Where can you get Breakfast Boats? George’s Coffee Shop That’s Where!

I feel like every time I do a post about breakfast in Gloucester I have to attach the “We are so blessed to have so many awesome breakfast joints in Gloucester” disclaimer but there are a couple that are just straight up special and have been executing perfectly for decades.  George’s is one of the elite of the elite in town.  If you haven’t gone there recently you’re really missing out.  nephew BJ is monster fan of the breakfast boats shown here-

2014-07-29 09.17.22

Sweet Sixteen Success!




Yesterday Our Twin BJ and Amanda celebrated their Sweet Sixteen Birthday!  The day was AWESOME from start to finish! We spent the afternoon in Boston for a “Surprise Lunch” at The Top Of The Hub. Cousin Alison Ciaramitaro snuck up to our table at The Top Of The Hub to wish BJ & Amanda a Happy Birthday in person, she completely surprised BJ & Amanda. Their faces were priceless, …You Rock & we Love you! Then Uncle Joey successfully kidnapped and entertained the Birthday kids, so Barry & I could get to Niles Beach to be a part of the “ Big Surprise” with our family and friends. Thank You to all who helped pull off the Sunset Beach Surprise Party, My Mother Pat, BFF Dee Erwin Noble, Katelyn Foley, Craig Kimberley Brook & Barry Hallete, and Michele Donovan, For helping my mother set up at the beach. Thank you to all our Friends & Family from near and far for making BJ & Amanda feel special on their Sweet 16 Birthday! … We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all your love and support, we are truly blessed to have you all in our lives… BJ & Amanda were completely surprised, and had a wonderful day!

Click see more for photos of yesterday celebrations!

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BREAKING (AND SUPER FUN) NEWS: Gloucester House Fabulous New Outdoor Dining Area Opening this Saturday

Direct from Gloucester House owner Lenny Linquata: Their brand  new al fresco dining area will be open this Saturday! The menu is fun and casual New England summer fare and includes sweet lobsters, steamers, fresh picked corn on the cob, oysters, shrimp, chowder, and more.

Lenny Linquata Gloucester House Restaurant ©Kim Smith 2014

The views from Lenny’s new dock are exquisite–with the harbor laid out before you–Cape Pond Ice, the Paint Factory, fishing boats, lobster boats, schooners, and every kind of sailboat and pleasure boat imaginable. I know where we are headed for dinner this weekend!

Get Past the Screeching Monkeys

moolongz and screeching monkeys

The Moolongz teach us how to get past the screeching monkeys in our minds – those persistent, invasive, never-ending thoughts, worries and concerns which prevent us from reaching that peaceful secret place where we can hear and see the Moolongz. Can you get past the screeching monkeys? Can you see Moolongz?

E.J. Lefavour

Any Scat Experts Out There?

coyote scat in the road

I’m actually pretty sure it is coyote scat. I have been coming across these piles recently (pretty large dog poop size piles) in the road and on the sidewalks along Eastern Point. At first I thought they were left behind by very inconsiderate dog owners, but then started seeing them out in the road, where I can’t imagine any conscientious dog owner would allow their dog to do their do. If you look close, you can see berries or something in there that I don’t think of as typical dog diet stuff. Anyone have any other ideas?

E.J. Lefavour

Rockport Legion Band – Concert August 3rd

The Rockport Legion Band will perform their fourth free concert of their 81st consecutive summer concert series at the Back Beach Bandstand on Beach St.

7:00, Sunday, August 3, 2014.

Children are welcome.  Popcorn and tonic are available.  Folding chairs and blankets are good.  In case of rain we will play inside the Legion Hall, next to the bandstand.

