The Kids That The GMG Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament Helped

Aria McElhenny writes-

Hi Joey, Frankie and Ryan,

As the weather starts to get chilly, here at Next Step we all start thinking about one thing: bikini & speedo dodgeball.

Thought you guys and the 2012 tournament participants might like a reminder of how their hard work raising funds at the tourney had an amazing impact on teens with cancer. The video below is from our summer youth conference for teen cancer survivors. These youth spent four days together learning how to manage their disease, laughing, riding a zip line and sharing their stories. The music in the video is an original song written by the youth and recorded at the conference.

Way to go dodge-ballers, you changed a lot of lives this year.

Thanks again from all of us at Next Step,

Aria McElhenny
Development Director

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The Next Step Fund
For Young People With Cancer and Blood Disease

For those new to GMG here is a recap of the Tourney from Craig Kimberley-

Doesn’t The Judith Sargent Murray House Look So Much More Inviting Without The Big Iron Bars On The Street?


To Learn More About The Sargent House Click This Text For The Website

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Barb Silberman and Judith Nast Show GMG Readers What’s Up At The House On The Hill

To Learn More About The Sargent House Click This Text For The Website

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Judith Sargent Murray’s Writing Closet and Concealment Shoes Found In The House

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Only a few hours left to get Berklee in Gloucester tix cheap and hear Brand New Music

The on-line system that sells advanced tickets and takes credit cards will be turned off at noon on tomorrow (Thursday).  Just because it’s a benefit doesn’t mean you have to pay full price.  So click here and get cheaper tickets now.  Or just show up at the Gloucester House and pay $15 cash at the door.  Either way, you won’t want to miss this concert.  You’ll be among the first to hear some of Jim Odgren‘s newest music.  Here’s what said in a recent email, The band is sounding terrific. Lots of songs from “Day Dreaming” as well as our cd that is as yet unreleased. And some additional songs in the same genre.

If you’re not sure what’s going on at Endicott’s 33 Commercial St campus — and how it may change your life, read this

While Vickie was complaining yesterday about people who wait until the last minute to announce their live music lineup, and then forget to tell us at, which, BTW, is the ONLY complete live music listing for Gloucester & Cape Ann in ANY MEDIUM — meaning that if you’re not listed, you’re not getting the word out, which it’s your own fault ’cause it’s free … anyhow I digress.

While she was getting gimmesound up to date, I was at a meeting with Peter Jenner, who happens to be Chair of the School of Hospitality Management at Endicott College, and he invited me to a reception at their new digs at 33 Commercial St. later in the day where Endicott’s arts profs & deans were going to hobnob with people from Gloucester’s arts scene, the whole shebang being dubbed Arts Endicott meets Arts Gloucester — in a word: OUTREACH.

While I was there, I posted a live photo from the event (see here).  I met some interesting people, saw people I knew, drank wine, ate hors d’oeuvres, listened to a short, concise and interesting presentation and saw a dance performance — all very well put together.  But here’s what really struck me.  These people are truly interested in immersing themselves into Gloucester’s culture.  They see the entire city — and everyone in it — as their partners.  This is far more significant than the fact Endicott is offering degree programs in Gloucester (see this post), which is pretty big in and of itself.

So if you didn’t go last night (I almost didn’t) I recommend that you contact somebody at Endicott that is teaching in the field you work in every day and tell them what you do.  This isn’t only for people in the arts — it’s everything — literally.  Check out their website here.

As I said in this post, “Becoming a college town is likely to be the best thing that has happened to Gloucester this century.”  And I’m not exaggerating.

Three Generations of Lovely Ladies Represent! at Bodin Historic Photo


Fred Bodin writes-

Saturday night I had a visit from these wonderful women, all from Cambridge and the North Shore. L-R: Lauren (granddaughter from Reading), Elaine (daughter hailing from Newburyport), Jean Ann (the Mom, from Lynnfield), Lynn (daughter on Rocky Neck), and Charlene (daughter in Cambridge). When I asked them to gather for a photo, they spontaneously picked up Jack Sullivan’s 48" gold leafed Cod. So Gloucester! They’re now friends of GMG and you’ll see them at my gallery events.


From the depths of the Rockport Middle School Drama Dept. under Mr. Keith McCarthy, director, rises the brilliant and hilarious and mesmerizing masterpiece by John Heimpuch.

The True Tale of the Elizabethan Zombie Plague
Playing this weekend Thursday at 7:00, Friday at 7:00, 
Saturday at 2:00 at The Rockport Middle/High School,
Jerden’s Lane in the John E. Lane Auditorium, Rockport.
General Admission $7.00, Students and Seniors $5.00.

Is this Paul Morrison’s Car?

FOB Deb Schradieck was returning from a trip to FL and saw this car parked in the Logan Express parking lot.  She said it immediately made her think of GMG.  Didn’t I hear that Paul was away?  Does anyone think this might be his car?  If it is, I think he’s asking for a smash and grab with all those ducks lined up on the dashboard like that.  If it isn’t, I think Paul and whoever does own this car need to meet. 

