What’s for Dinner Mom?

My daughter Liv is home visiting for a few days. What does she request for her birthday dinner?

Captain Joe and Sons Lobster ©Kim Smith 2014 copy

Why Captain Joe and Sons fresh caught local straight-off-the-boat melt-in-your-mouth fabulously sweet lobsters, of course!

Liv Hauck iphone



On The Waterfront — a new TV show premieres Tuesday 7/22 on Cape Ann TV

From Cape Ann TV’s Lisa Smith:

On the Waterfront is a brand new, original production from Cape Ann TV. The show takes an in-depth look at the Cape Ann ecosystem, highlighting the people and businesses that rely on the ocean for survival. The premiere episode features the lifecycle of the clam. Shep Means, a clammer from Essex and Gloucester hosts the show. Join Shep as he goes digging on the clam flats and the beach, stops by Essex Shellfish to weigh them up, then visits Intershell to see them shucked and packaged, and finally to Woodman’s to fry them and eat them.

Air times on TV are:

Tuesday, July 22 at 7:30 pm

Wednesday, July 23 at 9:00 am and 8:00 pm

Friday., July 25 at 11:30 am and 8:30 pm

Saturday, July 26 at 9:00 pm

Sunday, July 27 at 9:30 am and 11:00 pm

Block party stolen table

Hi Joe – I don’t suppose this is something GMG does, but someone stole a folding table while we were setting up. It was for young artists from the NationalAlliance on Mental Illness, so they had no table to use. I know it’s unlikely the thief that stole it will return it, but I’d like them to at least know they stink! If they want to return it and leave it in the entrance way to Fred Bodin’s shop – no questions asked. It’s blue and says "Return to Val" on the underside. Here’s a similar one in white, ours is light blue. I understand if you don’t wish to post.



The Downtown Gloucester Block Party Series is a project of

the non-profit Cape Ann Business Incubator.


Giant Chess a Giant Hit at the Block Party


Chris Frontiero’s  Giant  Chess at Gloucester’s Main St. Block Party Saturday Night.

Was a

Giant Hit!!

Made possible by a $1,000 grant from Awesome gloucester that Chris was awarded.



Contact Chris Frontiero if you’d like to have “Giant Chess” at your Function or Event.


Email Chris Frontiero at:  FrontieroChris@yahoo.com

Chris contemplating his next move.

Divots, Chukkers, and Mallets….Oh My!

It being Sunday and all, I thought I’d remind you of a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon during the summer.  Polo.

I know as much as anyone that it is hard to tear yourself away from the beach, boat, deck, or backyard BBQ on a sunny afternoon during the precious and all too fleeting summer months, but, if you’re up for something a tiny bit different, taking in a Polo match is really quite fun!

I’d like to add, however, that better than simply doing it….is doing it right!

The best way to do it is to gather a bunch of your friends, grab a chunk of tailgate space on the sidelines, pack the picnic of all picnics, stuff a cooler to capacity and have a lovely afternoon.  Despite popular belief, holding your pinky up while drinking is actually optional.  The polo crowd is quite mixed and quite lovely.  Ummm….and to any single ladies who happen to be reading….you could probably find a less attractive bunch of athletes elsewhere. Just saying. I should add that there are some pretty rad female players too.  I, for one, would LOVE to learn the game.

My boys enjoy walking around and meeting the players and ponies before the match begins.  I’ve yet to meet a player who wasn’t friendly and more than happy to let the boys ask questions and meet the horses.  They also get a kick out of replacing the divots in-between chukkers….often times barefoot. (Insert mild shutter….horse poop and all).

Myopia Polo

Do your homework here…if you care to.