Does She Deserve a Sticka? damn right She Does!!!


If you’re an avid reader of GMG you read the blog post by Lisa Steinocher-


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Well the picture above provides your answer Smile

Lisa writes yesterday from home-

Back on Southern soil and had boiled peanuts and barbecue ribs for my fourth instead of clam chowder and Virgilio’s rolls ( hand cut with sesame seeds like they always use to make:)
I wanted to thank you for taking the time to visit with my dad, daughter and me.  And I can’t thank you enough for my stickers.  I really appreciate it! I’m very proud of them:)
Ill continue to enjoy staying connected to my Gloucester roots through your wonderful website.
Take care and best wishes,
Lisa Steinocher (aka the missed placed Yankee who lives too far inland)

New Video: Jack Russ ~ Friday 2014 Greasy Pole Champion

With funny Leggomen time lapse sequences!

Congratulations to Jack Russ, the 2014 Saturday Greasy Pole Champion. This was his first win and first walk. Jack was home on from leave from the United States Air Force.

Music by the Black Keys. “Fever” was the first single released from their latest album Turn Blue (2014).


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Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team Update

Rick Roth writes ~

Saturday July 12, 2014 9am-1pm
Hosted by the Unitarian Universalist Society of Rockport at the Church, 4 Cleaves Street.
All kinds of critters and other stuff. We’ll be there with a bunch of snakes.

Thursday July 17, 2014 3-6pm (I think)
Cape Ann Farmer’s Market, Stage Fort Park, Gloucester
We’ll be there with a bunch of snakes and the good people from Art Haven will lead the Kid’s Activity- painting wooden snakes.

And then…
Saturday July 26, 2014 Time TBA
Snakes of New England and the World- 1 hour live animal presentation.
Sawyer Free Library, 2 Dale Ave., Gloucester MA

Okay, I guess you can start volunteering for these shows now.

Meanwhile… this really cool vernal pond thing is about to take place, likely in the next week or two. The emergence of newly metamorphosed wood frogs. They look just like the adults except tiny. Like 1/2 inch. We’ll be doing a daytime field trip to see these guys soon. Nick Taormina is scouting the pond to see just when they start hopping. Keep watching you CAVPT emails for final details on this exciting outing. And don’t forget to volunteer. We have nobody yet for Saturday at the UU Church in Rockport.

Thanks, Rick

we only have one earth, save it



Boat Builder Summit

Barbara and I are fortunate to have as a house guest Brad Dimock of Flagstaff, Arizona. Brad is the brother and brother-in-law of our dear friends Doug and Nancy Dimock who live in Tuscon.

Brad is a master builder of a type of dory called the Oregon Drift Boat. They look a lot like our Gloucester dories above the waterline but have a much more shallow draft. That’s because they are used to navigate the shallow and swift rivers of the west where Brad, in addition to building boats, guides them down the Colorado through the Grand Canyon.  In his spare time, Brad writes about the history of the Grand Canyon and his adventures on the river.

Having visited our friendly rivals in Lunenburg, NS to see their dory building and after a stop in Maine to take an oar building class, Brad stopped by here with the hope of meeting some of our local boat builders.   His timing was good. Brad met and had nice chats with Geno Mondello of the Dory Shop and Harold Burnham builder and skipper of Ardelle.

Please visit, and to learn more about Brad and his work. DSCF4903Geno and Brad talk about dories.DSCF4906Brad meets Harold on Ardelle.

Beer, Blues & BBQ @ Dog Bar

Beer, Blues & BBQ @ Dog Bar

Remember Smokin’ Jim, the grill master of East Gloucester?  We do and we missed his authentic hardwood charcoal BBQ, so we tracked him down and pulled him out of retirement and gave him and his big black smoker a little piece of Rogers St on the Dog Bar’s Patio this Friday and Saturday from 6 – 10pm. 

Starting this weekend, in addition to our full menu, we will be featuring Jim’s famous BBQ for eat in or take out. 

And what goes with BBQ better than beer and blues!  Friday night at 9pm, we are proud to host American Roots artist, Marc Berger and Ride (  They are supporting the release of their new, critically acclaimed album “Ride” with a national tour, and we are very happy to host them as their only north shore appearance.

On Saturday – Joe Mack is back  and being backed by one of the best rhythm sections around – Joey Pafumi and Ron Belben.  Joe plays smoking originals as well as covers by Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joe Satriani and Jimi Hendrix ( 

Throw Back Thursday Art Rocks! from 2010


motif rocks

“Art, Rocks!”

Better Late Than Never!

I received an email a few weeks ago from a 10 year old boy who when he was nine years old at the time he found one of my “Art,Rocks!” a Rock that I left at T-Wharf in Rockport on 09/04/2010. I think that was about 9 months ago. I remember leaving it there after having a cup of coffee and watching the Lobstermen get ready for their day. About 5am. I always wonder about the ones I leave that don’t get reported back to the email I leave on them. Currently the last three that I’ve left in the past two weeks that I never gave notice on GMG Have not been reported back. Which is fine. In this world we live in now, maybe people think there is a catch too this thing. Maybe they think I want money for it. Emails like Coopers who found it is payment enough! I will never ask anything for them. An email would be nice but, If I don’t get a response that’s fine too! Mystery and fantasy is what makes life! isn’t it?

