K.I.S.S. at the Book Store and Yoga Joy

Although KISS on the Neck is no more, the K.I.S.S. Tote lives on! 
richard ross 

Richard Ross, the former owner of KISS on the Neck and Cape Ann’s # 1 “Joggler,” continues to manage Kindly Inspiring Sustainable Solutions from his new home in Washington, DC. The social enterprise is still recycling used rice bags from the streets of Senegal while training and employing former child beggars! The regular tote’s can be found at the Book Store on Main Street and this summer, for the first time, Richard and his team are launching K.I.S.S. Yoga! 
Paula Passanissi, who recently opened Yoga Joy, on Main street has started to carry them! Besides contributing to the K.I.S.S cause, we are very grateful she’s brought the joy of  Forest Yoga to the island–both at her studio and on Good Harbor Beach. 
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To be reminded of the K.I.S.S. story, please watch


New Show On Cape Ann TV

Hi Joey,

I hope you’re doing well. I just finished production on a new show here at CATV called On the Waterfront. The concept is to take an in-depth look at the Cape Ann ecosystem, highlighting the people and businesses that rely on the ocean for survival. Shep Means is the host of the show and the first episode features the lifecycle of the clam. We go digging on the clam flats for soft shells, the beach for sea clams, weigh them up at Essex Shellfish, shuck em’ and package them at Intershell, and fry and eat them at Woodman’s. Future episodes will follow a similar format but feature lobsters, mussels, oysters, fish, etc.

I’d love it if you could take a look and please post it to GMG. I hope you like it!

Thanks and have a great weekend,

Erich Archer
Executive Director
Cape Ann TV
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Happy 21 x 2 Ann Margaret Ferrante!!

Happy Birthday Ann Margaret!Friday night Ann Margaret’s friends and family threw her a fabulous and fun 21 x 2 birthday party under the tent at Mile Marker One. The full moon made for a perfect summer evening celebration and, with music provided by North Shore Acappella and delish picnic fare, everyone had a grand and festive time. Happy, Happy Birthday Ann!

See loads more photos here

Wildly Wonderful Wisteria ~ When to Prune?

Wildly wonderful wisteria can quickly become wild and wicked wisteria. Reader Alicia writes, “when is the best time of year to prune wisteria?”

willowdale-estate-spring-©kim-smith copy

Taming the wisteria (before photo). The first photo shows what the ancient wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) looked like when first I took over the gardens at Willowdale Estate. I removed much of the plant and bent one long trunk over and down, attaching it to a thick bamboo stake, to create the wisteria “arch.” The next photo shows what the wisteria arch looked like by mid-summer that same year.

willowdale-estate-zinnia-patch-©Kim Smith copy

Alicia asks: “Much to my surprise the wisteria is blooming and has never been this late. I really gave up on it and am wondering why? When is the best time to prune it?”

Hi Alicia,

Wisteria throughout our region bloomed later than usual I think becasue spring got off to such a slow start this year.

Wisteria grows beautifully and is easiest to control when pruned biannually, or twice a year; a summer pruning and a winter pruning.

Summer Pruning: Cut the long shoots after the flowers fade to about six inches.

Winter Pruning: In late winter, before the buds begin to swell, prune all the shoots that have since grown after the summer pruning. The shape of the leafless wisteria is more clearly visible and you can easily see the unruly, long shoots at this time of year. Cut the branches to about 3 to 5 buds and over time, these shortened flowering branches will resemble a wisteria “hand.”

photo-1Photo submitted by Alicia Mills

Almost the Super Moon

July 9, 2014 spooky almost full moon
I took this on Wednesday evening, been trying to get a photo of the moon for years only can accomplish this. Very interesting about the Super Moon.
On July 12, 2014, we have the first full moon after the June 21 solstice. Around this time of year, in North America, buck deer start growing antlers, thunder storms rage and farmers struggle to pile up hay in their barns. Thus, according to folklore, we call this full moon the Buck Moon, Thunder Moon or Hay Moon. The July 2014 full moon is also the first of three full-moon supermoons in 2014. Previously, we had two supermoons in January – on January 1 and 30 – but they were new-moon supermoons. The full moons on July 12, August 10 and September 9 all enjoy the supermoon designation because the centers of these full moons and the center of Earth are less than 361,863 kilometers (224,851 miles) apart. The closest supermoon of the year comes with the August 10 full moon, with a moon that’s only 356,896 kilometers (221,765 miles) from Earth.

