My Camera- The Sony NEX-5N Severely Reduced To Insanely Cheap Price On Amazon $478 with the Kit Lens

I bought one for the Mrs a couple of weeks ago without the Kit lens but for this deal it is ridiculous.  Listen to me- If you have ANY interest in photography this camera has the best of all worlds and I can’t think of a better camera for the price than this one.  Small size,  awesome low light capabilities,  huge sensor $478.  For just a little more than a good point and shoot you get DSLR performance in a small package.  COMPLETE TOTAL NO-BRAINER THE CAMERA TO BUY!

Here’s the link to it on Amazon where you don’t have to pay any tax on it and it ships within days.



Magnolia Reunion from Tim Moran

DSCN4110b (2)

Throughout the 1940s and the 1950s, Marcia, Tim, and Sunny Moran traveled from their home, first in Boston then in Kansas City , to spend more than 15 summers with their grandparents, former Gloucester High School principal Wilfred and Marion Ringer, on Shore Road in Magnolia.
In time, as some of the residents moved away and the summer visitors grew up and got on with their lives, with a few exceptions, we all lost track of each other.

While on the way to Magnolia, they eagerly looked forward to renewing old friendships and making new ones with both the “townies” kids (full time residents) and others who were visiting relatives in Magnolia.

Having been back separately, Marcia, Tim, and Sunny planned to be together in Gloucester and Magnolia in mid-September for the first time in over 25 years. The Moran “kids” started contacting people with whom they had kept in touch and soon a Magnolia Kids Reunion was being planned.

As people flew and drove to Gloucester from as far away as California and Texas , we ended up with a gathering of more than 26 people, most of whom had not seen each other in SIXTY years!

It SURE was good to renew old friendships, to see who married who, and hear all about their kids and grandkids.

To see the pictures of the gathering, please visit –

Tim Moran

Jim Clyde Represents! In Scotland

Hi Joey!

Good morning Gloucester !…. from Perth , Scotland … standing w’ ma noo trusty fiere, Gordon Munro, in front of Elcho Castle , overlooking the River Tay …..

(If you have a chance to explore the Highlands of Scotland, you will find them breathtaking!)

Jim Clyde, Essex

Perth 04-10-2012 006

Christina Corliss-Rourke Says Farewell

Lifelong Rockport resident and FOB, Christina Corliss and hubby, Jay Rourke are heading for warmer climes and moving to Englewood, FL.  The couple ran the Halyard Guest House in Rockport for twelve years.  They obviously can’t leave Cape Ann for good, and plan to return for summer visits, and of course keep up with things here on Good Morning Gloucester.

E.J. Lefavour

Kent Christman, Master Carpenter

Several weeks ago I visited my friend Kent at his wood working shop in Cambridge. You may recall that we featured his wife Lyda Kuth and her beautiful new film, Love and Other Anxieties, this past summer.

It was my lucky day because Kent had just completed a commission for this exquisite table and was setting it up to show his friend Norm Abram (This Old House). The table is both a dining table, when fully assembled, and a collection of stand alone side tables. I thought GMG readers would like to see not only snapshots of the table, but the way in which Kent documented the fabrication of the custom table–an exceptional example of both an instructional how-to and marketing tool for designers and builders. From the initial concept mock-up to the laser engraved labels, Kent beautifully photographed every step of the construction process in Link to Custom Table Fabrication Process.

Kent Christman

Poll Results- Has Political Correctness In This Day and Age Gone Too Far?

The other day I posted a poll-

Poll- Has Political Correctness In This Day and Age Gone Too Far?

Posted on October 9, 2012 by Joey C

Have we as a society gone soft?

Coaches getting punished for making kids run,

Mothers getting arrested for letting kids play outside,

High School Basketball coaches getting fired for swearing in the locker room,

High School Boards Trying to eliminate Football because it’s too dangerous,

High schools banning kids from telling other kids they got into Ivy League colleges so they don’t hurt other people’s feelings,

Teachers getting fired for writing out of frustration,

Nursury Rhymes being changed to not offend, the list goes on and on and on.

People in everyday life acting as if they were running for office or were in some corporate job 24/7 campaigning for a raise.   Everything is supposed to be vanilla, no one is supposed to raise their voice, we’ve literally handcuffed the poor teachers from disciplining students, everyone gets a trophy, eliminating MVP awards to not make anyone feel inferior. 

For Christs sake when does it end?  Are we creating a nation of weak, dry, humorless politically correct robots?

What would our Grandfathers say about all this?  Probably just shake their heads in disgust.

