FEMA flood INFO for Cape Ann From Kenny MacCarthy

Hi Joey,

Over the last few months, I’ve compiled a lot of information on the new FEMA regulations and flood zones here on Cape Ann. The links are all in one place on my blog. Just click here.

If you don’t need this, share it with someone that does. It’s a big deal and will really affect property values.

As always, let me know if I can help.



Community Photos 7/22/14

Michael Miller Submits-

Hi Joey,

The splendid fundraiser “Diner En Blanc. ”

More photos: http://finedesign.net/photo/index.php?/category/White

Lahey Health hosted a cocktail cruise in Gloucester Harbor to celebrate the contributions of the Dusky Foundation

Lahey Health hosted a cocktail cruise in Gloucester Harbor on July 10 to celebrate the contributions of the Dusky Foundation and its support of Addison Gilbert Hospital, Cape Ann’s resource for state-of-the-art care close to home. Gifts donated during the cruise will be used to improve care and services delivered at Addison Gilbert Hospital. Featured left to right: Lahey Health President and CEO Dr. Howard Grant, Vice President of Addison Gilbert Hospital Cynthia Cafasso Donaldson, Linzee and Beth Coolidge of the Dusky Foundation, and President and CEO of Addison Gilbert and Beverly Hospitals Denis Conroy.

Group shot at boat cruise

That Nutty Redhead Lisa Griffiths, aka Victoriana Lady Lisa, portraying her Victorian grandmother Ella Mae, circa 1900 at the annual Gloucester Block Party. “It was my Victorian grandmother’s recipe from her turn of the century cookbook that inspired my praline gourmet nut business That Nutty Redhead. Thanks grandma!!” 🙂

Whale Watch on the 7 Seas

The Gloucester Haiku Project


photo-2-1Howdy Joey and Kim,

I’ve been meaning to send this your way, but we’ve been busy, busy, busy. I was wondering if you could help spread the word about The Gloucester Haiku Project. We’re asking folks–residents and visitors–to write a haiku or two about Gloucester. The subject matter can be anything, from the beauty of the back shore to our glorious pothole riddled streets. Anything, as long as it has to do with Gloucester. We’re looking for small poems from everyone, not just poets. We’ve been getting quite a few from kids, which is fantastic.

We’ll be collecting haiku until August 31, after which we will choose the best and publish them in a poetry chapbook this fall via Lit House Press. We’ve even set up a little box outside our shop at 261 Main St. for folks to drop their haiku off, maybe while they’re picking up bread at Alexandra’s or pet supplies from Animal Krackers. We’re also taking submissions online at: The Eastern Point Lit House Gloucester Haiku Project.

Thank you for all you do to bring this community together! And we’ll be expecting haiku from the two of you for sure!


Chris (Anderson)


July 22: Happy Birthday Edward Hopper- see what was on Hopper’s and Jo’s easels

EDWARD HOPPER (July 22, 1882-1967)


See what’s on their easels: a 1960s video excerpt of Edward Hopper and Jo working in their former studio and home at 3 Washington Square North, NYC.

If you like GMG, you’d better tell the FCC

I’m not kidding.  The FCC is seriously considering new rules that would allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to slow down content from GMG and speed up content from someone else, who’s willing to pay extra to have their content delivered faster.  So, for example, if a large media company (e.g., AOL, Time Warner, Comcast, Universal) wanted to start a local blog, it could pay your ISP to have its content delivered faster and have GMG’s content slowed down.  Now if you don’t think ISPs would intentionally slow things down, watch this very funny, and insightful piece by John Oliver:

Lots of people have already commented — so many that the FCC site crashed last week.  Technically, the deadline for the first round of public comments is over, but there’s another round and you can still comment here.

Not convinced?  Watch this more in-depth New York Times piece on Net Neutrality.

I don’t usually make political posts on GMG, but this issue affects the blog itself, so I figure it’s time to take some action.


Does Size Really Matter?

Our sleepy little slice of heaven! As I sit here and watch the boys play in the water, I’m getting sad because I’m guessing that our long days at this little beach are probably numbered. I’m thinking that by next summer they’ll want to be at a bigger, and maybe more action-packed beach, and I’m wondering, while both have absolute pros and cons, which one is “better.” “Better” obviously being subjective and not a very fair word.

