GloucesterCast With Guests Kim Smith, Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 09/21/14

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Topics Include: The effervescent Toby Pett and Mr Grumpypants Kim Smith, Block Party Kudos, Sefathia, Mark McDonough Valerie Markeley, Block Party Review, Gianni Gallo, Rome TV based in where else but Gloucester MA, Mercedes Flavin and Paolo Laboa and The Space at Alchemy, J Pace, The Big Dig, The Format For The 100th Podcast, Holy Cow, Burnham’s Field, John McElhenny, Steve Winslow, Melissa Cox, Mayor Kirk, The Ward 2 Move, Richardson’s Ice Cream, Appleton Farms, Gloucester Daily Times Website Redesign, Arizona’s Stupid Motorist Law, Israel Horowitz’ My Old Lady Playing At Cape Ann Community Cinema, House Of Games, Lindsay Crouse, Adam Horowitz and The Beastie Boys, Rob Newton From Cape Ann Community Cinema, The Prototype For Kim’s Butterfly Screening Audience, Kim Smith Butterfly Movie On PBS, Send Kim Your Monarch Butterfly Sightings, , Eastern Point Lit House Kumbaya Moment, Duckworth Book Series The Secret Life Of Bees, NFL Football Food Menu, Against Football: A Reluctant Manifesto, The Hard Core Liberal Car and Ron Gilson’s 10 Cent Trade In, Live On Boats Being Sold In Favor Of Cheap Housing, SmallHouseBliss, Send In Your Football Day Food Pictures

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tobyHead Shot Kim Smith

Rocky Neck Art Colony Appoints Executive Director

Rocky Neck Art Colony Appoints Executive Director


Suzanne Gilbert Lee has been appointed by the board of trustees to the newly created position of executive director of the Rocky Neck Art Colony (RNAC). Gilbert Lee, a native of Gloucester, comes to the art colony following a long history of arts administration, most recently as festivals coordinator for Historic New England headquartered in Boston. As former gallery director at North Shore Arts Association, Gilbert Lee is well suited to handle the growing management needs of the expanding RNAC, that until very recently operated solely as a volunteer-run organization. The acquisition of the Cultural Center building on Wonson Street has created the opportunity for a wide variety of events, programs and rentals in addition to exhibition space requiring hands-on management.

Gilbert Lee is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst with a BA in journalism and a graduate certificate in theology from Weston Jesuit School of Theology.

The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck is home office of the RNAC, the official Welcome Center for Gloucester’s Rocky Neck Cultural District and hosts exhibitions, workshops, meetings, lectures and cultural events of all kinds. The Cultural Center is open on Thursday-Sunday, 12:00-4:00 PM from September to May or by appointment. Please phone 978 515-7004.

The Center accommodates 60 to 100 people and is fully handicapped accessible. For information about renting the facility for a meeting, theatrical or musical performance, a small wedding or anniversary, both private or for the community, contact

The Rocky Neck Art Colony, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization nurtures excellence in the arts through exhibitions, workshops, residencies and vibrant cultural events for its members and the public.

Suzanne Gilbert Lee RNAC

Little Italy on Main Street ~ 2014 Block Party Season Ends on a High Note!

Terri Gianni Gallo ©Kim Smith 2014Terri and Gianni Gallo with sister and friend

What fun was last night’s block party!!! The best event of the season was saved for the last, as the West End of Main Street Gloucester became “Little Italy.” The streets overflowed with hundreds of partygoers while Gianni and Terry Gallo broadcast live an episode of their new show, L’Italia Chiamò – Radio Show.L'Italia Chiamò ©Kim Smith 2014

cheese maker Luca Mignogna ©Kim Smith 2014Artisan cheese maker Luca Mignogna served samples of his outstanding cheeses as Chef Paolo La Boa created delicious appetizers of prosciutto, complemented with his signature pesto. Chef Paolo La Boa ©Kim Smith 2014The slew of Vespas parked out front of Caffe Sicilia caused everyone to stop and oogle.Vespas ©Kim Smith 2014 copy

I wished I could have stayed for the entire evening but unfortunately had to hurry home. Looking forward to next year’s Block Parties although, I don’t know how they’ll ever top last night’s event!

Nutty Red Head ©kim Smith 20014

Lisa Griffiths, also known as The Nutty Red Head, gets carded by Robin at the Cave–it makes her day!

Goddess Family ©Kim Smith 2014jpgThe Goddess Family ~ Franny, Tony, Samantha, and Baby Woody

Scott Memhard Lise Breen ©kim Smith 2014Scott Memhard with Hannah, Andrea, and Lise advocating for the “College Success Program in Gloucester.”

