Free outdoor movie series in Gloucester next up Raiders of the Lost Ark

Cat Ryan Submits-

… Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

Raiders of the Lost Ark is coming this Wednesday, July 16, 2014, at I4-C2/65 Rogers Street for the free HarborWalk summer cinema series. Raiders is sponsored in part by Trident Gallerywhich just opened a new Gloucester focused exhibit featuring 18 contemporary artists. Stop in to see Gloucester through their eyes before the movie!

Make sure to bring lawn chairs and blankets. Food, snacks and drinks are available for purchase beginning at 6pm. You can bring a picnic too or eat/order out downtown. Movies begin at dark. In the case of rain or other inclement weather, the movie night will be postponed and will be rescheduled for the following Monday. Postponement announcements will be posted on the City website and HarborWalk Facebook page.

Seagulls, boats, and harbor‚ĶOh My! Here‚Äôs more pictures of what you missed at last week‚Äôs Wizard of Oz, the first free movie for the HarborWalk Summer Cinema series. All the movies are family friendly classics and Oz was a fitting choice to start the series off! Big shout out to Doyon‚Äôs who sponsored Wizard of Oz. The massive screen and classic movie line up are all thanks to Rob Newton‚Äôs Cape Ann Community Cinema in partnership with the City of Gloucester‚Äôs community development department and the HarborWalk. Senior Planner Matt Coogan is orchestrating this series. Ramping up the scale of community viewing, Cape Ann Community Cinema‚Äôs owner, Rob Newton, geared up during the set-up. As you might expect in Gloucester, there was a big community turn out for art! As dusk approached, I stopped counting at 400 people streaming in. Kids played ‚Äúsoccer‚ÄĚ with beach balls provided byNORTH SHORE 104.9 radio who emceed the pre-movie time. Radio host Aurelia Nelson and NORTH SHORE 104.9 crew were amiable. You can catch her show Curtain up! with Aurelia Nelson on Sunday mornings at 9AM. Carol Thistle, Senior Project Manager for City of Gloucester coordinated with the radio station. Vendors you may know from Cape Ann Farmer‚Äôs Market and/or festival and Downtown Block Party regulars set up nearby and included: Markouk‚Äôs specialty bread and sandwiches (grilled right there on their traditional Lebanese saj), Kettle corn, and fried dough. Pop Gallery added to the festive vibe‚ÄĒsee some of their recent garb on Joey in this GMG post.

Need more free flicks and fun? Here are a few links for other line-ups (mostly Boston). I think we have the best poster thanks to Chris Muskopf!

· Wednesday right here in Gloucester HarborWalk Summer Cinema

· Thursdays Jamaica Plain

· Fridays Boston Harbor Hotel AND the Hatch Shell

· Saturdays Prudential and Somerville’s Riverfront Park Assembly Row

· Sundays Christopher Columbus Park

· Various days Beverly’s Lynch Park and various days/various neighborhoods Mayor Walsh’s Movie Nights

Daisy Nell and Schooner Redbird enroute to new home on Cape Ann

About to pass by the Statue of Liberty. Look out Gloucester, here we come in time for the schooner festival_ 30th year this year! Now Stan and I can be in the race again, after selling our old schooner 8 years ago. I’ll still do the commentary on the boulevard for the parade of schooners, while Stan sails Redbird. But I’ll jump aboard for the race. Our size boat competes for the Betty Ramsey trophy, unlike the large schooners racing for the Mayor’s Cup. Stay tuned for more festival details as the summers rolls on toward Labor Day.


The One Country Where Bookstores are Not Crashing and Burning, and Why

Very interesting article from the New York Times, Sunday June 20th.

By Elaine Sciolino

The French Still Flock to Bookstores

PARIS ‚ÄĒ The French, as usual, insist on being different. As independent bookstores crash and burn in the United States and Britain, the book market in France is doing just fine. France boasts 2,500 bookstores, and for every neighborhood bookstore that closes, another seems to open. From 2003 to 2011 book sales in France increased by 6.5 percent.

Read the complete article here.

I especially wanted to share the conclusion of the article with GMG readers. What a great idea!

A 59-page study by the Culture Ministry in March made recommendations to delay the decline of print sales, including limiting rent increases for bookstores, emergency funds for booksellers from the book industry and increased cooperation between the industry and government.

