My Camera- The Sony NEX-5N Severely Reduced To Insanely Cheap Price On Amazon $478 with the Kit Lens

I bought one for the Mrs a couple of weeks ago without the Kit lens but for this deal it is ridiculous.  Listen to me- If you have ANY interest in photography this camera has the best of all worlds and I can’t think of a better camera for the price than this one.  Small size,  awesome low light capabilities,  huge sensor $478.  For just a little more than a good point and shoot you get DSLR performance in a small package.  COMPLETE TOTAL NO-BRAINER THE CAMERA TO BUY!

Here’s the link to it on Amazon where you don’t have to pay any tax on it and it ships within days.



4 thoughts on “My Camera- The Sony NEX-5N Severely Reduced To Insanely Cheap Price On Amazon $478 with the Kit Lens

  1. I got a different jonesing for a new camera:
    1 HD Hero2 GoPro for $300 plus 1 Wi-Fi BacPac for $99 equals one amazing kit. Oh wait, forgot one more thing. An iPhone. With an iPhone connected by the wifi to the gopro I can view and control everything on the camera from my iPhone. I think I need to pull the trigger on this. My iPhone 5 arrives on Nov 4. I think I will wait until then.

    Time lapse, under water, skiing (got to get rid of this cast), Run the gopro up the bosun’s chair.


    1. Yes very cool Paul. Folk should know it’s a specialized camera that does what it does better than anything else out there for it’s price but it’s primarily an action video camera, notsomuch an all purpose workhorse photography tool.

      People are doing way cool stuff with the GoPros. Hope you snag one!


    1. Joey is right that it is definitely a specialty camera but what a bunch of weird things you could do with it. Lowering it down to a lobster trap while sitting topside watching what the camera sees on an iPad might be pushing it because the wifi would get whacked by the water but an antennae lead up to the surface will be something to work on. The time lapse stuff, low tide to high tide, paddling around Cape Ann, or biking around Cape Ann, Santa arriving in Rockport, can’t wait to post stuff that makes you nauseous. Christmas in November for me.


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