Here’s the email from Cooper and Photos of the “Art, Rock!” He found! Who could ask for anything more?!!!! Thanks Cooper!

Am I a little weird? Maybe! 🙂

from Cooper;

Dear mr or mrs frontiero. I picked up one of your pictures of the motif in a parking lot in rockport on 9-4-2010. I am very sorry not to get back to you sooner. I am a 10 year old boy and I’m in fourth grade at st johns in Beverly Massachusetts . I picked it up when i was nine with my aunt and little sister delaney who is now 6. That is my lucky rock because that day I won a contest at bearskin neck country store. You are a beautiful artist. Sincerely , Cooper

“Click here to view past “Art, Rocks!” Posts

I’m Not a Writer, so please forgive any errors! 🙂


From Cape Ann TV’s Lisa Smith:

Awesome Gloucester- The TV Show

The series premiere of  “Awesome Gloucester” airs tonight, Thursday, July 10 at 7pm on Cape Ann TV Channel 12.  Explore Gloucester and its awesomeness with host David Wesson and get an insiders look at baking bread at Virgilio’s Italian Bakery; explore the Maritime Gloucester tide pools with kids; and learn about distilling rum at Ryan & Wood Distilleries. This show is created by Lanesvillian Matt Morris, a filmmaker who loves this town and decided to make a television show about one of the coolest places on Earth.

The show also airs on Fridays at 3:30 pm; and Sundays at 5:00 pm.  See full Cape Ann TV Schedule here.

Come to Cape Ann TV Studio tomorrow (FRI) for a taping of Local Music Seen with National Recording Artist Mark Berger

Tomorrow at 3pm we’re taping a very special Local Music Seen show at the Cape Ann TV Studios (38 Blackburn Center).  Allen Estes’ guest will be National Recording artist Mark Berger, who’s in town for a gig at the Dog Bar tomorrow night at 9.  Come and be in the audience for this show.  You can clap and cheer all you like.  You probably won’t be on camera, but you never know.  Check out Marc’s video:

John Rankin joins the Dave Sag’s Blues Party tonight. All the way from New Orleans 8:30 to 11:30 @ The Rhumb Line 7.10.2014

dave sag rl 4.3.2014

Dave says,

We’re opening up the bomb bay with a vengeance this week to keep your summer at a frantic pace. First, this Thursday, let’s welcome back honorary Gloucester resident and New Orleans native, Mr. John Rankin.This guy has spent most of his life playing music and teaching at some of the most prestigious drinking schools in the City That Care Forgot: i.e. Tulane, UNO, Loyola and Parchman Farm. This hoodoo hoodlum will be showing up with his muddy boots and eleven foot sack to show you what it really like to suffer permanent  brain damage. He got the gris gris and the mojo clubfoot to prove it. Also, he’s my best friend who knows me well and still likes me. Go figure.
Filling out this glowing gasbag of a gig will be that amazing artificer of the honkophonium: Mr. Marque Earley,on tenor and barium sax, and local boy Mr. John Loud, on the eggbeaters. This will be the zenith of interspecies communication! Rhumb Line hours:8:30 to 11:30.


logo rl

40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, Ma.

(978) 283-9732

Miss Hannah’s Cucumber & Vidalia Onion Salad




Cucumber & Vidalia Onion Salad

Our friends Craig and Hannah Kimberley hosted a 4th of July southern style BBQ.  The Kimberley’s both have roots in the south, that often shine through in their style of cooking. Hannah, AKA “Miss Hannah” always finds a way to incorporate yields from her garden with her roots from the south in delicious side dishes perfectly paired with husband Craig’s Killer Southern Style BBQ.  Craig Kimberley, may be publically know as a master behind the camera, with cutting edge video masterpieces, shown on the OutDoor Channel and here on GMG, but truth is that he is a master behind the camera and the grill! Last week Miss Hannah treated guests with this tasty southern summer Cucumber & Vidalia Onion Salad, while husband Craig spoiled guests with tender cuts of grilled beef and some of the best smoked ribs I have ever tasted!

Click see more for Step-by-Step Recipe details and photos Continue reading “Miss Hannah’s Cucumber & Vidalia Onion Salad”

Pet of the Week-GIO



Hello, my name is Gio.  I am here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid with my sister, Lala.  We are four month old affection and sweet puppies.   They think we are Otterhounds, with a little bit of terrier in our family tree.
We love it here at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane, Gloucester. The staff and volunteers are wonderful and the outside activities are great, too! 
Check out our website at: if you might be interested in supply us with something from our “Wish List” or stopping by with some gently used towels that you no longer need.  
Most importantly, consider adopting me!