‚ÄúRunning a bookstore is a combat sport,‚ÄĚ the report concluded.

One tiny operation determined to preserve the printed book is Circul’livre.

On the third Sunday of every month this organization takes over a corner of the Rue des Martyrs south of Montmartre. A small band of retirees classify used books by subject and display them in open crates.

The books are not for sale. Customers just take as many books as they want as long as they adhere to an informal code of honor neither to sell nor destroy their bounty. They are encouraged to drop off their old books, a system that keeps the stock replenished.

‚ÄúBooks are living things,‚ÄĚ said Andr√©e Le Faou, one of the volunteer organizers, as she hawked a three-volume biography of Henri IV. ‚ÄúThey need to be respected, to be loved. We are giving them many lives.‚ÄĚ


Blackburn Challenge This Saturday: July 19, 2014


You can still race. Registration closes at midnight tomorrow (Tuesday July 15). Do you want to challenge yourself to something not quite ordinary? Jump in a craft powered only by the paddle or oar in your hands and head north from Gloucester High School down the Annisquam then start turning right until you went all the way around and pulled into Gloucester Harbor and aim for the Birdseye plant and the Greasy Pole Finish?

You get a T-Shirt proclaiming your completion as well as pulled pork, beer and a band at Pavilion Beach.

Rubber Duck will be on the halfway-point boat anchored in Straitsmouth Gap to record your number as you go by. Yell the number out since she has very small eyes and no ears.

Sign up now. No walk-ons. Or come out to a viewing area anywhere on the Cape. The times are similar to a marathon. Fast boats make it in two to three hours whereas working dories take five to six hours. Cheer them on.

Here is a handy map. You can check out the list of boats already registers. 245 boats of all kinds, over 370 paddlers or rowers. Click link on this page to see current list of registrants.

photo from official website
The start which is just north of the MBTA Railroad Bridge on the Annisquam
The finish is the Greasy Pole after a circumnavigation of the entire island. WOOT!

Harbor Loop Concert Series 2014 ~ The list..

harbor loop poster 2

Special thank you to all involved, Bradley Royds, Harry (Skip) Pardee, Frank Hawks, John Silviera ( the sound guys), Walter Peckham, the Police, the Mayor:¬†Carolyn Kirk, Suzanne Egan, Gail McCarthy, Peter Van Ness, Lucky, Will Hunt, Sheila Orlando…the bands, and everyone who lives in and/or loves Gloucester…

It’s a community effort!

Great Opportunities For Gloucester High Students

Attention all Gloucester High Students!  You can still have a fun summer with FREE Gloucester U workshops, including Sail Gloucester Harbor, Explore Downtown Gloucester with Cape Ann Museum and Read and Write Anywhere.  Go to to register now!  For info call:
978-281-9870 ext. 12223. 

Here are some highlights:

Cape Ann Museum & Tours of Downtown Gloucester  (2 weeks Mon thorugh Thursday, July 21 РJuly 31)
 A program developed in collaboration with the Cape Ann Museum to help students discover unique historic events and places in our town.

Sailing and Gloucester Harbor (1)
(2 weeks, Monday through Thursday, July 21 ‚Äď July 31)
Sailing and the Gloucester Harbor (2)
(2 weeks, Monday through Thursday,¬† August 18 ‚Äď August 28)
Learn to sail and about natural features and history of the harbor, safety, physics of sailing, animals, and more.

GHS Students (including incoming 9th graders) find out and register for these or other FREE Gloucester U classes this summer.  Go to   now, or call 978-281-9870 ext. 12223.

Thank you!
Mark Kelsey

Mark Kelsey
Technology Integration Specialist /
Co-Coordinator 21st Century Community Learning Center – “Gloucester U”
Gloucester High School
978-281-9870 ext. 12223 
32 Leslie O Johnson Rd, Gloucester MA 01930

For Marty Luster in Black & White

For “Mahty Lusta”

Because everyone loves Marty’s B&W Photos


“When you photograph people in color you photograph their clothes.

When you photograph people in Black and White you photograph their souls.”