Looking For A New Place to Visit?

If you’re like me, and you have young children or grandchildren, you’ve probably exhausted most short day trip venues.  Don’t get me wrong, there are so many tremendous places to visit around this area and I feel incredibly fortunate to have such fun, educational, and diverse opportunities for summer fun at our doorstep! We certainly have our favorite stomping grounds that never get old, and that we’ll visit time and time again, but every once in a while, we plain ole want something new.  I feel compelled to add that the boys have also had plenty of down-time by just hitting the beach, riding bikes, and playing in the yard….but, we like to throw a day trip into the mix once a week.

With a seek and conquer attitude, we hit the road on Monday morning, determined to visit someplace we’ve never been.

Destination:  Kimball Farm, Westford.

Just a mere few minutes over an hour away….and loads of fun.  Oh, and clean! Our choice was a big success!

Kimball Farm has a bit of everything.  Bumper Boats, mini golf, a driving range, Pitch and Putt golf, an indoor arcade, batting cages, a small animal experience highlighting some rescued and orphaned animals, a seafood shack, and, of course, ice cream!

I chose Monday because I had to head “up the line” to Danvers for an errand anyway…so, it was really only a 40 minute drive.  Once there, we spent about 3 hours having outdoor fun.  We could have easily stayed longer, but we love the driving range and batting cages at Richardson’s Dairy so we skipped those options and focused our fun elsewhere…promising them another trip to Richardson’s soon.

The Bumper Boats were the obvious winner for the boys.  I gave the win to the fact that the place was well-cared for, clean, and nicely landscaped and decorated.  A big family win all around!  Check it out for sure if you don’t mind a short drive!

Kimball Farm




“You may not be a Picasso or Mozart but you don’t have to be. Just create to create. Create to remind yourself you’re still alive. Make stuff to inspire others to make something too. Create to learn a bit more about yourself.”

~Frederick Terral

IMG_0106 IMG_0105 IMG_0077 IMG_0076


Cripple Cove Playground Needs Your Help

For all the local peeps with little ones…do you ever visit Cripple Cove Playground? We are there regularly with out energetic little man. We found out tonight that Gloucester doesn’t have enough money to put down new mulch and it really needs it. The elderly couple that helps maintain the park (free of charge) has set up a fund to try and get new mulch. We’ll be donating! If you are interested in donating, the information is….The Gloucester Fund, 45 Middle St. Gloucester, MA 01930. In the memo field, please note Benjamin Smith or Cripple Cove Playground.”

Community Stuff 7/12/14

BE PART OF A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS!  Nominate a young couple to experience a FREE Dinner and Dance Lesson on Friday, July 18 from 5:00-7:30 at St John’s Episcopal Church, 48 Middle St. Gloucester, MA.  Please nominate one couple by submitting the couple’s name, address, and telephone number along with your name and telephone number by calling Lin at
617-974-8222 or by email: linart245@msn.com    We will select 5 couples for this evening on a first-come basis. All entries must be received before July 14.

The free dance lesson will be offered by Anita and Bob Beloff who have been teaching ballroom dance in the local communities for eight years.  This evening promises a wonderful dining experience with an extra-added pleasure of a free dance lesson.  Another added delight is that we will provide babysitting within the church for their children with cartoons on the big screen and pizza. 
Any questions, please contact Lin York-Robbins at 617-974-8222.