Israel Horovitz’s Red Carpet Special on Cape Ann TV Tonight!

Lisa Smith submits ~ 

Cape Ann TV is airing  “Israel Horovitz’s ‘My Old Lady’ Red Carpet Special” tonight on Channel 12 at 9 pm. Join the talented and  glamorous Heidi Dallin as she interviews Cape Ann’s A-List who attended last weeks’s advanced screening of “My Old Lady” at the Cape Ann Community Cinema. The movie is directed by Gloucester Stage Company founder Israel Horovitz  and stars Kevin Kline and Maggie Smith. The screening was a benefit for the Gloucester Stage Company.

It is one big party on the red carpet, as Heidi talks to a sea of one name personalities from Cape Ann: Carolyn, Bruce, Ann-Margaret, and Sinikka, just to name a few. She also talks to Gail McCarthy and Desi Smith of the Gloucester Daily Times and Mark Shanahan from the Boston Globe’s ‘Names & Faces’.  The program ends with Israel’s introduction to the movie. He talks about what it is like to make a film in Paris, and working with Maggie Smith and Kevin Kline.

Ed Note ~ My Old Lady is playing at the Cape Ann Community Cinema through September 24th. For ticket information click here. 


These young women are worth going over the bridge for

GraceKelly_HotWhen I say Jazz, people often reply, “Oh, I don’t like jazz.”  But they like Henri Smith and Cape Ann Big Band and Henley Douglas, Jr. and Henry Allen and Karen Ristuben and Mark Earley and Miranda Russell and Linda Amero and The Docksiders — all jazz.  If you like any or all of these people OR you like blues, funk, or a new genre called “atmospheric pop”, you’ll LOVE 22-year-old Grace Kelly, who’s been performing since she was 8.  Another young rising star Yoko Miwa opens the show. You can get Tickets here.

On Thursday (Sept 25), you can see these two rising stars at Beverly’s fully restored, historic Larcom people are calling Grace Kelly a “jazz phenom.”  Check out her latest video and see what top stars say about her:

“I’ve heard the future of jazz and it is Grace Kelly.” – David Was, NPR’s Day to Day

“Grace Kelly writes great songs, sings beautifully, is a world class saxophonist, and is going to be a big big star” – Huey Lewis

“Grace Kelly plays with intelligence, wit and feeling. She has a great amount of natural ability and the ability to adapt. That is the hallmark of a first-class jazz musician.” – Wynton Marsalis

Who Makes The Best Slippers For Men?

I’m looking for a nice comfy pair of slippers to keep my feet warm in the house but don’t want to wear moccasins and look like an Indian (feather not dot).

I’ve read about these boiled wool jobs from Halfinger-


Does anyone have any recommendations for anything that isn’t a feminine fluffy looking slipper that makes you look like you’re either an Indian (feather not dot) or wearing a poodle on your foot?



My View Of Life As a Rock Hog By Josh Serrin

Josh Serrin was one of the winning bidders on one of my Dad’s Paintings I listed on Ebay. He also found a few

“Art, Rocks!”. I thank Josh for the reminder. People’s  emails after they find them inspire me to do more.

Below is a post he wrote about being a Rock Hog Back in 2012.

From Josh Serrin 04/23/12

My View Of Life As a Rock Hog By Josh Serrin

Josh Serrin writes-

So I’ve been getting a lot of flak lately about the number of art rocks that I have.  To this date I have six: Good Harbor Beach, State Fish Pier, Niles Beach, Fishermens Wives Statue, Boulevard and Jacobs Landing.  My wife has dubbed me “Rock Hog” and whenever I tell Joey that I found another one I always get the response, “ Again?”  So here’s the story of each and everyone one of them.

8/22/2010 – Good Harbor Beach

Ah, my first! At this point of the story I had never found one.  I always saw them on GMG and thought how great it would be to have one of my own.  This one, I believe, was sitting there for about an hour or two when I saw the post.  I thought for sure it was already taken but it’s a minute bike ride down from my house so I figured why not try.  I spotted it from the road and was so happy.  I’m sure all the people walking around thought I was a quack when I jumped for joy and had a huge smile on my face.  My son Jack thought it was great too (as you can see from his face).


