Reno in progress- 382 Main Street getting some love #GloucesterMA

382 Main Street (formerly Gloucester Nails; Domino’s still). Do you remember what was here before its last reno?


unfortunate roofline afforded some hint to an impressive granite outcropping…

Nov 2020

but wowza when it’s a single story! Curious to see the new streetscape

NEW Maplewood School apartment and town house condos are so loft-like soaring big and bright! Beautiful historic building #GloucesterMA

There will be 12 brand new homes for sale within the former Maplewood School, renamed the “Maplewood School Residences” at 120 Maplewood Avenue. Open houses began last week, offering sneak peek access and sales for buyers eager to preview the thoughtful and modern layouts designed into this beautiful and historic Gloucester building. The Maplewood School Residences project has reached the exciting studs out stage for its interior raw spaces.  A model unit **still under construction** was made available for walk through.

 The school was built in 1899. Here are some BEFORE exterior photographs from 2016 when the building was on the market and from 2018 (when demo and major structural upgrades commenced) compared with AFTER photographs from February and September 2020.



a few more BEFORE exterior and interior photographs


AFTER photographs interior and exterior details from 2020

– construction in progress

Original architectural features were restored and incorporated throughout. The space plans and configurations are stunning and creative. And big! The smallest two bedroom unit is a large and airy 1600 sf’. Every unit in the Maplewood School residences features classic design elements like generous entries that will make it a pleasure to come home to. How exciting to see this long term project come to life!


Cranes will be on site as early next week to facilitate delivery of granite counter tops and hardwood flooring for the upper floors. Some of the listings include extra outdoor space balconies. 


The visionary architect Kirk Noyes has developed 45+ historic buildings in multiple states, and several architectural treasures right here in downtown Gloucester, like Central Grammar on Dale Avenue and the Wesley Condos on Prospect Street.




 The Gloucester Daily Times published a release by Lillian Shapiro about this special project. Read it here

“When we first looked at this building, we were immediately struck by its great condition…What we have done is create an accurate reproduction of the 1899 schoolhouse by doing things like reinventing the cornice detailing around the building, re-configuring old classrooms, and refurbishing the original staircase.”

-Kirk Noyes, architect, construction team member Maplewood School Residences as quoted in Gloucester Daily Times article by Lillian Shapiro


Major Field House restoration progress at Gloucester High School | Big DPW project #GloucesterMA #GHS #Basketball #Track

After twenty plus years in need and many years of planning, the Gloucester High School field house deficiencies are no more. Restoration is underway on this 1.6 million capital improvement directed by Gloucester Public Works.

The old bleachers are being replaced with top notch product.

Issues with the original concrete and under laying have been resolved. “The new work will be done correctly.” This mean new hardwood flooring. New usable track. Gloucester DPW hired Capital construction for this big project.

Views of the progress July 2020– so exciting!


Gloucester High School Field House summer construction major renovations_20200727_Gloucester Mass photographs ©c ryan (5)


The old bleachers were punched out all over, holes like confetti. Rumor one I’ve heard was shot put tosses caused the damage (whether practice misses or on purpose, I’m not sure) Rumors two is the holes were a result of indoor baseball and softball practice. What do you think caused the holes? Cue up GMG poll.

Whatever the results, counting on community taking care of the new fieldhouse.

The  Benjamin A. Smith Field House, aka Smith Field House, was formerly dedicated to  Albert Bachelor. 


Long Beach MA: winter construction on front row cottages

Progress on some winter builds.

Crane at 142 Long Beach, front row cottage under construction, Jan 2018


Long Beach _20180128_145550

BEFORE 142 Long Beach April 2017


4 Long Beach under reno, January 2018


BEFORE 4 Long Beach April 2017

Behind Longbeach Place


At the back of Longbeach Place; and in the distance at the corner of Long Beach Road and Rockport Road



You have to come see these works: Illuminating the world’s largest collection of America’s master luminist Fitz Henry Lane

Click for video with Cape Ann Museum Director Ronda Faloon-


Cat Ryan writes-


Part 2 of 3: illuminating the world’s largest collection of America’s master luminist Fitz Henry Lane



In part 2 of touring the Cape Ann Museum, Director Ronda Faloon shares some of the NEW as we follow along with her. GET READY TO SEE THINGS YOU’VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE.

