Thursday night blues party with Dave Sag’s to host Sax-Gordon @ The Rhumb Line

Dave Sag's
Dave Sag’s

Dave says,

It’s the big one: Labor Day, that is, so we’re gonna blast off into Oört Cloud Nine with that rapacious rapscallion of Rhythm and Booze: the one and only “Flash” Gordon Beadle. Frontman, vocalist, and saxophone smartypants, if you haven’t seen this guy perform, you oughta consider slashing your ankles and getting it over with. “Sax” Gordon, as many of us refer to him, is the biggest, bestest concept in  natural  pain relief I have ever known. This man has climbed Mt. Everest a million times, without ever leaving the comfort of of his home. Now he’s gonna do it here. The Natural Guard has been called out and will be on duty. Check him out on Utube. Smelling salts recommended.
Backing him up will be that amazing guitarist and Klonopin® Spokesmodel, Mr. Mike DiBari. This kat knows all the chords….Watch his fingers vibrate and flail and fade in and out of reality.* Drum chores will be handled by our Irish Ace of Pace: Mr. Benny Benson, dentologist and major teenage idol. I’ll be on the bass couch, mumbling about my childhood….
Rheumer has it that there will be a few alien landings in the saxophone department. I can’t mention it…I can’t read it, but suffice it to say that there will be jet fuel spilled and many brains deep-fat fried…

This is it: Summer’s gone after this, so come out and make your presence known!

here’s a link you should czech out

40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732

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