Thanks Chief!

Ed Joey John Mayor KirkEd, Joey, John, and Mayor Kirk at the last GMG party at Fred Bodin’s Gallery

Yesterday I was experiencing much frustration with wordpress, which has changed the manner in which photos are uploaded. My images were no longer “clickable,” meaning you click on the image to view a larger version of the file. I tried to figure out how to solve the problem through various blogging and wordpress forums, to no avail. After Much Time Wasted, I emailed our brilliant Editor-in-Chief this morning. Within five minutes Joey had responded with directions on how to upload with a new and improved method. I am self-admittedly not very techno savvy but Joey is ridiculous adept at all things techno and blogging.

Joey Bodin Gallery GMGWe are so fortunate he is our Chief. In addition to posting his half dozen plus daily posts about community events, his humorous writings and rants, and gorgeous photos, behind the scenes he keeps the blog running smoothly and efficiently at all times, making it super easy for we contributors. Thanks for everything you do Chief!

Joey yogaJoey with Funny Bday Gift from Johnny Mac

Joe Ciaramitaro, Eloise MadelineBest Dad to Madeline and Eloise

6 thoughts on “Thanks Chief!

  1. Excellent point, Kim. Often people behind the scenes don’t get enough credit. Since Joey’s become a big star, we often forget that he still runs the show too. A rare combo in these days of prima donna pretty faces with no substance. Our Boy’s got it all!


    1. So true Peter and Vickie–and I forgot to mention how he supports every artist and every business in town (new and old), creates entertaining videos promoting these businesses, creates videos about lobstering and lobstermen, creates interesting posts that educate about life on the working waterfront, and the list goes on and on and on! You are so right-Joey’s got, and does, it all!!


  2. Thanks for such wonderful accolades about my son Joey but like he always says and I agree he could never do this with out the live and support from all his contributors
    And from all who check the blog daily 50,000 daily
    Joey and all of you have such passion for our great city and don’t ask for anything in return except success for anything Gloucester


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