Guest Post From The Bean: Skitter The Hamster


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I got Skitter the hamster at the pet store.  He did not live long.  He only lived three months but I enjoyed his life in his cage.

We buried him when he died.

Now I will tell you about when he snuck out of his cage for one week.

We found him a week later in the vacuum cleaner.

We did not tell Dad because he would get mad.  My mom saran wrapped his cage and stuck the vacuum cleaner inside and then my grandfather took some net and wrapped it around skitter’s cage.

The end.

Send In Your “We Will Rebuild” Photos- Winner Of Poll Gets A Bag of My Favorite Coffee- Glosta Joe’s Perfect Storm!

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First entry From Misti @GlostaJoes

We Will Rebuild!!!

Paul Morrison-

Frankenstorm: We Will Rebuild

Posted on October 29, 2012 by Paul Morrison & RD

My son the barbecue expert without fail leaves an empty Heineken on the barbecue. I woke up to this devastation this morning.  How will I break the news? We will get a FEMA loan and I promise-  We will rebuild.

The Bean and Snoop Maddie Mad Entry-

We Will Rebuild!


“Much Needed Medicine” – First 2012-13 Berklee in Gloucester review by Karen Ristuben

Local artist, musician and President of Rocky Neck Art Colony, Karen Ristuben attended the Berklee in Gloucester show at The Gloucester House on Thursday (10/25).  Here’s what she had to say about it:

Jazz as much needed medicine, my table-mates and I agreed.  On Thursday Oct. 25, The Jim Odgren Quintet energized the Gloucester House with two fabulous jazz sets.  On smoking alto sax, Odgren led the band through a tasty array of be-bop, ballads and straight-aheads from Evans to Coltrane.  Young guitarist Lucian Gray defied finger speed records as he sailed over the fret-board  relaxed, cross-legged, confident, superb.  On keys, Davis Whitfields’ understated, elegant renderings and his composed countenance belied his young age.  And rhythm section, student Roberto Giaquinto on drums and Berklee professor and bassist Dave Santoro were unflappable and inspired.

It was an evening all too rare in Gloucester these days, with the Latitude 43 jazz nights gone and no other Cape Ann jazz venue in sight apart from the Franklin Cape Ann’s excellent regulars.

This Berklee series, a worthy benefit for young Gloucester music students, gives us great players, a listening room where you can actually listen, and the welcome chance to get inside the healing relief of live  jazz.

NOTE: After the storm we’ll announce the next show.  You won’t want to miss it.  There’s some cool Halloween entertainment happening this week.  Check out the live music schedule for Gloucester and Cape Ann here.

A Bit Breezy at Andrews Point

3PM at the point. Steady straight out of the NE at 56 mph, gusts to 69 mph but it feels like there isn’t much time between gusts. The sound is deafening between the wind, water, granite, moving, you can feel that in your feet. It seems to have picked up tempo in just the last ten minutes.

69 mph and not one leaf has left my yard? What the hell? Enough fun for one day. Meet me at Stone’s Pub for a beer.

Sandy downtown

I took a stroll down Main Street to Stacy Boulevard and back at around 1:30PM, and although more than half of the stores are closed, we were mostly just getting wind and light rain at that point.  The sea wasn’t even that choppy by the Fisherman’s Memorial. People were walking their dogs and driving around as usual.

A few bigger waves here and there, but nothing spectacular.

Joan of Arc is looking at the sky, saying to the storm, “Go ahead, make my day!”

Two hours later, the wind and rain are getting stronger…

– Fr. Matthew Green




Call to Artisans and Crafters – MAC Winter Wonderland

This is a call to fellow artists, jewelers, crafters and creators of items you would like to sell for the holidays. 

The Manchester Athletic Club will be holding their holiday fair on Saturday, December 1 from 9:00 to 1:00.  Having done this fair in the past, I can say it is well organized and attended and worth adding to your holiday marketing venues, if you don’t already have something scheduled for that date.  You can contact Marcy Plant at or call 978-526-8900 x384, if you are interested.  Hope to see you there.

E.J. Lefavour