#GlostaRocks Found At Niles

An initiative of Discover Gloucester, much like our Paulie Walnuts’ ArtRocks! Series Found Here, Discover Gloucester is seeding town with these cool rocks with the hashtag #GlostaRocks.  When you follow the hashtag back to their twitter account you can find cool Gloucester stories which can be read on the Discover Gloucester Destination Marketing Organization website.  Imitation is the greatest form of flattery Paulie, nice job 🙂


Dalai Lama Has Private Audience with Moolongz, Mutagle

mutagle and the dalai lama

Well of course a highly evolved human like the Dalai Lama can see and communicate with Moolongz. Can you?


E.J. Lefavour

Great Wolf Lodge…Pretty Great For Sure

We went way over the bridge this week and took a quick getaway to the brand new Great Wolf Lodge in Fitchburg.  Prior to the onslaught of some heavy duty advertising recently, you may not have heard of the Great Wolf Lodges, but I’d been hoping to get to one of their other locations for quite some time now for a short family vacation.  Last year I was psyched to hear that they were planning on building a lodge here in Massachusetts!

So, they opened in June and we booked during a promo offer back in March.  It did not disappoint.  The boys were psyched and even my husband made it through the 24 hours of Triple F (forced family fun….for those of you not in the know) unscathed….and happy.  We packed a cooler.

Because it is new…it is spotless.  They definitely pay attention to detail and they definitely cater to family fun.  From the wolf ears that they hand out upon check-in (that families oddly wear during their entire stay…ummm, but not us because we can’t pull off that type of crap off) to the “Have a Wolftastic Day” greeting that they offer even before you can drink a cup of morning coffee, to the door openers who never fail to beat you to the punch and are unbelievably eager to welcome you in and out of every single space with unwavering enthusiasm.  A vacation destination built for kids this is.  Cheesy sure.  But, a good cheesy, if this is the type of vacation that you went ahead and booked for your kids.  I, personally, wouldn’t have had it any other way.  Little Finn feel in love with Violet the Wolf and while Thatcher tried to be too cool for story and song time, I caught him singing along and doing the Wolf Lodge Howl with the best of them!

Our family suite overlooked the main lodge welcome area…which was odd and yet cool all at the same time.  The wrist bands that they give you upon check-in also serve as your room key….which, as a none-purse-carrying type of girl, I LOVED.  You could also just scan your wristband anywhere throughout the lodge and your purchases would simply get charged to your room. Bonus…albeit dangerous I suppose.  For the record…they don’t put those in the kids’ wristbands….that would be silly.

They have six pretty awesome water slides.  Four for kids 42″ and taller and two for anyone over 48″.  One is the the type where they put you in a little booth, count down from 5, and drop the floor out beneath you to propel you straight down into the unknown.  Crazy!  I, for the record, sat that one out. Fortunately, I can blame Finn as he was just a bit too short and someone “had” to stay with him.  My husband and Thatcher braved it eagerly….and loved it.

The lodge also has two water playgrounds, a pretty rad wave pool, a hot tub, a small lazy river, water basketball, an excellent ropes course high up in the air, some little mall-type rides, mini golf, a Magi Quest interactive game to be played throughout your stay, a 6D little movie theater ride, a super fun arcade (and I don’t normally love arcades so that’s saying something), a restaurant, a cafe, a Dunkin’ Donuts, an ice cream joint, a little day spa for the girls, and more!

Pretty cool too is that, while check-in is @ 4:00, they allow you to use the water park beginning at 1:00.  Even more cool is that, while check out is 11:00 a.m., they allow you to use the water park all the way up to closing (9:00 p.m.) that day.  They have lockers and showers so that once you put your luggage in the car you can still enjoy some fun, shower, change, and get ready for the ride home.  That being the case, if you live close enough, one night is a good enough stay.  More than two nights, in my humble opinion, would be too long.

Good, clean, family fun less than two hours from Cape Ann.  I’m guessing that come the long and abyssmal winter months this place will be jammin’!

See the Great Wolf Lodge


Tina Fey Quote of the Week from Greg Bover

July 24, 2014

Confidence is 10% hard work and 90% delusion.

