Gloucester Snow Removal Pics From Shelly Nugent

Hi Joey,
    Was at Good Harbor Beach this morning watching truck after truck coming in to dump snow. They were running out of room and had to call in a front end loader and an excavator.  Don’t know how he got on top of that pile but he did. Running the excavator is Charlie Nugent, a local lobsterman.  Bill Nugent was in the front end loader, pushing the snow to Charlie so he good push it to the back of the pile. It was interesting to watch all that was going on. Feel free to share these pics.
Shelley Nugent

Backyard Growers Update: School Harvest Days — Pics & Stats

Students at West Parish, Beeman, and East Gloucester Schools had an awesome time harvesting veggies and doing other harvest activities with the Backyard Growers Program last week. The children harvested a combined total of 272 lbs. of produce!
Veterans School Harvest Day is coming up this Wednesday, and Plum Cove School did their harvest over a series of days. We’ll update you on these schools soon!
Three of the schools–West Parish, East Gloucester, and Plum Cove–incorporated the fresh fall veggies, including carrots, beets, potatoes, and squash, into the school lunch program. Yum!

Thanks to all of the children, parents, teachers, and school staff who made Harvest Days a success!

Check out some pictures of the school harvest here: (Preview)


AND DON’T FORGET TO VOTE so Backyard Growers can WIN $10K FOR SCHOOL GARDENS–We’re in the winning top 15! Help keep us there! VOTE HERE = (click on Massachusetts)

Sargent House Museum Block Party Pics

Dear Joey,
Barb Silberman asked that I send along some photos from Block Party at the
Sargent House Museum. This was a big night for us because this was the first
time Judith Sargent Murray’s plays have returned to life after 200 years.
North Shore Folklore Theatre, Co. made this possible by performing Act 5 of
"the Traveller Returned" (1796). To round out the evening, we had some folks
in costume, catered supper picnic boxes from Beach Gourmet, and historic
lawn games.
Thanks, Joey!


2012 Santa Parade and Kent Circle Tree Lighting Pics From Arthur Zachai, Martin Del Vecchio and Anthony Marks

Lining up at the Fish Pier for the 2012 Gloucester, MA Christmas Parade.

Arthur Zachai Photos-


East Gloucester Elementary at the Santa Parade Photo From Martin Del Vecchio

Santa Parade-216

2012 Santa Parade & Kent Circle Tree Lighting Nov 25 photos by Anthony Marks

Mary Barker Gloucester Engineering Windmill Pics

Hi Joey,
I am sure you are inundated with windmill photos, but I took these this
evening (11.23).  I only had my little point and shoot camera, but it did ok
capturing the windmill being built now.  I thought it was great that they
have a stand with markers for people to use to sign the blades.  Amazing to
get up close to one of the 45 meter blades.  And to think this one is
smaller than the one at Varian.
M.A. Barker

Early Morning Hurricane Sandy Pics From Gloucester MA State Fish Pier

You may wake up and think that this thing is no big deal.  Just be aware that the big time winds won’t be here til this afternoon.  70MPH SUSTAINED winds which won’t be here til later today are damaging.

Pictures taken 6:50AM-7:00AM

Be careful and take precautions.  Better to be safe than to be sorry.

USCG Grand Isle Still Not Deployed (probably a good thing)

Fishing boats tied up securely at the State Fish Pier

Video uploading now


Fifth graders from the West Parish School took a field trip aboard the Thomas E. Lannon Pics From City Councilor Paul McGeary

City Councilor Paul McGeary forwards-

Fifth graders from the West Parish School took a field trip aboard the Thomas E. Lannon on Tuesday, Oct. 2. All third- and fifth-graders in the Gloucester Schools get the experience, which is funded in part by the City’s Community Development Block Grant Program and in part by each schools PTO. In addition to a two-hour cruise, the youngsters also spend part of their day visiting the Cape Ann Museum to learn about our city’s cultural history.

In photo below, Tom Ellis, skipper of the Lannon, instructs the youngsters in proper shipboard behavior prior to leaving the dock.










HAT Party Pics From Karen Ristuben

Karen Ristuben submits-

Hi Joey,
A few pics from our HAT Gala last Friday Aug.17 at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck…what a place we live in, what an amazing community project we’re building, and what a blast we had!!  Thank to so many friends, neighbors, and newcomers who came to celebrate Gloucester’s Rocky Neck Cultural District designation and generously contributed to the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck Building Fund.  Thanks to all, and stay tuned as this community-wide project takes flight!!  Check out the Calendar at and sign up for our weekly newsletter to keep up with The Center’s events..
Best to you,

Barred Owl Eating A Snake At Ravenswood Pics from Terry Weber

Last Sunday I received a call from Ramona Latham at the Cape Ann Discovery Center (Ravenswood). She told me that a Barred Owl had set up a nest for her babies in one of the treetops. While I was snapping photos of the baby owls, the Mama* owl stopped by with lunch for her children. A nice plump snake! I have never seen an owl in real life, so this bit of luck was a special treat. Some quick facts about the barred owl:

·    Commonly referred to as a “Hoot Owl.” Listen to its call here:
·    A Barred Owl’s wingspan can reach 44 inches.
·    They typically hunt at night or at dusk by sitting on a high perch, looking and listening for prey, which they catch with a short flight or drop to the ground.
·    Adult Barred Owls swallow their prey whole. Their stomach acids digest the soft parts, and then they regurgitate a pellet containing the bones and hair.
·    Barred Owls sometimes go fishing. They will wade knee-deep in water and catch fish with their feet.
·    Barred Owls generally live alone except when mating or raising young, and are known to find the same mate every year.

Thanks to Ramona for her phone call. If you want to visit the Discovery Center or Ravenswood, click here for more info: Ramona runs a variety of fun and educational programs for children and adults throughout the year. Don’t miss out!

*This owl may have been the Papa owl too, no disrespect intended! J

Community Gloucester Santa Parade Pics

Kelly Rich submits-

Kai Rich watching the Santa Parade with his friends. Also I saw Ed on the way to the parade so I said happy birthday to him. Even though we never met he said thanks. Kellie Rich  


Maryanne Askwyth From Cape Ann Figureskating submits-

Hi Joey

Jenna, Marissa, Sean, coach Alisa, Marissa Stuart on her mom’s shoulder and Johanna Coutre line up for the Holiday Parade to greet Santa in Gloucester!

For more info on Cape Ann Skating: or

our website:

Middle St Parade 11-26-11 Best


Karen Joyce submits-

Hi Joey,

Here are a few parade pics I thought you might like! 

Martin Del Vecchio submits-

East Gloucester Elementary won 3rd prize.

Santa Parade-263

2011 Lanesville Music Fest Pics From Laurie Ure

Hi Joey,

Thank you for your excellent coverage of the Lanesville Music Festival last week.  We appreciate it!  We had a great day, with beautiful weather, fabulous music, great food and fine people (and dogs!).  Our day included initiating our beloved mayor as an official "Lanesvillain."  I’m attaching pics of some of the highlights.

-Laurie Ure, LCC board member