Video: Happy Thanksgiving from Captain Joes and Good Morning Gloucester

Plenty to Be Thankful For 

Brought to you by Good Morning Gloucester and the crews of lobster boats The Lady J and The Degelyse, and Brian O’Connor. Thanksgiving interviews with, in order of appearance, Joey Ciaramitaro, Ryan, Skipper Dave Jewell, Brain M O’Connor, Michael, Skipper Tuffy, Sean, and Frankie Ciaramitaro.

I’ve Got Plenty to Be Thankful For, sung by Bing Crosby and How Sweet It Is by Marvin Gaye.

Once again, a million and one thank yous to Joey and Frankie for allowing me to film and photograph from the dock at Captain Joe and Sons.

33 thoughts on “Video: Happy Thanksgiving from Captain Joes and Good Morning Gloucester

  1. Thanks Kim. I really enjoyed that. Truth be told, I’d like to see the unedited version regarding Sean’s comments…I can ONLY imagine! Happy Thanksgiving Gloucester! Love this town….


  2. That was fantastic Kim. I love the honesty of the lobstermen you captured, and the way you pieced it all together. It inspires me to do better with my camera. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the guys working and unloading on Captain Joe’s dock.


  3. Thank You Kim for your work on Glosta Working Waterfront ! I am very thankful for our family being raised and prospering, on Rocky Neck !


    1. Thank you Skipper for your kind words-I am very thankful too for raising my children in Gloucester, and, through GMG, for the beautiful community of friends I have come to know.


  4. Kim this has to be one of my favorite post. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your amazing. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. This means so much coming from you–thank you (for readers who do not know–pclb, or Pat, is Joey’s Mom and Frankie’s Aunt). Happy Thanksgiving to you and to your beautiful family.

      Interviewing the lobstermen was Joey’s idea and he was directing in the midst of loading and unloading the boats. Whenever i am at the dock filming, no matter what time of day, I am always struck by how extraordinarily hard Joey and Frankie, and all the guys work–from the pre-dawn hours until sunset, and then some, yet still have a sense of humor and banter nonstop. Joey and Frankie and the lobstermen are the truly amazing!


  5. I just started my Thanksgiving with a cup of coffee and your video, Kim. What a wonderful way to start the day. I’m off to downtown Detroit to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade with family.


    1. Thank you Eric. Sean, and all the lobster guys I have met through Joey, all have a great sense of humor and are wonderfully good-natured, despite their long days and strenuous work.


  6. Great job kim ,,, your a sweetheart !! please leave some of seans words a mystery …. probably better that way HAHAHAHAHAHAA . a pleasure to see your smiling face and you smell really nice when we get to capt. joes . we need to follow those monarchs ( and birds ) . HAVE A WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING !!!!!


    1. Thank you Tuffy-means much that you liked the video. I defer to you and will keep Sean’s words a mystery, no worries.

      I loved your video about v-notching females-very interesting and i would like to know more about it. And i would be interested to know when you have Monarch and unusual bird sightings on the water.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you-I hope you have a wonderful day!


  7. My favorite GMG video so far…..Fabulous!
    Sean, being thankful for “Young blonde girls with low self esteem” = priceless


  8. Thanks Kim for a shot of what’s real. Good men working hard to support their loved ones and all having a great sense of community. A lesson… your stuff, love Joey’sblog!


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