GloucesterCast With Pete Lovasco and Marcy Sears Taped 7/6/14


GloucesterCast With Pete Lovasco and Marcy Sears Taped 7/6/14



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New Video: Kyle Barry ~ Saturday 2014 Greasy Pole Champion!

Congratulations to Kyle Barry, the 2014 Saturday Greasy Pole Champion! This was Kyle’s second win. He was also the 2013 Friday Champion.

The first clip is especially Felliniesque but then again, the entire time I am shooting the greasy pole I feel as though I am in the midst of a Fellini film. Friday’s and Sunday’s films are coming in the next few days, with some Very Fun Footage.

I Loved this song when first I heard it and thought it perfect for Greasy Pole Walkers. Written and performed by Fitz and The Tantrums, “The Walker,” (that is really the title of the song!) is from their second album, More Than Just a Dream.

Previous GMG Posts about Kyle Barry: Kyle Barry for the Win! Greasy Pole Kyle Barry for the WIN! Saint Peter's Fiesta ©Kim Smith 2014 -2 Additional music note ~ Fitz and The Tantrums will be performing at the House of Blues in Boston on November 15th.

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A special gift left on my doorstep July 4th made my day!



During the GMG Horribles Parade Tailgate on Thursday evening I asked brothers Thatcher and Finn Schrafft if they had collected any Swedish Fish during the parade that they were willing to trade with me for some of my homemade pasta…. (knowing how much they loved my pasta this spring at St. Joseph) Both brothers rummaged through their bags of candy looking for a fish to share with me. After a minute of looking, Thatcher and Finn disappointedly reported they didn’t have any Swedish Fish to share, but instead offered me my second favorite candy, “Twizzlers!” The next day my husband St. Barry found special package and sweet note labelled ‘Felicia” in our mailbox. Thank you boys. You made my day! I’m looking forward to receiving your photos and recipe using the homemade pasta I delivered to you yesterday! Happy Cooking!


Three Sisters, Three Boards, and Fred

I know it's summer when I see interesting people all day song in the gallery. Today I met (L-R) Susan Olson, Kathryn Bracken (both from Salem), Jade Olson of NYC, and retired pharmaceutical test dog Fred. The ladies and Fred paddled the waters off Good Harbor Beach. They described the surf as exhausting and causing rip currents. Although no police were spotted, the US Coast Guard was present on the water.
I know it’s summer when I see interesting people all day song in the gallery. Today I met sistersb(L-R) Susan Olson, Kathryn Bracken (both from Salem), Jade Olson of NYC, and retired pharmaceutical test dog Fred.
The ladies and Fred paddled the waters off Good Harbor Beach. They described the surf as exhausting and causing rip currents. Although no police were spotted, the US Coast Guard was present on the water.

Quote of the week from Greg Bover

Dear Joey,

I’m on vacation and will be off the coast of Maine somewhere for the next couple of weeks. Perhaps you’d like to run the following “classics” from my collection, some from nearly four years ago when we started doing this. Thanks buddy, I hope you are doing well.


God, grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Reinhold Niebuhr  1892-1971

A theologian claimed as an influence by Martin Luther King, Madeline Albright, John McCain, Hilary Clinton, and Barack Obama, Niebuhr was the principal proponent of Christian Realism and was alternately attacked and supported by both liberals and conservatives during his most active period of ministry between the First and Second World Wars. A major component of his work centers on the idea that pride is the root of much of the evil in the world. His books include The Children of Light and the Children of Darkness (1944) and The Irony of American History, (1952). He was awarded the Medal of Freedom in 1964.

Greg Bover

“Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not.”

Thomas Huxley (1825-1895)

A self-taught anatomist and comparative biologist, Huxley was ship’s surgeon on a very early voyage to New Guinea and Australia. He was a vociferous champion of Darwin and invented the word “agnostic” to describe his own thoughts about a supreme being. It was Huxley who first theorized that birds evolved from dinosaurs and who was the primary proponent of scientific education in 19th century Britain. A lifelong humanist and prolific essayist, Huxley’s grandsons include Sir Julian Huxley, first director of UNESCO, and Aldous Huxley, author of Doors of Perception and Brave New World.

Greg Bover

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”

Frank Zappa (1940-1993)

A native of Baltimore whose father worked for the military, Zappa recorded more than 60 albums as a soloist and as the founder and leader of The Mothers of Invention. Often miscast as a novelty musician, he wrote complex, difficult to perform classical, jazz, rock, fusion and other music that cannot be contained in any genre. His iconoclastic approach to life often put him at odds with the established order and organized religion, but he was an ardent supporter of free speech and auto-didacticism. Cited as an influence by such diverse musicians as Pierre Boulez, Paul McCartney and George Clinton, Zappa was a multiple Grammy Award winner and was invited to the newly independent Czechoslovakia by Vaclav Havel to advise on cultural matters.