Here are the results-


Thank goodness for the results of this poll.  It restores a little bit of faith in the sanity of the populace.

seARTS calling…our early bird ticket special expires tomorrow….here’s an update on our annual benefit….

Hi Joey,

We’ve all been working hard to create a WONDERFUL  event for arts lovers of all kinds.    Along with friends and fellow board members – Kris Fisher, Susan Boles, Seyrel Williams, Jo-Anne Crawford, Bill Bode, and many more – we’d love your support for Celebrate Emerging Stars!…..for those of you who can’t believe how time flies – the early bird tickets ($85)  need to be bought or postmarked by this Friday, October 12th.

In case you haven’t received a flyer or seen it online, we have been extremely fortunate to engage the Cape Ann Big Band and the BHS Jazz Sextet for a great evening of music & dancing at Bass Rocks Golf Club.  It’s so rare to find a nice place to enjoy danceable music infused with jazz, swing, soul, and rock n’ roll!

We have over a dozen tremendous emerging artists to showcase at our event – many surprise entries – their work will be for sale and we want to support them as well as the fabulous show on the walls at Bass Rocks.

We also have a wonderful raffle planned (tickets on sale now here) that includes donations from: Susan Hershey, Jenny Rangan, Beth Williams, Cape Ann Museum, Peabody-Essex Museum, Rockport Music, and Duckworth Bistro.

The silent auction will have very exciting, exclusive items!  A piece from Mahri Jewelry, a skype guitar lesson with LARRY CORYELL,  a painting by JANIS SANDERS valued at $2500 to name a few.

It’s an exciting time – getting ready to launch a beautiful  new website in early November.  (we have a select number of sponsor spots on the website available too!)

Please come and join us on the dance floor and support our work to grow our local creative economy!


Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco

Celebrate Emerging Stars on October 27th!

C. B. Fisk tour

Last week, Rick Isaacs was kind enough to give me a behind-the-scenes tour of the C. B. Fisk workshop where he works.  They are internationally renowned pipe organ builders, and their facility in West Gloucester shows why.  I was really impressed by the way they make much of the organ practically from scratch – they combine a wide variety of skills and disciplines to go from lumber and ingots all the way to a complete organ.  Their workspace is filled with neat tools and personal touches.  Here are a few of the photos I took. The complete set is available here.

Greg Bover (well known on this blog) working on the design of an organ:

When contracts are signed, designs turn into models (many of which are on the top shelf in this office):

The models are amazing in their own right:

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Yesterday I wrote about how thankful I am for the care that my dad receives at Seacoast Nursing Home. Today Tommy Lattof forwards this from the Friends of Seacost-

The Friends of Seacoast monthly activities included taking, 12 residents on a rotating basis, in a special van with nursing staff to the Gloucester House for lunch last week. Wednesday of this week 12 more are going for a clam or lobster roll at the Seaport Grille.

On October 2 we had Baby Farm Animals come to two floors and entertain the residents.

On October 9 we did a dinner/show where we brought in specialty food from area restaurants and provide entertainment.  This was extremely popular and everyone who attended had a great time.

All of the expense for these events are paid for by the Friends of Seacoast.

We are looking for people to bake cookies for our holiday fair on Saturday, December 1, 2012.  Anyone wishing to help should contact Alison Cox at Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. 978 283 0300 ext 102.

We meet every month on the second Tuesday from 6 PM to 7 PM. Anyone wishing to come and be part of this great group of volunteers is most welcome.

They are making some pretty special things happen at Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for the residents.


Thomas M. Lattof

Community Stuff 10/11/12

Older Adult Health Fair/Open House at the Cape Ann Y

Hi Joey,

Next Wednesday, October 17, PACE, along with AGH, is helping to sponsor the Cape Ann YMCA’s Older Adult Open House.  It’s from 8-12pm on Middle Street in Gloucester.  All are welcome to come take part, get a tour, take advantage of all the health screenings offered, get a flu shot, attend a lecture on MassHealth information, go to a light exercise class to help relieve arthritis pain or even get in the pool!  A healthy buffet lunch is also provided. 

If you could please put this on Good Morning Gloucester to help get the word out along with our flyer, I’d be greatly appreciative…thank you!

Carol B. Pallazolla

PACE ~ Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly


Rockport High School DECA-

Sea Shells and JingleBells 1

It is the Sea Shells and Jingle Bells fundraiser (our second year)  for Rockport High School DECA

We want people to know that we are having it again this year on December 8, 2012

We are on Twitter and have Pay Pal ability to purchase tickets in advance

Also check out our table at the Rockport Harvest Festival this Saturday

Thank You, Scott Larsen

Sea Shells and JingleBells 2

image001 (1)