Valentine’s Day handmade sweets & treats and vintage street at Alexandra’s Bread

Valentine’s Day shopping  is a delight at Alexandra’s Bread,  a scrumptious artisan bakery and destination vintage and contemporary gift shop located at 265 Main Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts. One hopes for a line long enough to while away some browsing yet short enough  to reach the counter before the bread and treats sell out.

Discover unique finds to share with everyone on your gift and just because lists at Alexandra’s Bread bakery. 


Where else can you go for both a Love Shack and Bait Shack but Nichols Candy House, naturally 

nichols-candy-house-c-kim-smithFor that special Valentine fisherman

love-shack-candy-house-c-kim-smithLove Shackjoe-hart-nichols-candy-c-kim-smith

How about this little Patriots Fan. His name is Joe Hart and he is an adorable ball of energy!joe-hart-nichols-candy-2-c-kim-smith

Valentine’s Day Destinations


Ok, Ok many people feel that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday. That’s fine but don’t ruin it for the rest of us. I do not particularly care about the whole “gift receiving and giving” aspect. Its the “spirit” I LOVE! Its a day when everyone just LOVES. Isn’t that what we all want? Is just to love and be loved?

So, for the spirit of the holiday I have put together your Valentine destinations on Cape Ann! I will update as I find new places! Book your destination today!



Seaport Grille special pre-fixe menu! Check it out!

Katrina’s Special menu, music and more!

Magnolia 525 tavern keep posted for their festivities


Foreign Affairs Valentine’s Brunch AND dinner!


Chocolate for your honey

Turtle Alley 42 Rogers St, Gloucester

Nichols Candies 1 Crafts Road/Route 128, Exit 12 Gloucester

Tuck’s Candy 15 Main st, Rockport


Wine and Cheese

Savour Wine 76 Prospect St, Gloucester

The Cave 44 Main St, Gloucester



Celia’s Flower Studio 77 Langsford St, Gloucester

Sage Floral Studio 274 Main St, Gloucester

Russell’s Florist 18 Eastern Ave, Gloucester

Audrey’s Florist 38 Railroad Ave, Gloucester


Specialty Gift Shops

Pop Gallery 67 Main St, Gloucester

Magic Scarf Main St, Gloucester

La Provence 4 Main St, Rockport

Mimi 11 Central St, Manchester


If you know of more restaurants and destinations drop me a comment and I will add them!



Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ll take “Things I Never Knew Until Yesterday” for $800, Alex.

“The little paper banner that protrudes from the foil wrapper of a Hershey’s Kiss”

Ummmm…..”What is a NigglyWiggly”


Insert cheer of the crowd.

Seriously, though, did you ever know that?

I did a bit of research and many sites confirm that is indeed the name, but sadly I found no information telling me so on Hershey’s own website.  So….. who knows?

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If you’re interested in the history of Hershey’s Kisses, read here…being Valentine’s Day and all.  

And…from an article on, I learned this:

  • 70 million Hershey’s Kisses are produced everyday at the factory;
  • The machines run 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
  • Enough Kisses are produced annually to form a line more than 300,000 miles long.

Valentine’s Pop-up Coming to East Gloucester Next Weekend


 Hi Joey,

I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know about an event I’m hosting with another local business on Friday night and all day Saturday.
My name is Lyndsay and I make terrariums and other potted items, which I call lynzariums. I sell these to a lot of local businesses, Lula’s Pantry in Rockport, Willow Rest in Gloucester, have a booth at the Cape Ann Farmers Market during the season and do outdoor plantings for The Market in Annisquam every year. Last month I opened a planting studio in East Gloucester across from Beacon Marine, 186 East Main Street (Ken Gore’s art studio).
My friend Jocelyn Pierce of Mayflour Confections will be joining me at the event, she has a commercial kitchen in Rockport and makes custom cakes and desserts for weddings and events.
We will be hosting a pop up shop for Valentine’s Day, serving refreshments and selling terrariums, potted plants and succulents, cupcakes and a few other sweets. I’ve attached what we have been using on social media. I would love if you could help us spread the good word- and if you’re around, please stop in and say hello!
All the best,
Lyndsay and Jocelyn


Are You in The Doghouse Today ?

PrintAudrey’s Flower Shop Is Cranking Out….”I’m In The Doghouse Valentine Flowers” Today …Are you one of them? Are you in the doghouse today? 


It was quite a scene at Audrey’s flower shop last night when I stopped by to deliver Valentine Treats to dear friends working in the shop.  The store was full of patrons picking up and placing last minute Valentine orders.  Their phone was ringing off the hook, while designers were hustling around their stations creatively putting together dozens of gorgeous floral arrangements.  My BFF Dee is, Audrey’s customer service/store manager. She remained busy working the phones taking orders, and scheduling Valentine deliveries throughout the North Shore, a task she had been doing all day. Thursday’s predicted snow storm and winter mess literally tried to put a bump in the road for Valentine deliveries on Thursday and Friday. But Dee, known to her friends and coworkers as, ” Ms. Organized,” and “Ms. Get It Done” kept Audrey’s “Operation Valentine”, running smoothly like red velvet frosting the past few days.  Today the Audrey’s crew is back at it again, taking special care of all their “In The Doghouse” customers, with~ Forgive Me, I’m late & Love You Valentine Floral Arrangements!