Elizabeth Stamatina “Tina” Fey, (1970-    )


A Pennsylvania native, Tina Fey was interested in comedy from an early age and got her foot in the door with The Second City improv group, moving to Saturday Night Live as a writer in 1992. She later became an on-screen performer and ultimately head writer for the series. She is probably best known for her spot-on impersonation of vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin, and her long tenure as co-anchor of the Weekend Update segment, first with Jimmy Fallon and later with Amy Poehler. She left SNL in 2006 to develop the sitcom 30 Rock and has appeared in more than a dozen movies. She is one of the most highly paid actresses working today and is often listed as one of the most influential women in show business. Fey is a multiple winner of the Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards. In 2010 she was honored with the prestigious Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, the youngest recipient to date.

Greg Bover

Community Stuff 7/26/14

Chief Len Campanello Joins Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association in Support of House Version of Gun Bill

Police Chief Leonard Campanello, with the steadfast support of Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk, joins the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association in support of the House of Representatives version of the pending gun legislation.

As an active member of the Chiefs Association, Chief Campanello is following this important bill closely. He is disappointed to learn that the Senate Bill, S#2284 lacks a critical public safety provision found in the House Bill, H#4278. That provision gives police chiefs discretion in issuing rifle and shotgun licenses. Currently, Massachusetts law allows police chiefs absolute discretion in issuing handgun licenses, but no discretion in issuing rifle and shotgun licenses. The House bill would close that dangerous loop hole.

When polled in June by the Princeton Research Associates, the majority of Massachusetts voters were also in favor of police chiefs having discretion in licensing for rifles and shotguns. 

Statement of Chief Campanello:

“The House bill is far superior to the senate version of the bill because it recognizes the importance of police chief discretion in issuing rifle and shotgun licenses. Police chiefs are generally in the best position to know who in their community is a threat to themselves, their partners, families and public safety.

“As the law stands, I may know that my officers have been called to a house 15 times to respond to a dangerously mentally ill person or domestic dispute where no charges were filed, but still have to give this person a rifle or shotgun when they apply for one. It does not make sense. This is why I support police chief discretion, it’s just commonsense in order to keep our community safe.

“Gloucester is fortunate to have a senator on the conference committee for the two guns bills, I just hope our Senator Bruce Tarr will take this opportunity to protect his community rather than cater to National groups like the NRA.

“Mayor Kirk and I stand together in supporting the House version of this bill, and we urge others to do the same.” 

July 18th, 2014. Engaging the residents with movement. The Gloucester COA Singing Seniors at the Harbor Light House in Beverly, directed by “Jayzee.”

To book the COA Singing Seniors, please contact Jayzee (Jorgelina Zeoli) at 978.768.7371 or jayzee.miracles@gmail.com



Hi Joey,

Ken Riehl suggested I contact you regarding our upcoming bike ride to benefit Neurofibromatosis Northeast.  Coast to the Cure NF takes place on Saturday, September 6th.  The event features both an On Road and Mountain Bike Challenge.  The On Road course consists of three routes (24, 66 and 100) and begins and ends at Stage Fort Park.  Participants from both rides gather at Stage Fort Park for a post ride barbeque.  I’ve attached a press release on the event specifics.  This is the second year the event has emanated from Gloucester.  Up until now our riders consist of NF friends and families.  Ideally we would like to attract more of a Gloucester following.  I was hoping you provide assistance with spreading the word.

I’m grateful for any support you can provide.

Thanks so much,


The 4th Annual Coast to the Cure, a bike ride featuring both On-Road and Mountain Bike Courses to benefit Neurofibromatosis Northeast, will take place on Saturday, September 6.  The Road Course begins and ends at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester and offers three routes of varying lengths:  24, 64 and 100 miles.  The route winds through the picturesque North Shore, home to beautiful ocean views and quaint small towns. The Mountain Bike Ride takes place at the Beverly Commons/Greenwood Forest in Beverly Farms (adjacent to Glen Urquhart School) with a course designed to meet requirements of all levels.  Advanced riders will find high speed descent and technical climbs, while intermediate and beginner bikers will have alternative lines through a wooded 6 mile loop.  At the rides conclusion, all participants enjoy a celebratory cookout at Stage Fort Park. 

Neurofibromatosis (NF) is a genetic disorder of the nervous system that causes tumors to grow on the nerves anywhere in or on the body at any time and affects three times as many people than muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis combined.  Proceeds from Coast to the Cure will go towards neurofibromatosis research. 

Please call the Neurofibromatosis Northeast Office for more information (781) 272-9936 or visit the Neurofibromatosis Northeast website http://www.nfincne.org.