C. B. Fisk tour

Last week, Rick Isaacs was kind enough to give me a behind-the-scenes tour of the C. B. Fisk workshop where he works.  They are internationally renowned pipe organ builders, and their facility in West Gloucester shows why.  I was really impressed by the way they make much of the organ practically from scratch – they combine a wide variety of skills and disciplines to go from lumber and ingots all the way to a complete organ.  Their workspace is filled with neat tools and personal touches.  Here are a few of the photos I took. The complete set is available here.

Greg Bover (well known on this blog) working on the design of an organ:

When contracts are signed, designs turn into models (many of which are on the top shelf in this office):

The models are amazing in their own right:

Production builds from basics:

The materials go through the hands of a series of skilled workmen, like this one:

My friend and tour guide, Rick Isaacs:

A finished organ, ready for installation:

For more photos of some of the artisans and their amazing models, tools, and handiwork,  follow this link.

Fr. Matthew Green

4 thoughts on “C. B. Fisk tour

  1. Often we get visitors to the distillery who have come and stayed and dined in Gloucester to “visit” their organ while it is being crafted at CB Fisk. They are regular folks, passionately representing their organization which has likely waited for years in line to have their organ built. They love to discuss their trials to get to this point. Several have mentioned that they have been fund raising for a couple decades just to have a chance to have a CB Fisk organ. CB Fisk bring craftsmen, (oops, PC) craftspeople from around the world to work here, live here and contribute to Cape Ann. Thank you Fisk family and Greg Bover for being good citizens for Gloucester.
    Please go to the CB Fisk website to see a sample of where these organs are in the world. You’ll be impressed with what comes “out o’ Glousta”. Cheers, BR


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