                                                                                           Ted Grant

One of my favorite photos of Paul
One of my favorite photos of Paul

No Fuss Strawberry Shortcake On The Beach



Sunday Evening, we wrapped up another great weekend with¬†family and friends at Niles Beach for dinner, drinks and dessert!¬†Dinners on the beach¬†has been a¬†Ciaramitaro family tradition for years. My great grandparents,¬†grandparents, and parents have¬†passed on¬†this¬†summer time tradition of “PINICI” on the beach down for generations. As¬†a little girl, I remember going to Half Moon Beach, Stage Fort Park, and Good Harbor for a “Pinici Dinner” on the beach countless times! Dinner at the¬†Beach is a family affair from start to finish. Everyone is involved in the prep work, packing,¬†unpacking, setup, eating, and cleanup.¬†After years of¬†doing it, ¬†I think we officially have¬†it down to a science! Last night¬†St. Barry perfectly grilled a tasty¬†Chipotle Flank Steak Fajita’s¬†dinner while¬†the kids and I¬†tucked the cooler, beach bags, tables, and chairs¬†into the truck¬†just before headed over to the beach. Within minutes of our arrival at Niles,¬†the table was set, the food was served¬†and the feasting began under a partly cloudy sky.¬† At the tail end of our dinner, the sun periodically¬†peeked through passing clouds, as it set over¬†Ten Pound Island.¬†The sunset¬†may not have been¬†as colorful as Friday evenings sunset but it was equally as beautiful in its own way.¬†¬†We ended¬†our weekend¬†on a sweet note with¬†a refreshing no fuss Strawberry Shortcake dessert!¬†


No Fuss Strawberry Shortcake


1 store bought pound cake; sliced

10-12 cups Fresh Strawberries; sliced thin

1 bottle Strawberry Liquor

3 tablespoon super fine sugar

1 Can Fresh Whipped Cream


1 place sliced strawberries in mixing bowl or large plate; sprinkle with sugar; drizzle with 3/4 cup Strawberry Liquor; mix; let rest 5-10 minutes

2  lay 1 slice pound cake on serving plates; drizzle 1 teaspoon strawberry liquor over each cake slice; top each with 1/2-1 cup of marinate strawberries; top with whipped cream; serve immediately

*Note~ Optional Substitution for Strawberry Liquor: Use Orange Juice or Simple Sugar Syrup

friday sunset amanda mohan
Friday Nights¬†Niles Beach Sunset …Photo by Daughter Amanda Mohan
For my Tequila Chipotle Flank Steak recipe click link below

The Schooner Lannon, Sunset, Buck Moon, Fireworks, Dessert

The Schooner Lannon, Sunset, Buck Moon, Fireworks, and Dessert, you could not ask for anything more!

IMG_5816Dessert was supplied by Sticky Fingers Pastry located at Browns Mall.

Monday July 14th , 2014 Cape Ann Weather…

Marine Forecast ….
Today S winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft. Scattered showers. Scattered tstms this morning…then a chance of tstms this afternoon. Patchy fog this morning. Some tstms may produce heavy rainfall and frequent lightning this afternoon. Vsby 1 to 3 nm this morning.
Tonight S winds 10 to 15 kt. Gusts up to 20 kt after midnight. Seas 2 to 3 ft. Patchy fog. A chance of showers and tstms. Some tstms may produce heavy rainfall and frequent lightning. Vsby 1 to 3 nm.

Pod Cast Weather…
Hourly Forecast…

Week Ahead :


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Sunday Bruch at Giuseppe’s Ristorante with Jazz Music

Eggs Benedict and Pulled Pork/Egg and Ham Wrap¬†with Bloody Mary ‚Äď Great Bruch at Giuseppe‚Äôs Ristorante

IMG_5818We also had the pleasure of meeting Memory Layne’s Parents John and Robin.


Community Photos 7/15/14

Hillside from Peter Digre


Note To Kim Smith:

Hey Kim:
The milkweeds are ready.
Can you send some butterflies over?
Greg Gibson


Hi there,

I just stumbled on Good Morning Gloucester, and thought I’d add this photo to the collection. My family owned Rockholme for several years, perhaps 1952-1955.  Daniel & Frances Kagno, J.William & Bernice Finkel. This was before the name changed to Shepherd’s Cove, and before it was winterized.  I’m sure I can find better photos. It’s so beautiful now! 

From Faithe Raphael


Photos taken evening of 7/12/2014 From Eric Schwartz

20140712 (DSC_1716) Supermoon (S) (WM)20140712 (DSC_1721) Supermoon (S) (WM)