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Harbor Loop Concert Series 2014 Alek Razdan & The A-Train Orchestra & Mike O’Connell Band

hl2014 ca train poster

Alek Razdan and the A-Train Orchestra

Alek Razdan and the A-Train Orchestra is composed of 20-year-old Alek Razdan on vocals and saxes, his father Rikki Razdan on saxes, Ken Demaine on bass, Dave “Doc” Vincent on drums, and Dan Whalen on guitar. The group is based out of Rockport and Gloucester, MA, and was formed in the summer of 2010.
Alek Razdan and the A-Train Orchestra appear regularly around Cape Ann and the Boston area. They have performed at festivals, night-clubs, and private parties. Playing a unique blend of blues, jump-blues, and swing covers and originals, the group puts on an energetic and extremely danceable show.
The band’s new album, “Alek Razdan and the A-Train Orchestra: Two-Timin'”, was released in January of 2012. The title track, “Two-Timin'”, was the Grammy U award winner of the Indaba Music Master Critique competition,  held in New York City, New York.
 black scroll2
mike jay hl poster

Mike O’Connell and Friends

blues/rock/ originals/ jam band

Mike O’Connell Worcester Born Blues Rocker has been living in Gloucester for 13 yrs

Tomorrow Night Harbor Loop Concerts in Gloucester with Local Natives Jay Aptt, Leo Ciaramitaro and Ben Ferrini play this concert with me,, we did a couple of practices and ready to rip some songs for you,, we have a good set. so come see,, bring your blankets coolers and juice boxes, kids,, Love MO’C

This Thursday on the Lannon! A Sunset Cruise with ALLEN ESTES & FLY AMERO!!

image (1)

This Thursday on the Lannon!
A Sunset Cruise with
image (2)
   watercolor by Marilyn Swift
We only do this once a year, folks, so… please don’t miss it!  Sitting on the deck of
the Thomas E. Lannon is perhaps the most elegant way to appreciate the amazing
and beautiful city in which we live.  Actually, there always seems to be people from
other parts of the country (and world) on board, taking it all in for the very first
time.  We find ourselves looking at familiar waters through fresh eyes as we hear
their stories from points beyond the island.  But it’s Tommy, Kay and the rest of the
Ellis crew who are the true stars of the show.  So smooth and professional, you can
hardly tell there’s serious work being done all around you – until you volunteer to
help hoist a sail, that is!
Thursday, July 31st
A Sunset Cruise with Great Music!
6:30 – 8:30pm (be at the dock by 6:15)
The Thomas E. Lannon
Seven Seas Wharf at The Gloucester House Restaurant
Rogers Street (Rte. 127) | Gloucester, MA  01930
978–281–6634 | info@schooner.org
Visit: http://schooner.org/
Looking forward…
…to seeing you there!  🙂 ~ Fly

Daily Discussion- the Holy Trinity Of Kids Car Mess Stuff

imageYou may as well drive directly to the car wash to pump quarters in the super-vac if you bring any of these as a snack for your kids for a road-trip-

Pretzels, popcorn, goldfish.

I won’t even get into the hell that is yogurt sticks when they toss those aside.

What is your top three evil food items that without question get ingrained in the seating area where your youngsters ride?

This is what makes me laugh about the Anti Flouride People

So the rhetoric from the anti-flouride people is that all the dentists in the US and our health officials have something to gain by towing the “Flouride is good” line.

They won’t listen to a dentist with over 30 years of experience who says publicly that he has seen first hand that communities with Flouride in their water makes a difference.

They won’t listen to all the national studies, the Center For Disease Control, American Dental Association, and when our own local Chairman of the Board of Health Rich Sagall comes out and says that the benefits of Flouride are clear and there are a ton of studies that support this it falls on deaf ears.  But still the Anti-flouride crusaders beat the drum that ALLLLLL these people who are paid to look out for us: our dentists, our Health departments, the National Center for Disease Control are in cahoots to hoodwink us and mess us up because everyone is getting paid off to keep up the lie about Flouride.