Fred and Valerie ©kim Smith 2014Fred and Valerie


Saturday on Rocky Neck – Party Lineup

moolongz book launchand spontaneous collaboration

The Moolongz love a good party and hope you do too. The I See Moolongz backer rewards and book launch party is happening this Saturday, September 27th from 4-6:00pm at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson Street. Everyone is welcome. The party will also include a unique exhibit of five works by five artists in five weeks, called Spontaneous Collaboration. The I See Moolongz party will immediately be followed by a Colors party at the Rocky Neck Gallery (come as a color), 53 Rocky Neck Ave. starting at 6:00 and a Madfish Wharf Galleries Season Wine Down party starting at 7:00 at 77 Rocky Neck Ave.

A bunch of good, fun reasons to get yourself to Rocky Neck this Saturday.

Timothy Wilson Quote of the Week from Greg Bover

“…the intrigue of existence would be purposeless without the element of the ineffable.”

Timothy Wilson (198?-     ) From Quantum Art Review (as is the bio below.)

Timothy was born and raised in rural Maine. Upon graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design he enrolled briefly at the Grand Central Academy before moving back to Maine to work as a creative designer for a clothing company. Not long after, he decided to leave the portence of a successful career and pursue a life as a frustrated painter. In November he will be undertaking a two month Fellowship in the Hudson Valley courtesy of the Art Students League. Timothy keeps his studio in Portland, Maine where he occasionally cat sits for his sister’s purebred Persian. His solo exhibition at the Steven Amedee Gallery in New York City opens in October.

Greg Bover

With thanks to Nick Bover

Essex Living History Tour in the Ancient Essex Burial Ground.

Len Burgess submits-

The Ancient Burial Ground in the village of Chebacco Parish (now Essex) came back to life this past
weekend. On Sunday afternoon, visitors had the opportunity to experience the burial ground and see
life in the 1700’s to the middle 1800’s through the eyes of some of its prominent citizens and even
one infamous one.  The graveyard dates back to 1681. Among those buried there are two of the town’s
earliest ministers, many shipbuilders and veterans of the French and Indian Wars, Revolutionary War,
War of 1812 and Civil War.
The tour started with Emma Frances Burnham portrayed by her relative Becky Axelrod wearing an
authentic Civil War period dress owned by one of her ancestors.  Becky also showed guests the Hearse
House, built more than 170 years ago, which holds the town’s original victorian hearse, purchased
in 1861.  Also in the Hearse House is an early sleigh hearse and two holding boxes that predate the
practice of embalming.  At that time, block ice was used to preserve the body of the deceased until
burial.  In all, there are 374 headstones in the Ancient Burial Ground, the oldest ones dating back to the
beginning of the 1700’s.
Then guests met Barry O’Brien who, as Reverend Robert Crowell, introduced the story of the town’s
infamous Grave Robberies. The minister shared his famous sermon, given in 1818, when the empty
caskets of the victims were reburied in a common grave located under the Hearse House.  Next thing,
David Gabor who had been lurking behind the building came out of the shadows, shovel in hand. He
was the town’s doctor Thomas Sewall, accused of stealing eight bodies from the Ancient Cemetery to
be used for anatomical study. Then appeared Kerry Breeze aka Sally Andrews, a young patient of Dr.
Sewall’s. Sparks flew. The fact that Dr. Sewall was fined a pittance, asked to leave Essex and the State
only to become a world renowned author on anatomy left guests wondering whether the science and
knowledge gained through the robberies were worth the anguish of the families.
Guests then met Alan Budreau who as Reverend John Cleveland spoke of his ministery in Chebacco,
and his Chaplaincy in the French and Indian War and in the Revolutionary War. 
This year’s tour included a new character, the famous Madame Varney, portrayed by her 10th
granddaughter, Laura Doyle.  Madame Varney and a few of her women friends orchestrated the
building of Chebacco’s first meetinghouse in 1677. When the town fathers of Ipswich forbade the “men
of Chebacco” from raising a meetinghouse, the woman of the parish took charge and enlisted the help
of men of Wenham, Gloucester and Manchester. Technically speaking, they were outside the ban. 
The volunteers arrived from all over and the meetinghouse was up in one day! (Becky Axelrod is also
related to Madame Varney).
Mark Nelson was the Reverend John Wise, who became the town’s first minister in 1683. He served as
a regimental chaplain during the French and Indian War, and was well known for speaking out against
taxation without representation more than a half century before the Revolutionary War.
Jim Witham portrayed Skipper Wesley Burnham, who was a navigator and ships captain. He served
in the militia during the Revolutionary War and witnessed the surrender of General Burgoyne at
Saratoga.  He spoke to guests about events leading up to the Revolutionary War including the Stamp
Act and Tea Act. He also spoke of the militia and the role they played during the war and shared
stories of his days as a privateer.  One of Skipper Wesley Burnham’s great uncles was Jim’s 8th great
Guests departed by way of the museum to visit the collection and have refreshments. Throughout
the tour guests were treated to music played by Tom Duff on his tenor penny whistle.  Jenny
Stephens, Liz Guerin and Sue Harrington assisted with ticket collection. Diana Hughes Maria
Burnham, Mary Wilhelm and Barbara Spyropulos led the guests on their tour of the Ancient Burial
Ground.  Len Burgess chronicled the event by taking photographs. 
Story by Jim Witham and Laura Doyle

