Beautiful Industry- Captain Joe and Sons Macro

Fun On The Dock.

You know how repetitive the work we do down here is.  Without a creative outlet I’d probably lose my mind.

More Fun City- Roll Out The Barrel- Captain Joe and Sons 3:45AM

What were you doing this morning at 3:45AM? I mean where would you rather be than down the stinky wharf rolling out the stinky barrels to the stinky trailer of herring at 3:45AM.

I’m thinking of starting up a little side business for adventure travelers that would want to come visit Gloucester from all over the country.  I’ll charge them a nominal fee to help lug the barrels out and offload the bait trailer.  It’s a whole experience thing.  Once in a lifetime opportunity.  Get up early and fill your nostils with that pungent aroma of salted herring.  Ahhhhh, just take it all in……

Music- “Bad Dream” By The Twees

Here we are preparing for a trailer load of barrels of herring. The empty barrels need to leave the building to go back to the herring plant For the next load’s filling which you see in the second video-

Video: Happy Thanksgiving from Captain Joes and Good Morning Gloucester

Plenty to Be Thankful For 

Brought to you by Good Morning Gloucester and the crews of lobster boats The Lady J and The Degelyse, and Brian O’Connor. Thanksgiving interviews with, in order of appearance, Joey Ciaramitaro, Ryan, Skipper Dave Jewell, Brain M O’Connor, Michael, Skipper Tuffy, Sean, and Frankie Ciaramitaro.

I’ve Got Plenty to Be Thankful For, sung by Bing Crosby and How Sweet It Is by Marvin Gaye.

Once again, a million and one thank yous to Joey and Frankie for allowing me to film and photograph from the dock at Captain Joe and Sons.

Matt Cooney- Lobsterman Getting Ready To Work On A Pile Of Traps

Matt and his son have been working in the yard on a pile of traps for a while now.  New traps can cost close to $80 so when you can buy decent used traps you can save a good amount of money.  The used traps that lobstermen usually buy need to be “gone through”.   Gone through meaning- the knitted heads may need repairing, the wooden slats on the bottom of the trap may need to be replaced to protect the bottom of the trap from wear, the escape vents might need new hog rings to keep them secure or the trap might just need to be brushed off from dead growth.