So the theory by the anti flouride folks is that all the pro-flouride people can’t be trusted because they are being paid off and that is the reason why we should throw everything they have to say that is positive about using flouride out the window and yet the person they want us to listen to is getting paid and is going around the country getting paid to give the anti flouride speech (so he has nothing to gain right by towing his stance, right?).  Not only that, he has a book out that I’m sure he’d love to sell you for the low low price of $18.36 on Amazon with the Title “The Case Against Flouride”-  Nothing to gain financially at all.  So a guy pimping a book we should listen to but everybody disregard your dentist and your health departments, local and national.  Clear the decks because none of those people can be trusted, we gotta put all our stock into a guy that’s pimping a book-

Here’s the cover of the book, and whattaya know it’s the same image they are using for their press release-

image001 (12)


Here’s the press release-

Do you have questions about fluoride in our drinking water?  You have 2 opportunities this weekend to learn more. Sponsored by The Cape Ann Fluoride Action Network, Dr. Paul Connett, Author of The Case Against Fluoride (and most recently, The Zero Waste Solution) will be giving a lecture on Saturday, August 2nd at the Rockport High School Auditorium at 7 PM. Also on Sunday, August 3rd, same time and place, Dr. Connett will hold an open forum discussion.

All are cordially invited for both evenings.

Rockport High School is located at 24 Jerdens Lane with plenty of parking.

The Case Against Fluoride


Now the key I see here is the Sponsored by  part of the press release.

The whole anti Flouride case is based on that we shouldn’t listen to our own local and national health officials or our own dentists because somehow or other they have something to gain financially by promoting the use of flouride.  But the same people who say that we shouldn’t listen to people that have something to gain financially say we SHOULD listen to some dude that is going around the country on a lecture circuit pimping his book on an anti flouride campaign that is being sponsored.  I do believe sponsored by means getting paid or hosted by them to speak.

It baffles me why they all push aside anything trusted local dentists or our own health officials have to say but they are more than willing to give all the credence to some guy going around riding a crest of fame on a new fad of anti-flouride and pimping a book on a lecture circuit.

Here’s some local and national folks that the anti-flouride folks don’t seem to want to listen to:

Leif Bakland

Submitted on 2014/07/21 at 10:43 pm
Hi Joey, evidently, fluoride is a hot topic. I will say that I am definitely for fluoridated water supply. It’s safe and effective. I’ve been in practice for over 30 years and have treated families from fluoridated and non fluoridated communities, there Is a difference!


July 23, 2014

City health chiefs back continuing fluoride use

By James Niedzinski Staff Writer

Dr. Richard Sagall, who chairs the city’s Board of Health and Noreen Burke, Gloucester’s public health director say the benefits of fluoride are clear.

Burke said records show that Gloucester began adding fluoride to the water in 1981. She said the city also created an ad hoc committee with the Board of Health, a dentist and others last month.

“We support fluoridation of the water,” Sagall said.

He said fluoride indeed makes a difference in fighting tooth decay, but added that “there are many other things to support fluoride use.”

Sagall and Burke noted the amount of fluoride currently added to Gloucester’s water is low — about 0.3 or 0.4 parts per million compared to the federal and state recommended level of about 1.0 parts per million.

The push to get fluoride out of water is not local, Burke noted. “This is a national movement,” she said.

Sagall said that the use of anything in excess can cause problems, but the state Department of Public Health, the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control all recommend fluoride use in drinking water.

Sagall recognized the sheer amount of data on the issue, from seemingly endless amounts of government agencies, experts, institutions and dentists.

“You have to look at the preponderance of evidence,” he said.

I’m sure this guy is gonna give a hell of a speech and leave everyone in the room convinced that they’re gonna die within minutes if they ever brush their teeth using local flouride water.  He will say that flouride is poison and scare the shit out of everyone.

Guess what else is poison?  Just about everything if you take a bajillion parts per million of it.  The amount of parts per million of flouride they are putting in our water is miniscule but the way it will be presented I’m sure will be that death is knocking on our doorstep with the very next sip we take.

I trust Rich Sagall and our Board of Health, I trust my dentist more than I trust some guy who is on a lecture circuit pushing a book.  That’s what I’m going with.

Wednesday July 30th , 2014 Cape Ann Weather..

Marine Forecast :
Wed S winds around 5 kt…becoming E in the afternoon. Seas around 2 ft.
Wed Night S winds 5 to 10 kt…becoming SW after midnight. Seas 2 to 3 ft.

