Mug Up at YUPO Gallery

mug up at yupo gallery july 20

8 thoughts on “Mug Up at YUPO Gallery

  1. Wow, the crabmeat was awesome, a little olive oil tinny amounts of balsamic and a touch of mayo.

    EJ! Regina tells me you are writing a book about hired bees! What’s up with that? Are these killer bees? Yellow and black striped contract snuffers? The subject quickly changed to the Rubber Duck I had on hand so never figured out the hired bees thing.

    I would have gone for a sequel to the Hedgepiggywigs.


    1. I was really sorry to miss Mug Up this morning. I was at an art show at The Gloucester House. The crabmeat sounds awesome. I actually am working on the sequel to Tales of Bong Tree Island, but this new book just jumped in from the outer realms of the universe, so I had to go with it. It is actually about highly evolved beings (not hired bees!) called Moolongz. Check out my Kickstarter campaign (with great video shot by Joey) at


      1. “never mind”, how could I have blown that? She never made a mistake. Toby, are we the only two who know what we are talking about? 🙂 (Not that we actually know, just in this case … never mind.)


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