John and Cathy Burnett Represent! At A Nats Game


Attached is a photo of me and my wife Cathy at a recent Washington Nationals game in DC.  I grew up in Magnolia and graduated from GHS in 1966 and am still a Sox fan but living in northern Virginia for the past 27 years the Nationals have become my National League team.  I love GMG and it helps me keep up with things in my old home town. Keep up the great job.

John Burnett


Welcoming Lunch at Passports Restaurant

India, Lyla, Shawna Passports Restaurant Gloucester MA ©Kim Smith 2014Over Labor Day weekend we went with our daughter’s boyfriend, Matt, to Passports for a beautiful lunch. We were greeted by wonderfully friendly, helpful, and super professional India, Lyla, and Shawna.

Passports Restaurant Popovers ©kim Smith 2014 copyAs all who have eaten at Passports know, within a few moments after being seated, guests are immediately served fresh from the oven, piping hot popovers. This is always a welcome treat, and was especially so for Liv and Matt that afternoon as they had been hiking all around Coolidge Reservation earlier in the day.Passports Restuarant Fried Oysters ©Kim Smith 2014

Next we shared a plate of Eric’s fried oysters and without a doubt, I think they are THE BEST FRIED OYSTERS in town! What makes Passport’s oysters so special you may be wondering? Because every single time we go, their fried oysters are fantastically crisp on the outside and sweet-salty fresh oyster perfection on the inside; Passports oysters are never, ever soggy or greasy.

Passports Restaurant Lobster Roll Sald ©Kim Smith 2014We ALL ordered Eric’s fabulous Lobster Salad Roll and it was divine–big chunks of fresh sweet Captain Joe and Sons succulent lobster meat, surrounded by a lovely array of fresh seasonal veggies (mine is pictured, requested without roll).

Thanks Eric, Lyla, India, and Shawna for welcoming Matt and showing him one of the reasons why we love Gloucester!

“I succeeded by saying what everyone else is thinking.” – Joan Rivers #RIPJoanRivers

“I succeeded by saying what everyone else is thinking.” – Joan Rivers #RIPJoanRivers

In this day and age of Hyper Political Correctness the loss of Joan Rivers and her tell-it-like-it-is attitude is a loss for America.
Best part of watching the Oscars was watching Joan carve ’em up on the red carpet.

You see people like Joan who tell it like it is and make us laugh get replaced by “safe” vanilla talking heads that don’t dare stir things up and tow the corporate line ever fearful of saying the wrong thing and getting canned because someone far too sensitive didn’t get the joke.

That’s the world in which we now live.   The world in which big media outlets can’t hire women like Joan Rivers because they’re scared shitless that she might utter the words “midget pickles” and a whole contingency of midget parents will freak out and call for a boycott of the channel.

Thanks for the laughs Joan.  Hope you’re in a good place with decent plastic surgeons.

GMG Mug Up and Rocky Neck Art Walk

mug up and art walk

This is a great time to visit with GMG peeps and fobs, and visit the galleries that make up our historic Rocky Neck Art Colony and Gloucester’s Rocky Neck Cultural District.
Weather is perfect and parking is plentiful!

Chris Stovall Brown joins the Dave Sag’s Blues Party tonight at 8:30pm @ The Rhumb Line. 9.4.2014

dave sag rl 4.3.2014

Omigod….what an amazing weekend Labor Daze was. Lots o’ music and drunken dancing. Anybody who livered through it:  congratulations. The clinic is open at Addison-Gilbert and Sullivan for those of you who can’t stop crying. Now onto the zbig news.
Let’s welcome back Mr. Chris “Stovetop” Brown to our stage this Thursday. Winner of this years Hugh Beaumont Award for excellence in gum chewing, Mr.. B. is sure to get your heart in a big tither as he bites his way thru the chord changes  without dropping a stitch of laughter. But, seriously, folks, Chris is one of my personal favorites, as he can play guitar, sing and yuck it up with the best of them. Never a dull moment.
And we’re using a cool and totally new drummbler in the form of Mr. Chris Anzelone, a monster in his own right. Can’t wait! c’mon down and watch the fur fly!


logo rl

40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-973

Bruins Street Brigade hits Cape Ann Youth Hockey!

Well, we’re back to school and that can only mean one thing…we’ll soon be back to the hockey rink too!  Soon, meaning next week.

I’ve been known to complain about the cold, crazy hours at the rink, but…between you and me…I wouldn’t have it any other way!  My boys love the game and being a part of Cape Ann Youth Hockey has been a fantastic experience for us all.

For any of you fellow hockey families, don’t forget about this great event!  A win-win for sure.  A win for the kids and a win for the Open Door Food Pantry who will receive donations from all registered players!  Check out the link below for much more information!  See you there!