The Cape Ann Museum’s focus on art and artists is everywhere.

The dramatically redesigned welcome area and exhibition galleries enhance access and connections. There are new windows bringing the outside in. New amenities (welcome desk! coat room! lockers! bathroom!) on the ground floor orient and encourage us to get ready to take a breath, stop and look.

Hundreds of legacy pottery shards with transferred text from the museum’s archives are tucked along four new walls in Diane KW’s new installation, At World’s End- The Story of a Shipwreck.

When the Cape Ann Museum re-opens in August, the world’s largest repository of Gloucester’s very own Fitz Henry Lane collection will be 10x brighter thanks to new installation and lighting design. There’s more to Lane still to be revealed. Thanks to higher resolution images and powerful new media, the museum is producing a state of the art catalogue raissone and research tool, The Complete Works of Fitz Henry Lane, that will glow with close ups, archives, artifacts and stories. Nothing though can take the place of standing close and viewing these beauties in person. As Joey insists, “You have to come see these!”

It’s a GMG mission to make sure everyone understands how amazing this museum is and how fortunate it’s here in Gloucester.


August 16 – Cape Ann Museum Reopening Gala

August 19- Museum reopens to the public

August 20 – Director’s Tour

August 21 – Members’ Reception

August 27 – Curator’s Tour


Cape Ann Museum website:


More on Diane Chen and here Cape Ann Ceramics Festival’s 2nd ambitious promotion of the medium is coming up August 7 –September 1

Part 1 Director of the Cape Ann Museum, Ronda Faloon, digs deep and shares what we need to know about its dazzling transformation, maps it out and starts us at the enticing ground floor

Click video to listen-


Cat Ryan writes-

With a world class collection and legacy, its ongoing support of contemporary arts, and robust exhibition schedule the Cape Ann Museum has no problem keeping the experience of art alive and present, and compelling.

It’s where you can come experience something that is not part of everyday life.

Ronda Faloon, Director of the Cape Ann Museum, discusses the museum’s transformation over the past 10 months and gives GMG exclusive access leading up to the grand re-opening. Getting there required long hours and difficult conditions, a 5 million dollar capital campaign and a ten month closure.  This stellar collection is shown in even better conditions.

There will be a week of celebratory and special events beginning with the kick-off gala of August 16, 2014, and open to the public Tuesday August 19th. Visit for all the details, and sign up for progress updates.

Click Floor Plan to Expand Full Screen




Tobias Richon’s National Grid Deep Energy Retrofit House Renovation Open House Jan 22

Good morning Joey,

This is some what of a shameless plug, but may be of interest.  I have done a renovation on a house in Gloucester as part of National Grid’s Deep Energy Retrofit program.  The goal of the project was to use comprehensive and inclusive methods (ie insulation, efficient mechanicals, etc) to reduce the energy use of the house.  National grid provided a large incentive (~$35,000) to make the project possible, and also provided technical support.  Part of the program with nation grid require that we have open houses to showcase the work.  There is an open house on 1/22 from 1-4pm. the address is 730R Washington St Gloucester

Here is a link with more info about National Grid’s program:

Tobias Richon, Geoffrey H. Richon Company

19 Duncan Street, Gloucester, MA. 01930

click flyer below for larger version


Entrance To Saunders Mansion Section Of Sawyer Free Library

If you compare this recent picture of the entranceway of The Saunders Mansion section of The Sawyer Free Library with the old photo from The Sawyer Free Library website, you will see that originally there was a tower which stood atop this entranceway. In the picture below the tower is in the left of the picture on the Middle Street side, not the Dale Avenue side.  The tower has since been taken down.