Superstorm Sandy Gloucester

Filmed around Gloucester’s eastern most shores at noon during high tide on October 29, 2012 during Superstorm Sandy. Mother Ann Cottage fared well (the house next to Eastern Point Lighthouse), the swans were tucked in near the dock at Niles Pond, seagulls found shelter against a seawall, and the backshore road was still open (although jammed with sightseers) at the time of filming. Created for Good Morning Gloucester.

Music composed by Antonio Vivaldi ~ Le Quattro Stagioni, Opus 8, Concerto 2 in G Minor.

An Update from: the steering committee for the proposed Downtown Gloucester Cultural District (DGCD)

Catherine Ryan forwards-

We are in the final steps of readying our application for the Massachusetts Cultural Council!


Meeting:       City Council November 13, 2012

ON THE AGENDA: the Proposed Downtown Gloucester Cultural District (DGCD)

Date:           November 13, 2012

Time:           7PM

Location:     Gloucester City Hall, Kyrouz Auditorium


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About the Downtown Gloucester Cultural District:

A volunteer- based steering committee, neighbors, stakeholders, property owners, business representatives, arts and culture representatives committed to the establishment of a downtown cultural district designation from the Massachusetts Cultural Council by 2013. The DGCD will foster links between economic development and the arts, and will support the downtown  Gloucester community.

Co-chairs: Judith Hoglander (Chair Committee for the Arts) and Robert Whitmarsh (Downtown Development and Historical Commissions)    Visit DGCD news:

Email: (add to contact list)  or subject line DGCD

Rainbow over Good Harbor

good harbor beach rainbow after sandy

A rainbow appeared for a brief moment over Good Harbor Beach this afternoon. The surf is still crashing, but it looks like GHB held up pretty well to the storm.

Lots of people were out walking their dogs and enjoying some outside time after being cooped up because of Sandy.




Peaceful Annisquam

By the end of the season on Rocky Neck, I look forward to returning to the peace and solitude of Annisquam for the winter.  This year’s return has not been quite as peaceful as in the past, with water main work being done on Leonard Street in front of my house, starting promptly at 7:30 every morning, with jackhammers, backhoes and other noisy equipment.  The guys are punctual, friendly, work hard, and are doing necessary work so we have a clean and dependable water supply, so I can’t complain, but will be happy to bid them farewell when they are finished.  Some of the hard working guys are shown here.  The one in the yellow vest refused to show his face because he said he was an illegal alien.  You should check into that Carolyn. 

E.J. Lefavour

Power’s on, Cable’s up, Inge’s at the Rhumbline tomorrow — all is good in Gloucester

One of my favorite singer-songwriters, Inge Berge, will be Fly’s guest tomorrow (Wed) at Rhumb Line.  Inge can be bitter, touching, poignant, hopeful — holding nothing back, always wry — his music expresses his feelings (and ours) beautifully and artfully.  It stays with you (you’ll be humming it the next morning).  Here are some examples:

BITTER (see how we made this video here).

TOUCHING (I think this is the sequel to Shit Under Your Shoes.  Inge disagrees)

POIGNANT (one of the best protest songs of the 21st century)


Tonight and the rest of the week offer an excellent variety of music.  See the full lineup here.

Have Prius–Can Do!

I wrote this post several days ago. Westport was hit very hard by Sandy.

Let’s hope Westport is spared coastal flooding from Hurricane Sandy

This upcoming planting week for my newest project, The Mary Prentiss Inn, a beautiful inn in the heart of Cambridge (more about The Mary Prentiss Inn later) has been disrupted by Sandy. One of the nurseries I work with cancelled delivery and wanted to reschedule, but not until after the 5th of November. By that time I’ll be knee-deep planting Willowdale for the spring of 2013. I didn’t want to disappoint my clients and postpone work until later in November. What to do? Have Prius, will travel.

Much has been written about the super fuel efficiency of the Prius (saving me much, much $$$ over the eight years I have owned a Prius), but rarely do I see mention of it’s fantastic carrying capacity when the back seat is made flat. People look at me in disbelief when I tell them I have transported trees and (smallish) sofas in the back of my Prius so I thought you’d like to see.

125 Boxwood plants, with room to spare in the front passenger seat

Friends often tell me I need a truck or a van. Perhaps when an auto manufacturer designs a 22k truck or van that gets 45 miles to the gallon (when loaded to the max), I’ll consider. In the meantime-have Prius, can do!

Westport is one of the most exquisite New England towns you will ever see. The topography is such that the farmland runs to the ocean’s edge. Through community and conservation groups, Westport is earnestly endeavoring, and succeeding, in preserving its historic and agricultural heritage–as we know in Gloucester, it is very intelligent when communities work together to help protect and preserve their farmers and fishermen.

The Bayside Restaurant ~ Charming little spot to eat in Westport, across the road from Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary. The Bayside offers a complete menu, including many delicious seafood entrees and Homemade Pies!

Super Fresh Rhode Island Calamari

You can see why Sylvan is one of my top five nurseries, not only for their exquisite plant stock, but because they are located about a hundred yards down the road from Allens Pond Wildlife Santuary.  In autumn, after the coastal Monarchs depart Cape Ann, they fly south and next congregate in the Westport area, in and around Allen’s Pond and Horseneck Beach.

 Allens Pond ~ Hurry Monarchs and Get Going! October 26, 2012

From the Trustees of Reservations website, “In many towns throughout Massachusetts The Trustees of Reservations have worked in partnership with the state’s Department of Agricultural Resources to help preserve family farms. Nowhere has that work been more successful than in Westport, where the partnership includes the Westport Land Conservation Trust and the town. Together, the groups have protected 13 farms in Westport over the past five years, including two dairy farms, two Christmas tree farms, an organic fruit and vegetable farm, a beef cattle operation, and even a piggery. There are now a total of 28 preserved farms in Westport, encompassing over 2,100 acres.”

Westport, Massachusetts

The Rockport Finback Whale is Gone!

The Finback whale, formely known as the Rockport Whale, aka Finny, aka Stinky, is no more. Or at least he isn’t the Rockport Whale anymore. As of 11:35 PM last night Finny started heading out and was well clear of his rocky beach resting spot by midnight. He was last seen floating high in the water (well, high for a large rolling bag of whale innards), heading WNW at about 1.5 knots pushed by the prevailing winds of Hurricane Sandy from the ESE . The current will also head west for almost two hours after high tide (midnight), so there is nothing stopping Finny from becoming the Gloucester Whale.

The  waves are pretty decent size scouring the back side of Cape Ann so depending how Finny surfs he could be on Good Harbor Beach by morning. But I doubt it. He either gets hung up on the beach in front of the Cape Ann Motor Inn or he heads out to sea to be seen no more because the waves busted him apart.

So Sandy did a good deed during her lively visit to Cape Ann. She didn’t clear away too many leaves but she did remove twelve tons of stinky whale.