E.J. Lefavour


Wooly Bear Caterpillar

I am often asked about the Banded Wooly Bear caterpillar and questions range from, “Why am I seeing a Monarch caterpillar in the fall” (the Wooly Bear is not a Monarch caterpillar) to “how will the Wooly Bear survive the winter?”

The Wooly Bear caterpillar is the larva stage of the Isabella Tiger Moth. They are typically seen in autumn as they search for a place to curl up for the winter–under a rock, log or leaf debris or in the chinks of bark. The heavy coats of members of the Acrtiid family of moths help them overwinter, along with their ability to produce a natural sort of antifreeze called cryoprotectant.

Banded Wooly Bear Caterpillar (Pyrrharctia isabella)

The following spring, the caterpillars emerge from their winter nap, begin to feed, form a cocoon (pupate) and emerge as the adult form of the Isabella Tiger Moth. Female Isabella Tiger Moths deposit their eggs on a wide variety of plants including birch, elm, maples, asters, sunflowers, spinach, cabbage, grass, and plantain; all caterpillar food plants. In our region there are usually several generations per year and it is the last generation of the growing season that over winters, nestled in, well-hidden and wrapped in their furry coats.

Fun fact from wiki: Caterpillars normally become moths within months of hatching in most temperate climates, but in the Arctic the summer period for vegetative growth and hence feeding is so short that the Woolly Bear feeds for several summers, freezing again each winter before finally pupating. Some are known to live through as many as 14 winters. 

Isabella Tiger Moth (Pyrrharctia isabella)

Isabella Tiger Moth image Courtesy wiki

Taken From The Outdoor Deck At The Seaport Grille Cruiseport- Turbine Panorama (Must Have Been Photoshopped)

What you are looking at is a mirage.

This isn’t really happening because as we all know Marine Industrial Activity and Non-Marine Industrial Activity Can’t Co-exist.  You can’t have all this marine industrial activity and loud cranes operating right in front of the area where people are eating their lunch on an open air deck.  That’s just preposterous!!!

What’s Next?  Dogs and Cats Living Together?

From Ghostbusters-

Dr. Peter Venkman: This city is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions.
Mayor: What do you mean, “biblical”?
Dr Ray Stantz: What he means is Old Testament, Mr. Mayor, real wrath of God type stuff.
Dr. Peter Venkman: Exactly.
Dr Ray Stantz: Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!
Dr. Egon Spengler: Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes…
Winston Zeddemore: The dead rising from the grave!
Dr. Peter Venkman: Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!
Mayor: All right, all right! I get the point!

Click for larger view-


BTW, that Fishing boat in the left of the frame?  Must have also been photoshopped, you can’t have fishing oats tied up at places where there are open air-restaurants.  No-way- No how! Photoshopped or mirage- you make the call.


Poll- Is it time to short Microsoft in light of what is bound to be a colossal failure with Windows 8?

I’m rooting for Microsoft I really am.  I’m an unabashed fan of Windows 7.  I don’t like Windows 7 OS, I LOVE it.  But the more I read or can’t read about Windows 8 the more it makes me think it’s going to be an abysmal failure.

Before Windows 7 came out there was a bunch of videos showing what it could do in slow real time usage explaining the features of the Windows Live essentials suite of apps it came with.  With Windows 8 there are a couple of videos out but it’s all super fast animations without explanations as if they are hiding things.  Why? if you are so proud of it why not plaster what makes it so great in easy to understand demo videos rather than videos of people dancing around with the newly released Surface?

I want it to be great, I really do but my gut tells me it’s going to be horribly accepted.

The Latest Review of What Microsoft CEO said was going to be the best laptop ever- the Surface from Gizmodo-

Microsoft Surface RT Review: This Is Technological Heartbreak

It doesn’t look good.  Is it time to short MSFT?

Here is the stock quote from the minute I composed this post-



It’s been as low as 24 and as high as 32.95 but it is relatively cheap selling for only 15 times earnings.

So here we go, Microsoft Over/Under Poll-

On April 24, 2013 will Microsoft stock be over or under $28.01 per share?

I want to be wrong.  I want Windows 8 to blow me away with how awesome it will be for the next desktop or laptop I’ll be buying.  Maybe I’m just frustrated that I haven’t been able to see a laptop unit operate using it.  Please Microsoft, prove me wrong, I’m rooting for you.  My gut tells me you’re putting way too much stock into a touch interface much like the TV industry put too much stock into creating 3D TVs that no one cares about.

Pet of the Week- Loki!

pet of the week, Loki, Cape Ann Animal Aid

Hi:  My name is Loki and I a three month old male pup who is a retriever mix.

I am staying at the Cape Ann Animal Aid located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter until I am adopted.   If you are looking for an active and adorable pup, please stop by and visit me.

We have a website, so please:

I wouldn’t wait too long, I am so adorable and sweet, someone is sure to come along soon. Don’t miss out on a great pup.  Remember ask for Loki!


With a little help…

The 2013 calendars are available! Seaside Graphics, with the whole crew, has been great. The process takes days to get to where the printing can take place. Proofing, editing, and then double-checking the images is time-consuming, but the final product is worth it!

You can order calendars here or click on the photos below.  Also you will be able buy them locally in the next few weeks. More info soon on where.

New! A Rockport wall calendar has been added this year.

And the original desk calendar-