Dogtown walk


I haven’t been out in Dogtown much, but I went for a walk there yesterday with a friend. He took a photo of me next to “Peter’s Pulpit”. I wanted to get on top to strike a preachy pose, but there is no easy access to perch on the peak of Peter’s pulpit.We ended up at Whale’s Jaw:



I hope to get back to hike in Dogtown more regularly! It is a very interesting place.

Fr. Matthew Green


6 thoughts on “Dogtown walk

  1. Dog Town
    By Peter A. Todd

    As I stroll along its wooded path
    I view with awe at Dog Town’s reflection
    Of how all mother natures leaves amass
    Its various and beautiful colors blended to perfection
    God’s great creatures dashing around
    Making ready for a long winters sleep
    Birds up and flying southward bound
    Those left behind building nests to keep
    You can feel the history of Dog Town in the air
    As you view each cellar and hear nature’s sounds
    We must take heed to treat with great care
    Of all Gods great creatures abound
    So as the first snow begins to fall
    Take your first look at Dog towns open space
    Appreciate the winters cleansing in whiteness all
    That God has seen fit to grace


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