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Living Local in Gloucester, MA

Living Local in Gloucester, MA

Immerse yourself in a vacation in Gloucester, Massachusets, a historical working seaport and artists’ colony. The proud and friendly residents are happy to have you.  So dive into Gloucester life – the water’s fine.

Read The Entire Article and More Here

A couple of weeks ago our buddy Scout introduced me to Courtney Drake-McDonough writer for


Here she is during her visit to the dock.  Apparently she had a pretty good time here in Gloucester MA. Read all about it here


Diana Glenn, Judith Brackley and Carol Ferrant Represent! On The Block Island Ferry

Hey Joey

Three FOB island gals (left to right: Diana Glenn, Judith Brackley, Carol Ferrant) representing on the ferry from Block Island after a grey, windswept, rainy, and lovely weekend on another island!


Photoshop Memory

Photoshop Memory


If I should grow old and dim of eye

with my memory shrouded in mist,

one sight I’d remember is the Annisquam Light

and I’d  hope to see it like this.


The sky and the water perhaps bluer than true,

the boulders, a rich golden glow;

the textured ripples sculpt’d by the tide

’cause my photoshop helped keep it so.


© Marty Luster 2012

Final Mug Up of 2012

It was a great final Mug Up on Rocky Neck Sunday.  Although we didn’t do food competitions this year like last, only the blueberry bake one, I have to say that Evelyn Howe won the best contribution to a Mug Up this season with her pumpkin cheesecake with praline topping – which topped Ann Kennedy’s candied bacon with chocolate sauce, which came in really close to Gigi Mederos’ pickled zucchini which doesn’t sound like much, but was tastebud tantalizing.  Many people brought wonderful additions to the Mug Up fare this season, but these three homemade contributions were spectacular.  Thanks Evelyn, Ann and Gigi. 

It was nice to have Melissa and Bill at Mug Up as well as regulars Donna and Rick Ardizzoni, Sue Lovett and Don Boye from Island Arts & Hobby (which is a great art supply store for those of you artists out there who haven’t checked it out yet – no need to go to Beverly unless you just feel like driving).  Also lovely Brenda Malloy, Caroline Kwas, Sinikka Nogelo, and the ever handsome Ed Collard and Marty Luster were there.  The highlight of Mug Up was getting to see Paul Morrison dance gangnam style!

Until next season! 

E.J. Lefavour

Just when you thought it was safe to crawl into a hole for the winter

What’s this?  More music?  More fun?  I thought this was the start of the slow season.  Nope.  The truth is, folks, that there’s no such thing as a “slow season” in GTown any longer — at least not when it comes to music and the arts.  There are plenty of restaurants that stay open year round, plus lots of other year-round venues for music and the arts.

And we’re seeing an expansion of music venues even after summer is over.  Catch 22 is expanding their music offerings to Tuesday – Saturday and  Seaport Grille has music tomorrow (a new player in Wednesday night music).

Sure we might relish the idea of less traffic downtown and fewer tourists walking the streets, but that wears off quick.  This is what we want, right?  A thriving music scene all year long.

And this is precisely the time of year when we can  support the steadfast restaurants and venues who stay open all year long (see them here – along with their live music lineup for this week).  The best way to convince them that they’re doing the right thing is to go there.

Oh, it gets better.  Perhaps you caught the Gloucester Times story about Endicott (see here).  Nancy Gaines’ insightful article focuses on the educational value that Endicott will provide Gloucester residents and only hints at how Endicott students will help revitalize our City, breathing new life into arts, culture, science, music — all in the “off season”.  Becoming a college town is likely to be the best thing that has happened to Gloucester this century.  Let’s welcome Endicott and the students, parents, vitality and just plain fun they are bringing to our City.

Oh Joy! ~ Sailor Stan’s Sunflower

Happy to see cerulean skies and Mr. Sunny this morning–even if only briefly!

Shutter 1/280 Aperture 6/4 ISO 320Sailor Stan’s Sunflower Rocky Neck Gloucester


To view larger, click on the image. At my Close-up Photography Workshop yesterday, one of the students, who also follows my blog and GMG requested that I, or any of the GMG contributors, include the extended photo information. It is time consuming to retrieve this information and I am not sure I will always be able to accommodate although I do believe it is a great learning tool. In the above image, to see the extended information, run the cursor over the image and it will be displayed with the title. Let me know if you find this information helpful.

Wednesdays with Fly Amero ~Special Guest ~ J.B. Amero

Surf & Turf Specials!
Wednesdays Only!

Hello everyone!
Wednesday, October 3rd
Special Guest: 

The one and the very only J.B. Amero!  He’s my brother…
he’s got soul… and he’s the hottest ticket in town.  Ain’t
nothin’ else to say. ~ Fly
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Surf & Turf Dinner –
  $11.95 (while they last)
Tenderloin Tips with Grilled Garlic Shrimp!
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Oct. 10: Dan King

Oct. 17: Elaine O’Rourke 
(with a brand new CD)

Oct. 24: Rocky Kramm

Looking forward…
…to seeing you there!  🙂 ~ Fly

Call for Artists $50,000 public art project for Gloucester’s Harbor Walk ~ TONIGHT @ City Hall

From the City’s website:

The Committee for the Arts will provide information about the upcoming $50,000 Call for Artists to create public art for the Gloucester Harbor Walk and will take comments on ideas from artists and community members about potential art installations and the process.