10/16/2010 – State Fish Pier

This one was really fun.  I was outside doing some yard work, checked the blog from my phone, jumped on my bike and hauled ass down to the state fish pier.  I had to ride around for a bit looking for this white painted rock.  I knew from the post that the rock was next to it but I wasn’t familiar with the area so I had to really look.  Not only did I find an Art Rock, I figured out just how out of shape I was biking back home.

2/13/2011 Niles Beach

I remember farting around the house on this cold day, checking the blog and then jumping in my car to see if it was still there.  Low and behold it was.

5/21/2011 Cripple Cove

I did not end up getting this rock but it was really fun to watch someone snatch it.  My mother-in-law was in town and we were all out.  We live right down the street from Cripple Cove and were forewarned about a pending art rock coming up around 7:30.  We got back to the house at about 7:31 (yes, precise time is relevant), checked the blog while we were all still in the car and headed down.  We got there, say, at 7:33 but we saw a person walking the buoy around so I figured it was gone.  I decided to not get out and look.  We sat in the parking lot for about 5 minutes.  Someone showed up talking on their phone with a big huge GMG sticker on the back of there car, walked over to the buoy and jumped for joy when they found it.  I think I remember her saying, “I found it” to the person on the phone.  All along while, we were sitting in the parking lot the rock was right there!  It was really great seeing someone else get one… I already have 3 by that time so I wasn’t too disappointed.  I only wish I was able to get it to give to my mother-in-law though.  We sat for a little while longer and people kept streaming in!  In a matter of probably 5 minutes we saw about 5 cars pull up, people get out, walk over to the buoy to look for the rock and then just back into their car and leave.  Joey took this to a whole new level a couple days later and videotaped people walking around his shop looking for one.  I would have been there but I was in the hospital and came upon this little surprise… our daughter Katie!

5/26/2011 – Fishermens Wives Statue

This is by far my favorite rock.  Not only did Paul find the PERFECT hiding place but it also looks incredible.  Again, checked my phone, jumped in the car and headed to the scene.  I walked around for about 10 minutes.  I looked in the flowers, all along the stones, under the benches, everywhere!  Art Rocks are usually at least the size of your fist so they can be spotted from afar.  This art rock, though, was incredibly small and in a little crevice under the statue.  You could be standing 5 feet from the statue and still wouldn’t be able to see it.  I ended up walking right up to the statue, peeked on top and saw the rock.

January 2012: Boulevard

This is the only one that I didn’t get a picture of.  I remember this being a pretty cold day and I was grocery shopping with my son Jack.  While in the parking lot I check my phone and saw that there was an Art Rock down at the Boulevard.  I wanted to get home though.  Jack was being a little fussy and needed a nap.  My normal routine when I’m heading home from Stop and Shop is to head over to the bridge at GHB and then a short trip to the Back Shore and then up through Bass Rocks Golf course.  We live right past the golf course so I get a nice scenic route on my way home.  Well… Jack fell asleep before we hit the Back Shore so I figured why not keep going to the Boulevard.  I pulled up to the tennis courts and saw Ed Collard walking around.  Now, it was pretty cold outside with maybe one or two brave souls walking around so I knew right away that he got it.  Ed was looking around a lot over his shoulder and doing quick loops around that area like he was waiting for someone.  I just helped Ed take down the Lobster Pot tree so I figure I’d say hi and ask him if he found it (which I knew he did).  With a big huge smile he said yes and that he was going to give it to the first person that showed up.  Well, that was me!  I said he didn’t have to but he was pretty persistent. (I think he was freezing his butt off and didn’t want to wait around for another person.)  Ed has the picture of this one laying around somewhere.

