Just In Burnham House 20×24 Canvas Wrap

Model Snoop Maddie Mad displays the latest canvas wrap for sale.  $135 All ready to hang.  No expensive framing required.  This is undoubtedly my favorite photo from 2012. 

often times when you buy a print or piece of art you bring it to the framer only to find out it costs 2-5 times what you paid for the print to get it framed.  Not so with these killer canvas wraps.  This looks like a painting.

the last two sold within hours.

Email me at goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com if you would like to purchase it.


Hammond Castle

Hi Joey,  we sure enjoyed meeting you a few mornings ago and are enjoying the sights and sounds of Glosta/Cape Ann.  Even though Hammond Castle is closed for the season (except for Haunted Nights), I poked around and caught this pic of autumn leaves framing a back window.  Just a little something different.
Cheers, Sharon St Clair-King and Chuck King.


Marty and Brian Luster Perform at Carnegie Hall

We all know the way to get to Carnegie Hall is “practice, practice, practice.” Well, on Wednesday evening more than two years of ukulele practice paid off when Brian and I got the opportunity to accompany the UKULELE ORCHESTRA of GREAT BRITAIN before a nearly full house at Carnegie Hall in Manhattan.

 Here we are outside Carnegie Hall prior to showtime. Note the sticka.

Here are some of our buds from the orchestra on 7th Ave. trying to find a proper pub.

 A quick sidewalk rehearsal, and finally our grand performance,

along with hundreds of other ukulele wielding audience members.

The Question Mark

Janet writes to GMG the following, “Can anyone identify this moth/butterfy that was hanging in East Gloucester today?”

Question Mark Butterfly Photo from Janet Rice

The Question Mark Butterfly (Polygonia interrogationis), so named because when the wings are folded, you can see a little raised backward question mark pattern, in white, on the underside of the hindwing. They feed on floral nectar, but are often seen on trees because they also feed on sap. And they alight on people too, because they are attracted to the salts and minerals in human perspiration. Both last year and this year we have had a tremendous influx of Question Mark Butterflies.
I can’t at the moment locate a clear photo of the underside, but know I have video footage (somewhere) that shows the question mark pattern and will try to find this weekend.
Question Mark Butterfly (Polygonia interrogationis)

Hot and Spicy Gloucester

If variety is the spice of life, then Gloucester & Cape Ann are hot and spicy this weekend with an impressive variety of live music at over 2 dozen shows.  Rock, Blues, Jamband, Jazz, New Orleans, Folk, Classical, Funk, Latin, Reggae, Soul, Ska, Celtic, DJs.  Whatever you want, you got it.  Check out the complete live music listings for Gloucester & Cape Ann here.  Often you get multiple genres on the same stage.  Here’s one of our favorite local bands, The Runaround Sound, downstairs at The Middle East in Cambridge fusing Latin & Ska into a single song.  You can dance to them at Minglewood tonight.

Manchester Athletic Club Named To List of Top 100 Clubs in America

Blue Sky Holdings, Inc., the parent company that includes Manchester Athletic Club in Manchester by-the-Sea, MA, MAC Fitness in Rowley, MA, and MAC Fitness in Gloucester, MA, was recently named to the list of America’s Top 100 Clubs of 2012 by Club Industry.

The local sports club corporation, which services families on Cape Ann and the North Shore, was chosen from over 13,000 health and fitness clubs nationwide. Dedicated to seeing its members reach their personal fitness goals since 1973, the club itself has reached a few of its own in recent years. Manchester Athletic Club has undergone a complete renovation, including a new fitness area and equipment, a state-of-the-art childcare center and the addition of several new tennis courts. In 2011, Manchester Athletic Club’s MAC Tennis program was named one of only 24 Certified Regional Training Centers in the country by the United States Tennis Association (USTA). Today, the program is receiving national and international recognition as home to some of the top competing junior players in the country. In 2009 the company expanded to include MAC Fitness in Gloucester with MAC Fitness in Rowley following in 2010.

"Manchester Athletic Club has a long and established history on Cape Ann,” said Keith Callahan, General Manager and Managing Partner. “It’s great to work with such a dedicated team of tennis, fitness and service professionals. While industry recognition is clearly appreciated, the real success story for our club is the impact we’ve had on the families of Cape Ann."

