Who Is The Fruit Cup Ninja?

Bill Cox writes-

For the life of me, I can’t figure this out. When Melissa and I cleaned this area out a few weeks ago, we must have found a dozen or so fruit cups. Today I find another….I am vexed! Do we have a fruit cup ninja running around? Was there a fruit cup truck accident I was unaware of? Pagan ritual item?


4 thoughts on “Who Is The Fruit Cup Ninja?

  1. Is there a food pantry nearby? I run one in Boston and we often find the things that people don’t want or like taken out of their bags and left various places within the hospital. Food pantry days always include our Building Services staff bringing back cereal, oatmeal, fruit etc that has been discarded. It stinks, but what can you do? Can’t blame people for not wanting to eat things they don’t like, although I wish they’d give them back to us then and there rather than leaving them for someone else to clean up!


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