St. Anthony’s by the Sea

This lovely little chapel of St. Anthony by the Sea (near Niles Beach) belongs to Holy Family Parish. It is open for Sunday services at 9:30AM only in the summer, and for weddings until the fall.  I think the stained glass windows are absolutely beautiful, real works of art.


For more about the history of the chapel, visit this link (thanks to Fred Bodin for the great info)!

Matthew Green

16 thoughts on “St. Anthony’s by the Sea

  1. This is a beautiful chapel. Thanks for the step back in time. As a child, while spending summers in Gloucester, I attended with my Grandmother. I’ve always wondered~what’s the history? I do hope the chapel was built with Gloucester stone…do you know?


    1. I’m afraid I don’t know the details of the history of the building. It was built as a private chapel for the service staff of a nearby estate, from what I understand, but that’s all I really know.


  2. I shot a few weddings at Saint Anthony’s, including that of George and Ellen Sibley. It’s a very photogenic church.


  3. Thank you for posting pictures of the inside. What beautiful colors and textures! I spent time in the garden last October but had not seen the inside. It is another Gloucester gem.


  4. Thank you so much; I have always wondered what the inside looked like.
    I am always whizzing by in a car & have always wanted to stop and take a gander.


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