4/15/2012 Captain Solomon Jacobs Landing


Jack found the last rock.  On this Sunday morning, I had to go to the Building Center.  It was about 8:50 when Jack and I drove into Harbor Loop only to find out that the BC wasn’t open.  Instead of leaving through the TDBank parking lot, I drove down the loop.  I rarely do this but we were in no rush to go anywhere.  The Art Rock was posted the previous night and I didn’t know where Solomon Jacobs Landing was.  Well, if you didn’t know it was on Harbor Loop, then now you do and so do I!  At this point, the rock was sitting around for over 14 hours so there is no WAY that thing is still lying around… but I figure we’d get out and walk down anyway.  I wanted to show Jack the Coast Guard boats.  I parked and let him out and we walked down to the benches.  I spotted the rock at a good distance… and so did Jack.  He was the one that actually went over and picked it up.  I was planning on leaving it where it was but he didn’t.  He was really excited to find a rock, let alone an Art Rock.  And like all rocks that we find near the water they go back into the water and make a big splash!  I couldn’t let that happen though.  As soon as he made a b-line to the water I had to stop him.


So, now you might be asking yourself what I do with all of these rocks… I have them on display around my house.  There are two in our entry way, my favorite sits alongside family pictures on a shelf in our living room and three are downstairs on my office desk which I look at every day.

So that’s the story of the Rock Hog by the Rock Hog, I guess.  I can’t say I’ll never find another one but I do know that I’ll never take from the same place twice.  I really value each and every rock that I find (if you haven’t noticed yet).  I feel so lucky to have one, let alone six.  Paul, you should know that every time you leave one of these rocks that you are not only making someone’s day but giving that person a memory that will last a lifetime.  Thank you for everything that you’ve done.


Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day


The City of Gloucester will be holding its annual Household Hazardous Waste Day on Saturday, September 27, 2014 from 9AM-12 Noon at the Department of Public Works, (DPW) 28 Poplar Street. The event, which will be held rain or shine, provides residents with the opportunity to dispose of hazardous materials in an environmentally responsible manner. There is no charge for Gloucester residents to dispose of hazardous waste up to a maximum of 25 pounds or 25 gallons and anything over this amount will require a payment to Clean Harbors (checks only – 0-10 gallons over – $24, 10-25 gallons over $46.500. Contractors may not use Household Hazardous Waste Day to dispose of materials.

Clean Harbors Environmental Services will be on site September, 24th to accept oil-based paints (no latex paint), varnishes, pesticides, gasoline, and other household hazardous chemicals. In addition, residents may dispose of mercury-containing waste, including car batteries, thermometers, thermostats, and fluorescent lamps at no cost. For this Saturday only we will not be accepting tires or scrap metal.

A full list of accepted materials may be obtained from the Department of Public Works (978-281-9785), or you may find the information on the City of Gloucester’s Website ( Clean Harbors will not be accepting commercial/industrial waste, latex paint, ammunition, asbestos, radioactive material, fire extinguishers, or medical or biological wastes.

Upon registering you will be sent a letter to use as your ticket into the event. Pre-registration and proof of residency is required. Cut off for registration is Friday, Sept. 26 at 11am.

To ensure safety, please adhere to the following handling procedures: leave materials in original labeled containers; tighten caps and lids; place containers in sturdy upright boxes rather than in garbage bags; avoid smoking while handling hazardous materials. Most importantly, do not mix chemicals.


Cat Ryan submits-

Photos from grand opening celebration

After years of planning and partnering, a new Essex National Heritage Area Visitor Information Desk has been added inside the already wonderful Salem National Park Service Visitor Center.

From the press release:

“The new partnership between Essex Heritage and the National Park Service will provide the Visitor Center’s 375,000 annual visitors with information about attractions, destinations, restaurants, resources and more in Salem and throughout Essex County.”

Katherine and Ryan will be managing this important hub. Prior to this post they worked for 6 years at the Visitor Center. Bonus: they live on the North Shore, and they both grew up on the North Shore. They are excited to join Essex National Heritage.

The screen behind the desk featured several images from each Cape Ann town and many others.  Opening remarks from: Superintendent Michael Quijano-West of the National Parks; Annie Harris, CEO for Essex National Heritage; Josh Basseches from the Peabody Essex Museum; and Mayor of Salem, Kim Driscoll. Event photos here:

Tuesday September 23rd , 2014 Cape Ann Weather..

