The Summer Glare



The Summer Glare


Aboard the Pequod, Ishmael describes the

Japanese Sea as illumined by “freshets of effulgences”

or overflowing streams of brilliant light.

Did he, while in Nantucket, not experience

what we, in Gloucester, find daily in our summer sky?


Here, where the ocean cleanses the air and

allows the sun to reach us without filter;

where most summer days produce an explosion

of light that washes out the brilliant colors

around us and makes us squint to get around town;


Where shadows are not soft and moody, but

are stark and sharp, and walking down a flight

of outside stairs requires most careful placement

of our feet, and where we learn to recognize

people and places by their silhouettes,


and where sun and sand and sea glare so that we

sense the beach, rather than see it, like actors

looking past the footlights to an unseen audience,

and where patterns in the sand go unnoticed

as we walk the shore into the cauldron’s fearsome light.


It’s as if we cannot be trusted with

the airs of summer; that we must be

protected from the magnificence around us

lest we succumb to this abundance of beauty

if we should see all that is within the glare.


© Marty Luster 2012



Fiesta Videos from Cape Ann TV

See all 3 days of Fiesta Sports on Cape Ann TV Channel 12!

Beginning Friday night at 8:00 p.m. with Friday Sports.


Friday Sports Continue:

5:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m.,& 11:00 p.m. on July 5th


Saturday Fiesta Sports Air:

11:00 p.m. on July 4th

8:00 a.m. & 5:00 p.m. on July 5th

2:00 a.m.on July 6th


Sunday Sports air:

2:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., & 8:00 p.m. on July 5th

5:00 a.m. on July 6th


For Further Air Times see

It’s all about the music – Video from July 3 Free Concert on the Boulevard

Last night, July 3, 2014, was the 7th anniversary of the annual Runaround Sound Extravaganza, a free concert on the Boulevard after the Horribles parade.  Last night we had the biggest crowd of the past 7 years even though there were no fireworks.  It really is all about the music.  Check out the finale.

All I can say is that I’m honored to live in the City that brought us the tremendously talented Carlos Menezes, Jr., who, along with some of Gloucester’s best musicians perform this show for free every year — and Ringo Tarr, who, along with his team, do more work behind the scenes in one day than many people do in a month.


Grilled Chicken with Bianco Barbecue Sauce




Grilled Chicken with Bianco Barbecue Sauce

My husband Barry’s sent me this text message while dining at a southern barbecue style restaurant during his recent fishing trip in Hatteras North Carolina, “ My Love, have you ever heard of White Barbecue Sauce?, we’re at a restaurant and it’s on the menu”…My reply, “No never heard of it, sounds interesting”

Barry’s text message sparked my interested enough to do a little research later that night.  I learned that “White Barbecue Sauce”, is a staple mayonnaise based sauce used for grilling pork and chicken in Northern Alabama.

Yesterday I decided to test a recipe I had found online while doing my research. I mixed up the ingredients, swiped my finger across the backside of the spoon for a quick taste, and  was completely disappointed in the flavor. I went straight to the pantry and refrigerator for ingredients to jazz up the flavor to my liking. Last night I stood in the rain with my fingers crossed as I grilled a batch of this “jazzed up” marinated Bianco Barbecue Sauce chicken for our family dinner.  The family unanimously voted the recipe as a keeper, and all requested that I write it down before I forget how to make it….This recipe is definitely a Mamma Mia Delicioso recipe for summertime Barbecues! Perfect for this upcoming holiday weekend!


Happy 4th Of July!

For Grilled Chicken with Bianco Barbecue Sauce recipe details & photos… Click Continue Continue reading “Grilled Chicken with Bianco Barbecue Sauce”


For all you proud Americans, this is another video I just completed for STIHL. I always enjoy working with everyone at this amazing company, but getting a chance to put Real-STIHL factory workers into this project was truly special. Even if you have never owned a chainsaw, or know what an American built STIHL product looks like, you’ll enjoy this! (click the gear on lower right for HD video)

4th Of July 2014 Cape Ann Weather…

Marine Forecast ….
Today SW winds 5 to 10 kt…diminishing to around 5 kt this afternoon. Seas 1 to 2 ft.
Tonight Tropical storm conditions possible. N winds 10 to 15 kt…becoming NW 15 to 20 kt after midnight. Seas around 3 ft. Areas of fog in the evening. Patchy fog after midnight. Tstms. Rain in the evening…then rain likely after midnight. Some tstms may produce heavy rainfall. Vsby 1 to 3 nm.

Follow NHC For Latest Updates Regarding Hurricane Arthur .. Track could still Wobble a bit …Cape Ann could see a burst of wind overnight !
Stay tuned and monitor my latest updates through out the day !!!!
Happy 4th !!!!



2014 Fishtown Horribles Parade Award Winners

Monica Madruga submits-
Joey, Thanks again for all of your support! The parade greatly appreciates you….

Every child that enters the parade as a “horrible” has the opportunity to win some great prizes. Kids can win a trophy, a bike and even a week at summer camp! Each horrible receives a raffle ticket for entering the parade. Every year the parade committee buys 2 bikes to give to 2 lucky raffle winners. This years winners are Milo Szuter and Ben Mello. Camp Spindrift also donates a week at camp to 2 lucky raffle winners. This years winners are Olivia Madruga and Jake Mello. The winners of the 6 “Most Horrible” trophies are; Dogtown-Emma Mania, Fisherwoman-Maya Goolsby, Lego Liberty-Ella Tucker, Ballerina-McKeen, Uncle Sam for Peace-Ryan Madruga, & Miss USA-Olivia Madruga. The “Most Outstanding Horrible” went to The Stockman Family for “The Tall Ships”.


Most Unusual: F37 Animal Shelter

Best Youth Group: F45 Art Haven

Best Musical: M11 Annisquam Players

Religious and Fraternal: F26 Assembly of God

Civic and Community: F42 Farmers Market

Business and Industry: M5 Ace Hardware Picked up by; Janet Smith

Judges Choice: F33 Private Freedom Picked up by; Rob, Stephany & Daniella Pallazolla

Most Creative: F13 Marlee’s Mermaids

Grand Theme: M6 Gortons Picked up by; Charlene Rowe