Little Beach Pros = We can walk to this beach and it is incredibly easy to keep an eye on both boys. They can walk from end to end and I can still see them. They can go rock climbing, tidal pooling, and swimming….and sometimes, like now, I can actually stay in my chair for 15 minutes straight. My favorite part, you may ask, is that the view is second to none.

Little Beach Cons = sadly, it may soon seem boring and too small for my ever growing boys.

Big Beach Pros = Well, more excitement for sure. Probably bigger waves too. And, for me, pretty excellent people watching.

Big Beach Cons = The parking, the dragging of beach crap for long distances, and long stretches of beach, blanketed by people, that make it harder to keep track of my super fast children. I would be remiss to not add, that inevitably, we sit next to the blowholes who use increasingly loud and foul language and blast their not-so-soothing music each time we rally to go.

Those cons having been said, gosh knows our big beaches on Cape Ann are undeniably gorgeous!

Maybe tonight I will create a poll of which type of beach is “better.” The age-old question of “Does size really matter?”

Part 1 Director of the Cape Ann Museum, Ronda Faloon, digs deep and shares what we need to know about its dazzling transformation, maps it out and starts us at the enticing ground floor

Click video to listen-


Cat Ryan writes-

With a world class collection and legacy, its ongoing support of contemporary arts, and robust exhibition schedule the Cape Ann Museum has no problem keeping the experience of art alive and present, and compelling.

It’s where you can come experience something that is not part of everyday life.

Ronda Faloon, Director of the Cape Ann Museum, discusses the museum’s transformation over the past 10 months and gives GMG exclusive access leading up to the grand re-opening. Getting there required long hours and difficult conditions, a 5 million dollar capital campaign and a ten month closure.  This stellar collection is shown in even better conditions.

There will be a week of celebratory and special events beginning with the kick-off gala of August 16, 2014, and open to the public Tuesday August 19th. Visit www.capeannmuseum.org for all the details, and sign up for progress updates.

Click Floor Plan to Expand Full Screen




Community Stuff 7/22/14

18th Annual Rockport Rotary Club Lobsterfest


Hi – I think Henry Ferrini will have a good graphic for this listing in the next day or two – but hoping we can begin to get the word out earlier with this listing:  

EVENT: Gloucester Writers Center 6th 10-Minute Playwriting Workshop Staged Readings. This fun event has been drawing crowds for the past few years, as audiences get to watch and provide feedback for these new 10-minute plays in progress (and for the first time, a few 1-minute plays!), all performed by the best of our local actors with food and wine to celebrate!

WHEN: Sunday, July 27, 2014, from 7 – 9pm

WHERE: The Rocky Neck Cultural Center, 6 Wonson St. Rocky Neck, Gloucester, MA

WHO: M. Lynda Robinson’s 6th 10-Minute Play Workshop is presenting the new work of Susan Frey, Carole Frohlich, Jeana Grady, Stacy Randall, M. Lynda Robinson and Charles Steiner.

Actors will include Emily Sinagra, Pauline Miceli, David McCaleb, and June Lewin.

HOW MUCH: Donation suggested at door. No one turned away for lack of funds.

M. Lynda Robinson

Gloucester Police Department Sends Five New Officers to the Police Academy


After a process that included the Civil Service exam, a rigorous background investigation, physical exam, psychological exam, the Physical Abilities Test, 80 hours of training in Emergency Dispatch, and months of on the job training as Reserve Officers, Gloucester Police Chief Leonard Campanello is proud to announce that..

David D’Angelo, Robert Morrissey, Jared Foote, Michael Cimoszko, and Keith Gaudenzi

…have been selected to attend the West Bolyston Police Academy starting on July 20, 2014 and continuing for the next six months.

During this phase of their careers, they will be considered Student Officers. If they successfully complete the Academy, they will be assigned to  a Field Training Program for 8 weeks, followed by a one year probationary period. At the end of that period, they will be permanent, full-time Gloucester Police Officers.

“I am very excited to have five new student officers entering the Academy. The process for them to get to this point was difficult. and they have shown that they are up to the challenge thus far,” Chief Campanello said. “I have very high expectations for these five. We only want the best candidates in the Gloucester Police Department, and the quality of these five candidates shows that we simply do not settle for second best. I anticipate that they will all excel at the Academy.”