Boston Bruins Brigade 2014.

Space is Limited — Register Today!

Green Dragon and Skipper Al Bezanson Winners!


Schooner Green Dragon placed first in the Small Schooner Class in the 2014 Schooner Races, winning the Betty Ramsay Plate. Al Bezanson, who’s the owner of Green Dragon and is on the Schooner Race committee, sits in the cockpit of his schooner. Photo  by Kathy Chapman.

Photo © Kathy Chapman 2013-14


Thursday September 4th , 2014 Cape Ann Weather…

Marine Forecast :
Today W winds around 5 kt…becoming SE this afternoon. Seas 1 foot or less.
Tonight SW winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 1 foot or less.

Beach Forecast :
80°s Mostly Sunny
Water Temp 68° Degrees
Winds West 5-10 mph becoming onshore late morning / early Afternoon..
Precipitation 0%

Pod Cast Weather:

Hourly Forecast :



Community Stuff 9/3/14




Psychic Weekend at Blue Shutters Beachside Inn, Gloucester 9/13 & 9/14
Psychic, Card, Mediumship or Channeled Readings with Julie Ann  on Saturday September 13, 2014 from 11:00 AM  to 8:00 PM  and Sunday September 14, 2014  from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.   This tranquil and most beautiful location is beloved by many all over the country. Have a refreshment and snack, enjoy the gorgeous view and walk the beach before and after your session(s).  To schedule your appointment with Julie Ann call 978-387-5306 or email   Innkeepers Ann Marie & Eddie Comer , Patty & Anthony Sapienza encourage all to stop by, relax, and enjoy the view. 

Maritime Gloucester’s Online Fundraising Auction – Just a few days left to bid! Proceeds from this online auction benefit Maritime Gloucester’s educational programs for Cape Ann youth and support our efforts to inspire students and visitors to value marine science, maritime heritage and environmental stewardship through hands-on education and experiences. Thank you for your support and get your bids in before September 5th at 9:00pm!  

New England getaways to New Hampshire or Maine!

Children’s gifts, including Daisy Nell books, Schooner Ardelle summer programs, and a Bookstore gift certificate

Enjoy food, glorious food from Virgilio’s, Patty’s Guacamole, a personal chef, or Duckworth’s Bistrot

New items added!

Maplewood Car Wash Super Clean Detail

MAC Fitness 6-Week Membership

Octopus Paintings by Maritime Gloucester educator and artist Rebecca Visnick 

And many more unique experiences, products and services!



Cape Ann Brewing Company (CABC) is proud to announce that they are changing over from bottles to cans with the opening of a new canning facility located in Gloucester, MA.  Currently, the Fisherman’s Brew and Fisherman’s IPA are available throughout Massachusetts with the Fisherman’s Pils joining as their core year round beers. The new canning facility is located down the road from the original brewery at the old Cape Ann Forge, overlooking the Annisquam River. It will allow CABC greater quality control, improving consistency and bringing the flavor profile of the packaged beer more in-line with that of the draught beers. It will also enable to company to produce and distribute beers beyond the flagship Fisherman’s line,  under the Cape Ann Brewing Company brand in 16 oz “tall boys”.
The new cans are not only a change from bottling beer but also offer an update to the company’s brand, with a more modern and sophisticated take on the iconic image of Gloucester’s “Man at the Wheel” memorial statue. The new line of “tall boys” will focus more on the original “Twin Lights” logo that has come to represent Cape Ann Brewing so well.

”We are very excited to finally fulfill our promise of bringing our full production of back to the city of Gloucester,”  said Jeremy Goldberg, CABC owner. “Our local identity is extremely important to us, and we feel this investment is important in more ways then just about the beer.” On July 31, 2014 CABC had it’s very first canning run.  The new canning facility is located down the road from the original brewery at the old Cape Ann Forge, overlooking the Annisquam River.
-August saw the (re-)release of Fisherman’s Brew and Fisherman’s IPA in 12oz. Cans. Fisherman’s Pumpkin Stout, the first of the now often replicated style, will be available for a limited time and will be the last 12 oz bottles to be released by CABC.
– September will bring the introduction of the Fisherman’s Pils to round out the flagship year round brands, replacing the discontinued Fisherman’s Ale.
-October will see the first release of the new line of 16 oz cans, the Imperial Pumpkin Stout which will be followed in November, by a very limited release of the Deadeye Double IPA. 2014  will be punctuated by the release of the Navigator, a German-style Doppelbock, CABC’s winter seasonal beer. In 2015, you can look forward to such releases as the Tea Party Barley-Wine, Ironclad IPL, and the Chili Stout.