At the time of his death it was rumored he was contemplating a move to Montana to raise dental floss.

Greg Bover

Community Stuff 7/6/14

Tuesday, July 15, 2014  7:30 pm

Essex Historical Society and Shipbuilding Museum, 66 Main Street, ESSEX, MA 01929  978-768-7541

Steve Willard will speak about the history of commercial fishing during his lifetime; beginning in 1956 when he was twelve years old.  This will include stories of tub trawling, lobstering, gill netting and purse seining.  There will be displays of fishing gear, photos, books and a few slides.  Songs about fishing will be performed by Tony Hilliard and Janet Young (The Dory Mates), Peter and Audi Souza, and Steve Willard.

Admission $8 Museum Members, $10 Non-members

Complimentary Refreshments served


The Museum is handicapped accessible.


The popular 37th (!) Annual Magnolia Art Show & Sale will be accepting entries for a few more days. Please let your readers know! And please come to this show of beautiful works and support a local icon, the MLCC!


Hi Joey,

This was a very busy week for Gloucester’s Chantey singers, Three Sheets to the Wind.   Monday night at our weekly community sing at the Dog Bar, we were joined by the cast of the off Broadway musical, Putnam County Spelling Bee, now in it’s 25th week performing in Hartford, CT.   We were  delighted to several numbers by Nathan and his troupe.   Sorry for the poor quality photo – had to use my cell phone for that one.

Tuesday we headed to New Bedford where we were invited to perform a 2 hour concert at the Custom House in honor of the historic whaleship, Charles W. Morgan’s return to New Bedford, making it’s firsts voyage in 100 years.  The folks at the Whaling Museum, the crew of the Charles W Morgan, and the Schooner Adventure’s sister ship the Ernestina, welcomed us with tours.  We were thrilledto sing for the crowds waiting in line for a tour of the Morgan,

and on the Morgan.  The owner and staff at the Irish pub, welcomed us for lunch and diner and encouraged us to sing for the patrons.   The New Bedford waterfront is beautiful, and welcoming, and well worth the trip.   Many thanks to Peter Souza for orchestrating the day for us!

Join us some Monday night at the Dog Bar for a community sing, 6-9 p.m., or  check us out at our next concert Thurs. July 10 at 5 p.m. at the park on Rocky Neck.

Mary Barker


Educational Programs at RAA – Week of July 7th

Hi Joey,

Appreciate your help in getting out the word on our educational programs for next week:

Classes & Workshops

Outdoor Watercolor Workshop with Gary Tucker – July 7-9

Outdoor Oil Painting Class with Caleb Stone – Wednesday, July 9th – 9:00-1:00

Outdoor Watercolor Class with Carole Loiacono – Thursday, July 10th – 9:00-1:00

Indoor Multi-Media Class with Susan Guest-McPhail – Frioday, Jul 11th – 9:00-1:00


Demonstrations & Lectures:

Pam Hibbard Giarratana – Costumed Figure In Oil Demonstration – July 8th – 7:00 PM

Members Free -Non-members $5

Dr. David Vastola Lecture:  How Not To Grow Old – July 9th – 7:00 PM

Members Free – Non-members $5

As usual, thank you so much for your help!  Stop in and meet us the next time you’re in Rockport.




Join us at Flatrocks Gallery for our first in a  series of summer garden parties, Sunday, July 13th at 5pm. The evening will begin with a guided tour of the gallery, and a brief discussion of their works, by artists Len Richardson, Tim Harney and Loren Doucette.  At 6 pm, in the garden, we have the pleasure of presenting guitarist Andrew “Hacksaw” Harney with a repetoire of Blues, Fusion and Funk.  A young northshore talent known for being “ a ‘fearless’ multi-instrumentalist dedicated to his craft “. He has played with Darrell Scott from the Band of Joy (featuring Robert Plant fronting the band), The James Montgomery Band, Barrence Whitfield and the Savages, Harper and Midwest Kind, just to name a few.

Light refreshments will be offered, but we encourage you to bring a blanket and snacks and enjoy some great music in the garden!

Dear Joey,

Thanks for posting this for GWC’s Fish Tales on July 18th Upstairs @ Short and Main. 7:30 pm. Theme is Summer in the City. I am looking for storytellers – anyone who can get up and tell a story to the crowd for 5 minutes. We love local stories! If your readers are interested, they can contact me, Maureen Aylward 978-290-1507 or to get into the line up.

All the best,