Photos from a Gloucester photographer

I’ve been mostly staying indoors for over a week to get over a cold, so I don’t have many new photos of Gloucester itself ready to post. So, these are not photos of Gloucester, but they are still relevant because they are photos by a Gloucester photographer – i.e., a few of photos from my vacation in New York.

High Falls in Rochester, NY
The Kodak building in Rochester, NY
Letchworth Park

– Fr. Matthew Green

GMG Inside The Numbers Stats For October 1st, 2012 52,649 Views and Top Ten Posts

You know usually when the kids go back to school we get a little drop off from the heady numbers we do in June and July during our Fiesta and Horribles Parade Coverage, but we’ve been adding so many subscribers that this thing called GMG just keeps on chugging and growing so there hasn’t been any drop off.  Just killing it. 

Will there be a day when we do 100,000 a day consistently?  I don’t know, but if you ever told me that our hyperlocal blog about our community would be doing almost double the number of Gloucester residents on a daily basis 4 years ago I would have called you crazy.



Community Photos 10/2/12


I haven’t submitted to you before, but here are a few photos of Thomas E Lannon from Sunday’s sunset in the EPYC/Raymond’s Beach area.  The monarch was earlier in the day, same area.  Enjoy GMG every day.

Sherman”Pat” Morss

Twilight At The Paint Factory From Bill O’Connor

Hi Joey,

I caught this shot while rowing in the harbor at twilight the other night.  I was really quiet too.

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Ardelle Update From Len Burgess and Mike Dyer Also Harold Burnham’s podcast interview by Josephine Reed for the NEA National Heritage Fellowship Awards


Ardelle’s Arrival in Washington, D.C.

Len writes-

The stalwart crew of the Pinky Schooner Ardelle arrive in Washington, D.C. to deliver Captain Harold H. Burnham to the NEA National Heritage Fellowship Awards. Mike Dyer just sent up pictures and stories which are in the new album in the Essex Shipbuilding Museum’s Facebook.

Thank you, Mike! Mike tells me that there will be stories when they return. Stay tuned for updates!

Listen to Harold Burnham’s podcast interview by Josephine Reed for the NEA National Heritage Fellowship Awards. -LB

Community Stuff 10/2/12

Gloucester Cyclist Meet Up and Talk With City CCouncilor Melissa Cox and the Open Space and Recreation Committee

Heidi Wakeman forwards-

Are you a Gloucester cyclist? Do you have an opinion about bike riding in Gloucester? City Councillor Melissa Cox and the Open Space and Recreation Committee invite local bicyclists to meet-up and talk about ways to improve bicycling in Gloucester.

Wednesday, October 10, 6:30-8 pm

3rd Floor, City Hall

Any questions? Contact Heidi @ 978-282-6509


Flatrocks Gallery’s grand re-opening show, Modern Masters of Cape Ann, presents the work of five accomplished painters in a lively visual debate. Long time colleagues Ralph Coburn, Bob Anderson, Joy Halsted, Roger Martin and Oliver Balf have challenged, consoled, and inspired one another for decades. This show provides unique insight into the long term friendships that helped each artist, in his or her unique way, redefine the art of Cape Ann.  Don’t miss this opportunity to view and collect the work of these regionally and nationally important modern masters. We are also proud to represent fine craftspeople-Slim Larsen,  Brad Story, Martin Ray, John Kuykendall furniture makers & sculptors; Anni Melanson and Tina Buchs potters; Karen Drazen, Clapping Waves Studio, KKatLarge, Barbara Erkkila and Melle Finelli  jewelers.We are open Tues-Sun 11am – 5 pm, and we’ll be open for Columbus Day. 

Modern Masters of Cape Ann will continue until October 14. Flatrocks Gallery is located at 77 Langsford St. Gloucester MA. (978)-879-4683.

Last week to apply! Cape Ann Farmers’ Market accepting applications for Backyard Growers Program
The Backyard Growers Program offers training and resources to help low- to moderate-income Gloucester residents start vegetable gardens in their own backyards. The deadline to apply for the 2013 season is Friday, October 12. To download an application go to, or contact Lara at 978-317-8025 or


Art Opening Oct 6th At The House of The Raven-

Hi Joey!
Love what you do! 
Local artist Joy Dai Buell is having her 5th show downtown at House of the Raven with an opening reception this Saturday from 5-8PM.  All you people already anticipating Sunday morning mug up withdrawal should venture out and stop by on your way out to dinner, have a glass of wine and see what she has been up to recently.

INVITE to opening (Medium)4x6_postcard (Medium)