Marine forecast :
Tue NW winds 10 to 15 kt with gusts up to 20 kt…becoming SW 5 to 10 kt in the afternoon. Seas 2 to 4 ft.
Tue Night S winds around 5 kt…becoming N after midnight. Seas around 2 ft.

Pod Cast Weather :

Hourly Forecast :



Tourists from North Carolina and Ohio Visit Gloucester

Couples from North Carolina and Ohio pose with Grace Favazza Board Member of GLOUCESTER FISHERMEN’S WIVES ASSOCIATION 


Community Stuff 9/23/14

What’s Happening at GHS 9/22/14

We just finished Spirit week, from the 15th to the 19th and all would be surprised at how our students perceived their grandparents dress. We saw lots of canes, a few walkers and lots of polyester, buts lots of fun had by all. The week culminated with the Pep Rally on Friday

The PSAT’s will be offered at GHS on October 15, 2014 for all juniors and any sophomores who may be interested. This practice opportunity for the SAT’s is a wonderful time to begin thinking about the entire college application and acceptance process. To register for the PSAT, a payment of $22 (cash only) may be deposited with Mrs. Mondello before school, during lunch or after school.

Gloucester U will be offering Credit Recovery options for any students that may need to recover any credits to ensure their graduation within a four year timeline. Any interested students or parents may contact the Guidance Department for further registration information, or register at the GHS homepage under the Gloucester U heading or directly to the website at

Hard to believe but Progress Reports will be coming home October 3, 2014. Time is flying by already! Parents may register on the Gloucester High School Website Homepage for access to their Iparent accounts.

The Health Fair will be in the Field House on Thursday October 2, for all of our students to attend

and learn about the latest medical information and services available within the community.

A complete listing of all the GHS clubs and  Sports is available on the GHS website but a few of our most popular include Human Rights Initiative, the Comic Book Club, Anime, Drama Club, Chess Club, Interact, Environmental Club, Film Club, Model UN, Photo Club and Robotics. Club meetings are slowly getting started and will be announced daily, check the announcements and join your friends after school.

The Guidance Counselors will begin meeting with all seniors within the next few weeks to ensure all of the planning and preparation of last year is progressing on target and make any changes or modifications to their college and career plans.

Guidance Department 978-281-9874
– Option #8
Laura Heinzinger      x 14012
Carl Sacco              x 14008
Laura Carlson            x 14011
Matt Duncan               x 14010
Ellen Clarke                   x 14009

Temple Ahavat Achim has just recently installed custom-made Eternal Lights aka “Nir Tamids”. The artist who created them is Claude Riedel.

The installation has happened just in time for the High Holy Days.
We invite the community to join us for the Rosh Hashanah services this week on the following days to enjoy the services and to marvel at our new Eternal Lights:

– Wednesday, September 24th at 7 pm (Erev Rosh Hashanah)

– Thursday, September 25th at 9 am (First Day of Rosh Hashanah)

– Friday, September 26th at 9 am (Second Day of Rosh Hashanah)

Our services are open to all. TAA has never issued tickets and we proudly continue our open door policy. Unaffiliated individuals and families are encouraged to attend any of our services. Our congregation is truly a “Jewel of the North Shore”. Please invite your friends and neighbors to pray and study with us, to share our work of Tikkun Olam (“Healing the World”) and to help TAA continue to be a strong vibrant center of Jewish Life.