“It’s been an amazing journey to see this company, its membership and our dedicated staff grow our clubs to the point that we are recognized among the top in America,” added John Donovan, Owner. “With this award, we aim to energize not only our company, but our membership as well.”

Manchester Athletic Club is located in Manchester by-the-Sea, MA. The full service health club features 11 tennis courts, the Gymazing! Child Center for preschool-aged children, iXl programs for young teens, a fitness and strength training center staffed with certified professional trainers, indoor aquatics center, multiple group exercise studios, and an outdoor pool with playground.

Windows 8 Survival Guide- What Do You Think?

I’m completely on the fence.

It seems to me they designed the whole OS to work as a touch interface like a giant tablet.  As a fan of Windows 7 I’m pretty bummed out to think that they are chasing their tail and instead of building off of Windows 7 success going completely in a different direction.

Do you anticipate wanting to use your fingers in a touch interface on your PC screen?

It seems Microsoft assumes that everyone just wants to use tablets and they are putting a huge amount of stock into the belief that people want their PC’s to act like tablets.

I dont think that at all.  I think people want tablets to be mobile and lightweight and less expensive.  to make them light and portable that is why they forgo the physical keyboard.  But people that want serious computers for writing and photo editing and video editing aren’t using a touch interface.  I feel like they are dumbing  the PC down.

Maybe I’m all wrong.  Guess I’ll have to wait til it comes out./  I wish there was a Microsoft store where I could bang around on a Windows 8 PC to see if my fears are justified.

Wind Turbine on Rocky Neck! West Wharf, Rocky Neck, circa 1900 from Fred Bodin

I hope our new wind turbines function well and quietly, have no construction crew members injured, and neighbors are not impacted by the noise or low frequency vibration.

Bodin Historic Photo 82 Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930


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West Wharf, Rocky Neck, circa 1900. (Same building, looking out to Gloucester’s outer harbor, maybe before Dog Bar Breakwater.)

Windmills were used in Persia (present-day Iran) as early as 200 B.C. for the purpose of pumping water and grinding grain. The first electricity generating wind turbine appeared in 1887, and was used by its inventor James Blyth, to light his home in Scotland, named Marykirk. Shortly thereafter, wind turbine technology came into use in America. At the same time, Thomas Edison was patenting and perfecting his electric lightbulb. In 1882, Edison built the country’s first commercial power station, so people could actually use his new light bulb. The station powered one square mile of lower Manhattan, and initially had 59 customers. Everyone else had to rely on wind turbines for electric lighting.


Packing Salt Cod, West Wharf, Rocky Neck, circa 1900. (I believe this is the same building as above. Notice the lightbulb above her head.)

The fish is delivered to the wharf by the fishing schooner, it’s salted and dried on the dock, packed inside the building, and shipped around the world. The electric lightbulb greatly extended working hours, and was safer and cheaper than kerosene lamps. Gloucester’s fishing industry at the time used new technology to become the top fishing port in the country.

I hope our new wind turbines function well and quietly, have no construction crew members injured, and neighbors are not impacted by the noise.

Fred Bodin Historic Photo

Cape Ann MARKETWatch Video and 3rd quarter condo analysis From Kenny MacCarthy

Cape Ann MARKETWatch

Thursday October 18, 2012

From: Gloucester MA

Kenny writes-

Now we’re slowing down. Only 7 new properties this week. And I took last weekend off so wasn’t able to view any open houses. (Went to see HH Dalai Lama in Boston.)

But the news is that the condo market has bottomed. We’ve been saying that for a year or so but now it’s official. How do I know? Simple: prices are going up.

Click to see the video this week for Gloucester and Rockport condo trending as well as the new inventory. Here’s Kenny’s number for your real estate needs-


Fitz Henry Lane House Post Feedback From Joseph Muse


enjoyed the post last eve of the Fitz Hugh Lane  house. So glad it was saved. Remember playing in that neighborhood when their was an active community there with streets and houses all around. i think they used to call it the old stone jug. Almys was on main street and the Bradford hotel. It would be interesting to see photos of the entire neighborhood prior to the fire.