Live Pod Cast Weather :

Hourly Update :



This weeks Guests Include Nick Howes / Michael Deneen / Virginia Renehan all with ties to Astronomy and Space / Space Weather … Gonna be a Great Show Folks ! See ya Sat Night at 8pm http://www.dtmwickedradio.com



Community Stuff 7/30/14


Just sharing the video of the GHS Greenhouse Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with you!


Becky Tober
Production Coordinator
Cape Ann TV



Hawaiian Sky latest

Dear Joey,

Thank you if you’d share this news about this Tower Foundation grant for work in all 10 Gloucester and Beverly public elementary schools.   Please let me know if you need anything more, or if I can help connect you with someone from either district, or the Bay State Reading Institute, whose co-founder Ed Moscovitch lives in Gloucester, as you may know.

Many thanks,





The Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation has awarded the Bay State Reading Institute (BSRI) a three-year, $90,000 grant to fund staff coaching and professional development at BSRI’s ten partner schools in Beverly and Gloucester for three years.  Created in 1990, The Tower Foundation is a family foundation dedicated to improving the lives of young children.  One of its goals is to fund organizations that help children with learning disabilities to be identified early, diagnosed, and given services that meet their individual needs.

“The Tower Foundation has been an ardent and reliable supporter of the work of the Gloucester Public Schools,” says Gloucester Superintendent Rich Safier.  “They have provided funding so that we could organize our approach to using data and the decision making that comes from the data and they have supported our work with elementary literacy.  We can now add to those initiatives a greater focus on understanding the needs of students with learning disabilities and the ways in which we can maximize their experiences in the classroom.”

According to a 2002 Presidential Commission report, 40% of elementary-school children identified as learning-disabled are given that designation because they struggle to read.  Many schools fail to assess or address these students until reading failure has occurred—often in third grade.  As a result, these students fall behind in school and must be referred to special-education services, often outside their classrooms.

At BSRI’s partner schools, the assessment methods put in place identify and address students’ learning disabilities early on, increasing student success and reducing Special-Ed referrals in many of its partner schools by about half.

BSRI’s partner schools also shift most classroom instruction to small groups and match the work in those groups to the abilities of each student, challenging every student regardless of their ability.  This generally leads to an increase in students with disabilities being fully or partially included in mainstream classrooms.  In Gloucester, for instance, 71.2% of students with disabilities are fully included, which is 20 percent above the state average of 59.2%.

Started in 2005, BSRI is a non-profit that currently teams with over 40 elementary schools across Massachusetts. BSRIfirst partnered with the Ayers Elementary School in Beverly in 2006, and is now also working with all of the Beverly elementary schools:  Ayers/Ryal Side, Centerville, Cove, Hannah, and North Beverly schools.  BSRI partnered with Beeman Memorial Elementary in Gloucester in 2010, and is now also working with all of the elementary schools in Gloucester: Beeman, Veterans, East Gloucester, Plum Cover, and West Parish schools. BSRI provides embedded training, coaching, and support to teachers and principals. Using BSRI’s model, each school institutes a variety of modern, science-backed instructional methods which allow teachers to teach to each student’s ability, beginning in kindergarten.

“We’ve found that when each student of every ability is challenged at her or his own level, all day long,” says Ed Moscovitch, BSRI’s co-founder and Chairman, “classroom behavior is improved, kids love coming to school, teachers love their jobs, and scores go up.”

Over the last two years at BSRI’s highest-implementing schools, English Language Arts MCAS scores rose at nearly four times the rate of the state average. BSRI is achieving these results with some of the state’s most disadvantaged populations, including Massachusetts Gateway Cities of Taunton, Revere, Malden, Fitchburg and others.  Whereas statewide the achievement gap on MCAS gap is widening, in two years BSRI narrowed the proficiency gap for English-language learners at its highest-implementing schools by 35 percent.

Hi Joey, the Friends of the Manchester Library will hold their annual, giant book sale this weekend, in conjunction with the Arts Festival. Rick Roth of Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team will be there on Saturday with snakes of New England. Saturday 9-5, Sunday 10-1. If it rains we’ll be inside. (I don’t know about the snakes.) Thanks for your time.