And here is the story that Claude Riedel wrote about the Lights:
I am inspired by the Kabbalistic description of the source of light (G-d) as radiating from a “primary mystic center”  in ever expanding layers of radiant translucence.  I feel comforted by the permanence of the “source” and inspired by the ever expanding facets of that light as it shines on and fills us all.  In the telling of the 16th century Kabbalist, Isaac Luria, god created the world : “By forming vessels of light to hold the Divine Light.  But as G-d poured the Light into the vessels, they catastrophically shattered, tumbling down toward the realm of matter.  Thus, our world consists of countless shards of the original vessels entrapping sparks of the Divine Light.” Tikkun Olam releases that energy into our world.
My own history resonates with these images as my Grandfather was taken away to Buchenwald on the Night of Broken Glass – Kristalnacht – and my work is an effort to take some of those shards and make them into something whole and holy.
This community  has been sustained and devastated  by  the water of the sea.   Your shul has been  shattered  by fire and and now rejuvenated.  The Nir Tamids I have  have been blessed to offer you are of that spirit. 
In your prayers and meditation let the comfort of the eternal light remind and inspire you to light  and tend to the Nir Tamid in your own heart from generation to generation:
bringing light to darkness, openness instead of concealment, to study rather than blind faith, to clarity versus mystery.  May each of us be in touch with our own internal Devine light and share it with the world in peace. 
Claude Riedel

Celebrating 25 Years of success in the fight against HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C on the North Shore

North Shore Health Project’s 25th Anniversary Gala and Concert

The North Shore Health Project is celebrating its 25th year as a leading agency on the North Shore dedicated to helping people infected with, and affected by, HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C with a fundraiser featuring an unforgettable evening of music and more at the Shalin Liu Music Performance Center in Rockport, MA on Friday, October 17th  at 8PM. Featuring nationally renowned contemporary folk singers Antje Duvekot and Meg Hutchinson as well as local singer/songwriters including Allen Estes, Brian Alex (Entrain), Marina Evans and a special surprise guest, it is sure to be a stellar night of entertainment and celebration.

Founded in 1988 by a group of Cape Ann citizens concerned by the devastating effects of the growing AIDS crisis, the Health Project’s services expanded in 2005 to include Hepatitis C, a direct response to that growing epidemic. Located in Gloucester, it offers medical case management, holistic support services, nutritional programming, peer support and more to over 130 residents from all over Essex County.  It remains an independent grassroots agency dedicated to helping people with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C get the medical attention they need, as well as offering other supportive services to ensure that they are well equipped to manage their overall health while living with a chronic disease.

“The North Shore Health Project has offered a broad range of services to residents of Cape Ann and beyond for 25 years. Its services are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client with an emphasis on holistic supports which, combined with strong physician collaboration, ensure that clients are empowered to maintain optimal health,” says Board President Donald Maier, MD. “This important milestone is a perfect time to celebrate the great success of the Health Project.”

Tickets are $75(VIP) and $50(GA) and are available at www.shalinliu/north-shore-health-project. The VIP tickets include preferred seating, a champagne reception beginning at 6PM with hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar as well as a special raffle. There are also sponsorship opportunities available.  Please call or email Susan Gould Coviello at 978-283-0101, for more information about the celebration, as well as information about the Health Project.

Seacoast News October 2014

Thanks to the Friends of Seacoast the residents at Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center enjoy marvelous entertainment and events.
The Friends of Seacoast enhance the resident’s lives at the Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center with hours of enjoyment by providing the finances needed for the special entertainment, holiday gifts, supplies and community outings.

We are looking forward to many events with the support of the Friends of Seacoast including The Magnificent Mummy Musical by the Big Smile Entertainment Company, weekly Musical Entertainment by outstanding performers including the Honky Tonk Women, Dinner Theater with catered foods from local restaurants, Community Outings and more…

The Friends of Seacoast are grateful for the donations and the gifts received in honor of loved ones.

The Friends of Seacoast Holiday Fair is scheduled for Saturday November 22nd,
9:00AM-1:00 PM. This special event will include professional vendors, a cookie walk, white elephant sales and a raffle. Vendor space is available $25 per table. Anyone interested in participating in this event please contact Alison Cox @ 978-283-0300.

The next Friends of Seacoast meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at 6:00 PM.

Our next scheduled events with the Cape Ann Museam CAM connection program will be a Art tour and painting session at the North Shore Art Association and a tour of the newly renovated Cape Ann Museam.


VOTE 2014 MA State Election
Information Registration and Voting Dates
October 17th Last Day to Register General Election
November 6th General Election
Voter registration forms and absentee ballot application are located in the main lobby
Residents in need of assistance please see Alison Cox, Activity Director