No Confessions needed, call Audrey’s today and get yourself outta the doghouse!



Have a look at some “Valentine’s Day” Music Happenings Around Town ~ Friday 2.14.2014

The Rhumb Line


The Cripple Cove Quintet featuring The Goddesses

The Rhumb Line (40 Railroad Avenue, Gloucester)

Friday, February 14th (Valentine’s Day) starting at 9:30pm – 12:30am


Some people enjoy fine dining on Valentine’s Day. Some people like to 
stay in with their loved one….and we have no truck with either 
activity. But if you like to dance to rock and roll music BEFORE either 
of those activities, come to The Rhumb Line for The Cripple Cove Quintet 
featuring the Goddesses on Friday Feb. 14th. from 9:30pm to 12:30am. 
Three sets of love rock and pub rock from the golden era.



Those fast heart beats that we use to know…

mike oconnell and friends mw heart 1 all bw


Dog Bar

Make your reservations now for Valentines Day. Dog Bar Grill Chef Eric Smith has put out an exciting and delicious 3 course prix fixe menu for your dining pleasure, while Mr Romance himself, Vito Ferrara, spins classic Frank Sinatra. All this for only 36.99 pp. Dog Bar Grill – Where you can be romantic and thrifty

dog bar valentines

Giuseppe’s Ristorante and Piano Bar

guiseppes valentines day

The Franklin Cafe


Hello, Young Lovers – VALENTINE’S FRIDAY @ Franklin Cafe with Jane Potter on keys, Thomas Hebb and Linda Amero on bass and Love Songs. Come join us for an evening of delicious dining and romance. 7-10 Downstairs. 978-283-7888.

jazz jp



Love Shack!

What do you give your lover for Valentine’s Day?

Why, a Shaque D’Amour, of course!

Love Shack ©Kim Smith 2013

Where can you purchase your Love Shack?

Gloucester’s Nichols Candy House, naturally!

Originally posted January, 2013.

Gloucester House Showcases North Shore Artists

St Valentine art sale

Participating artists include: Charles Francis, Annie Ziergiebel, JP Ware, Deb Shradieck, Susie Fiels, EJ Lefavour, Camilla Macfayden, Beth Williams, Donna Ardizzoni, Phil Cusumano, Marty Morgan, Thi Linh Wenau, Kathy Roberts, Elynn Kroger, Nina Goodick, Mary Ann DeLouise, Conrad Roeske, Catherine McGeary, Karen Tibbets, Tory and Ally Voner, Eileen Oliver, Amanda Cook, Mary McCarl, Theresa Testaverde, and the folks from Cape Ann Giclee.

Thanks to the Gloucester House Restaurant for sponsoring this art event for the community and North Shore artists!  Hope to see all of you there.

E.J. Lefavour

Pop Gallery Doing Valentines Day Big Per Usual

Hi Joey!

I have a few promo items to send you. We are hosting a Valentine’s Day event at Pop on Feb. 8th. 3-7. All details are included on attached pdf, also included jpeg.

We are also selling “VALEN-TINS” which are our take on “gift baskets” for the season of love.


Stubbys Valentines Day Birthday Party at Maritime Gloucester

Janet Rice Submits-

A great time was had by all ,including Stubby!

(Don’t forget to get/renew your membership at the Maritime Gloucester this year. Stubby looks forward to greeting you!)


Janet Rice

Beautiful Valentine Hearts from Sista Felicia

Sista Felicia's Heart CookiesVelvet chocolate cake cookies with white chocolate frosting and lemon sugar cookies with dark chocolate frosting–don’t ask which I preferred because they are both out-of-this-world-super-delicious!

Origami at the Hive

Last night I had an origami class at The Hive, with a Valentine’s Day theme.  Although I had a variety of models ready to teach, we ended up focusing on just making a rose, which is a somewhat complicated model. There were two other meetings going on in other rooms, from which we benefitted by getting spillover snacks!

Snacks, a finished rose, and a rose in the making

We added origami leaves and a stem to the rose at the end, which you can partly see in this photo with David Brooks:

David Brooks with his finished rose

I will be teaching another class in March, although the date is yet to be determined.  The theme is yet to be determined, but some possibilities are:

  • boats and ships (not the typical newspaper sailboat – ones with more variety of shape, maybe some that float, but maybe also some with more detail but less functionality)
  • Origami spirals (kind of abstract but really cool)
  • Suggestions?

Fr. Matthew Green

Origami Class at The Hive

I’ll be back at The Hive for another origami class this Thursday!

I am still picking out exactly what models I will teach, but I will probably focus on Valentine’s Day-related models – depending on who comes, we will might make a heart bookmark, a rose, and maybe a gift box (a nice box with a lid from one sheet of paper, which we didn’t have time to make during the last origami class).

The rose and the box are more complex models, so we’ll have to see what the participants are ready to take on. I’ll have a few other models ready just in case. Also, I can try to accomodate specific requests, if someone wants to let me know ahead of time.

The class will be on Thursday, February 7, 7-9pm, $15 student/$20 adult.  If possible, please register ahead of time, so we know how many plan for. Call 978.283.3889 or email