Manchester-by-the-Sea Public Library


Good Morning!
My name is Carolyn McDonald, and I am currently a yoga teacher in training at Stil Studio in Dedham, MA.  We have to complete a “Compassion in Action” project for the training, and Paula of Yoga Joy is  being so kind to me in letting me use her studio for a free class.
I was raised in Lynnfield, but spent so many summers in Gloucester loving life!  My parents moved to the corner of Witham and Thatcher in 1998 and my father restored a perfect little house for the two of them two live in. He was passionate about the ocean, and he absolutely loved Gloucester.  I am there so often that I decided to dedicate my project to the Gloucester community.  I love the people for many reasons, but mainly because they are “real” to me.  They accept me just the way I am, and this is exactly what yoga is all about.  My father passed away 4 years ago, but people still continue to walk by my mother’s house on their way to Good Harbor and comment on how precious it is, and she continues to brighten the corner with her windowboxes overflowing with flowers.  Gloucester holds a special place in my heart!
The community yoga class is free to all levels and will be held at 9am on Sunday, Aug. 17.  Donations are going to benefit the Gloucester Fund and “Get Fit Gloucester.”  I was hoping to post something on the Good Morning Gloucester blog if that is possible.  Thank you so very much for your consideration.  I have attached a copy of the flyer.
Let me know if you have any advice or suggestions!


NEW   Gloucester Stroke Club will be meeting on Thursday, August 7th at 2 pm at Addison Gilbert Hospital, Women’s Conference Room.
Street Entrance, also handicapped accessible by Fisher Lobby and elevator to First Floor. New Members, family and caretakers are welcome.
There is no fee or pre-registration. Refreshments. For more information please call Virginia McKinnon 978-283-3968

Here is the Sawyer Free Library July Artist of the Month video!

The July artist if Chris Wood. The gallery features mostly brilliant watercolors and a wonderful abstract latex painting.


Becky Tober
Production Coordinator
Cape Ann TV


Thacher Island Art & Photo Days

The Thacher Island Association will hold its Annual Art and Photography Days on August 2nd, 9th and 13th this year, with launches from T Wharf.

Artists are invited to create on Thacher Island during the annual Thacher Island Art & Photo Days.  It is the one time of year that artists can go out on a pre-dawn launch to experience SUNRISE on Thacher Island! This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy Thacher Island with its twin lighthouses and restored structures, visit the museum, and wander the trails, to draw, paint, and photograph as you wish.

Reserve your spot as soon as possible to avoid disappointment! There are very limited spots and they will fill up fast!

Saturday, August 2
– 4am Launch, returns at 7:30am

Saturday August 9th
– 8am Launch, returns at 1pm
– 9am Launch, returns at 2pm
– 10am Launch, returns at 3pm

Wednesday August 13
– 4am Launch, returns at 9:00am
– 9:30am Launch, returns at 2:30pm
– 10:30am Launch, returns at 3:30pm
– 11:30am Launch, returns at 4:30pm

Boats leave T-Wharf near the Sandy Bay Yacht Club


Bring your art supplies, lunch, and whatever you need (sunscreen, bug spray, etc) to be comfortable outdoors. Transportation and beverages will be provided by the Thacher Island Town Committee and the Thacher Island Association.  Box lunches will be available at Hula Moon for an additional charge. Contact Angela atifo@thacherartdays.com for details.


A $25 donation is requested. This is a fundraiser by the Thacher Island Association for the restoration and maintenance of Thacher Island and its facilities.

To make reservations, go to www.thacherartdays.com or email info@thacherartdays.com.

(A thank you from Rita Teele…)
The Flower Table was one of the familiar sights at the Annisquam Sea Fair 2014.
Flower arrangers gathered the day before to make more than 100 arrangements from flowers and greens provided by local gardeners. With the help of local businesses that donated flowers, plants, and gift certificates, the Flower Table earned over $900 in support of Annisquam village buildings and the church.
The organizers would like to thank all contributors, including Goose Cove Nursery, Russell’s Florist, Wolf Hill Nursery, Corliss Brothers’ Nursery, Sea Meadows Gifts of Essex, and Shaw’s market on Eastern Avenue, for their generous support.