Skipper Dave Marciano of FV Hard Merchandise visits ENHA tour at Cape Pond Ice

Celebrity NatGeo Skipper Dave Marciano of FV Hard Merchandise stopped by Cape Pond during our ENHA Trails & Sails Saturday morning tour, to sign autographs and settle up his ice bill – he’d been by earlier with the boat – and also to model a Wicked Tuna / Wicked Ice t-shirt, which we traded for a fresh blue fin tuna steak…. — with Dave Marciano.


There’s a new Humpback Whale at Cape Pond Ice on Gloucester’s inner harbor – if you didn’t see one today out on a Gloucester whale watch, than come tomorrow, Sunday, or next Friday, Saturday or Sunday, for our free ENHA Trails & Sails Icehouse tours. Master Ice Sculptor Donald Chapelle of Brilliant Ice Sculpture is carving a “pod” of Humpbacks for our ice sculpture display, a smaller scale version of his life-size sculpture done in 2007 for Boston’s First Night…. and the first whale has definitely arrived, in all his fluking glory.

Donalds humpback whate 2014 20140920_145503

Cape Pond ice

Community Stuff 9/21/14

There will be a reception for local artist, Anita Johnson, on Saturday, September 27, at  BankGloucester at 160 Main Street, Gloucester.  You can meet the artist in the bank’s lobby between 11:00 and 1:00, and enjoy light refreshments. Anita’s paintings include scenes of New England and Italy, still-life’s, and portraits.  Her work will be on view until Nov. 8th.

Off Stackyard Road


Gloucester maritime culture to be featured at New Bedford ’s Working Waterfront Festival

Master boat builder Harold Burnham to bring Pinky Schooner ArdelleHarold Burnham

Gloucester ’s maritime culture will be well represented at New Bedford ’s 2014 Working Waterfront Festival. A celebration of the commercial fishing industry, the free festival takes place on the working piers of New Bedford ’ historic waterfront on Saturday, September 27 and Sunday, September 28. 

The Pinky Schooner Ardelle, designed and built by master shipwright Harold Burnham, will be at the event on Sunday.  Pinky Schooners were a common type of fishing vessel that sailed out of Cape Ann harbors from the early eighteenth century through the early twentieth century. Burnham bears a family name that is virtually synonymous with Essex , the birthplace of approximately 4,000 schooners. He is the 28th Burnham to operate a shipyard in Essex since 1819. Growing up in a family of shipbuilders in a town where shipbuilding is a tradition handed down over the generations, Harold has learned the traditional techniques of his forebears, carving out a place in history as a master designer, shipwright, and sailmaker.  He twice has been a recipient of a Traditional Artist Fellowship from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and was the 2012 recipient of a National Heritage Award, the highest honor bestowed on traditional artists.

Gloucester based author JoeAnn Hart will be signing copies of Float at the Festival Bookstore on Saturday from 1:30-2:00. The novel is a wry tale of financial desperation, conceptual art, insanity, infertility, seagulls, marital crisis, jellyfish, organized crime, and the plight of a plastic-filled ocean.  Essex based musician and children’s author Daisy Nell will read from her latest book Moxie and the Whale aboard Schooner Ernestina on Sunday at 11:30. Ernestina was originally the Effie M. Morrissey, a Gloucester built Grand Banks fishing schooner.  She will also read The Stowaway Mouse on the deck of the Schooner Ardelle from 2:30-3:00 about a mouse who sneaks on board as the Burnham Boatyard launches a new schooner.

Angela Sanfilippo, President of the Gloucester Fisherman’s Wives Association will represent the Port of Gloucester as a cook in the Seafood Throwdown which takes place on Sunday at 3:30.  She will compete against Vera Carvalho, representing the Port of New Bedford . The two cooks will compete to create a winning seafood dish using a surprise local seafood ingredient which is revealed to them at the event.  The Seafood Throwdown is a collaboration between the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance and the Working Waterfront Festival.

The Working Waterfront Festival is a project of the Community Economic Development Center of Southeastern MA, a non-profit organization. The FREE festival, a family friendly, educational celebration of New England’s commercial fishing industry, features live maritime and ethnic music, fishermen’s contests, fresh seafood, vessel tours, films, author readings, cooking demonstrations, kid’s activities and more.  It all takes place on working piers and waterfront parks in New Bedford , MA , America ‘s #1 fishing port, on the last full weekend in September.  Navigate to us at

Laura Orleans, Director

Working Waterfront Festival