seemed precariously close to Salt Island. 

I would have loved to stay and continue photographing the three beautiful aerial/marine acrobats but I had been filming until the last possible moment and had to hurry off to work. The action that I did catch a glimpse of was simply stunning.

Kitesurfing Kiteboarding Good Harbor Beach Gloucester -3 ©Kim Smith 2014

Kitesurfing Kiteboarding Good Harbor Beach Gloucester -4 ©Kim Smith 2014 J.PG

Airborne ~ Click image to view larger

Note to Kitesurfers: Next time you are planning to kitesurf at dawn please contact me at I would love to photograph and film your next adventure, from beginning to end. Thank you!

Several more photos here:

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Annisquam Arts & Crafts Show 30th Year

Doors open again on Sunday, October 12 at 10 AM.

DSCF0866 Nancy J. Adams displays her Sea Glass Whimsies.

DSCF0872 DSCF0874 GMG’s E.J Lefavour exhibits her recently published “I See Moolongz” as well as her last hit, “Tales of Bong Tree Island” and other samples of her unique artwork.

DSCF0879 Pottery by Marty Morgan

DSCF0882 .

Boston’s loss could be our gain — Watch the videos and see for yourself

This week, Jed Gottlieb wrote an interesting piece in the Herald (see here) about Boston Blues club Smoken Joe’s closing, in which he demonstrated the loss of blues support in the Boston area, using the fact that Gracie Curran moved to Memphis as an example — Boston’s loss.

Remember, Gracie Curran opened the 2013 Gloucester Blues Festival, which helps keep the blues alive in New England — our gain.

Vickie & I also help keep the blues and other music genres alive right in your own backyard.  We’re bringing Gracie back to the Larcom Theatre (down the road in Beverly) on November 1 to perform with Victor Wainwright, who’s the hottest young name in blues right now.  Victor won the Blues Music Award for Piano Player of the year in 2013 and 2014 and he got the very first standing ovation at this year’s Gloucester Blues Fest.

(BTW: If you want to help us keep the music coming, please vote for our Chase Grant here.  It’s easy and free.)

Putting these two young blues stars on the same stage along with Victor’s smokin’ hot band is practically a fire hazard! You’ll experience a night of soulful rockin’ blues like you’ve never felt before.  Watch the videos and see what I mean:

Get tickets here before they’re all gone.

For the Love of all Things Sandy!

No one loves the beach more than me, but after watching this grotesque monster work its way across the beach, it is going to be a long time before I sit my butt down on that same wet sand again.

Blech!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I am by no means a wuss….but, I find this little sucker nauseating.  Over reaction, you say? Maybe to you.  But, I think not.  I’ve helped saw the heads off of bluefin tuna without batting an eye, but this slimy, invasive little creatures has the ability to slither places it simply doesn’t belong and it is simply more than I can handle.

I’ll be shopping for next summer’s super high beach chair…ummm…now.


Community Stuff 10/11/14

Y Celebrates renovations/new space with Community Celebration Days -Oct 14-16

Hi Joey,

The CAPE ANN YMCA is celebrating their newly renovated space and the opening of its Community Center at 67 Middle Street. We are hoping you might have space to mention this exciting news so your readers will join us for some fun next week. The details are below. I have attached additional information as well – we appreciate anything you can do to help spread the word!


Pam Sullivan
WHAT: The Community Celebration Days – October 14-16


‘Tis the season… for POPtoberfest!

It’s that spooky, kooky time of year again, friends! And we are kicking off POPtoberfest at Pop Gallery yet again, starting with the long holiday weekend!!

Seasonal beverages will be served up as well as the return of our “TRICK OR TREAT” GRAB BAGS!!!

Some will be $5 and some will be $10. You don’t know what you’ve got till you open it up! And FYI, every bag is a TREAT!

So, come by this HOLIDAY weekend to take advantage of the 40 – 50 % OFF SALES and good times with the baddest girls on Main Street at POP GALLERY!

And be sure to follow us on instagram for even more ways to SAVE with secret sales this month!

The annual Rockport Fall Classic Car Show & Cruise Day is coming up.  There are a few spots left for show cars.  Weather is supposed to be great.  Can you help spread the word?  Here is the flyer.


Comedy at The Rhumb Line November 6th

Fred writes-

Hi Joey

We are having a comedy show at The Rhumb Line Nov. 6th with two people with strong connections to Gloucester…including nationally known Paul D’Angello who is known in real life as Paul Murphy . He was an Assistant DA in Gloucester for a few years and did stand up on the side as Paul D’Angello. Also joining him is Dugie Russell who was the District Court Officer in Gloucester for 15+ years. They are both friends of mine and I might do a little stand up myself. It’s going to be a laugh riot.

Tickets are only $15 and are on sale at The Rhumb Line.

Doors open at 6pm ..The show starts at 7pm .