Mark Lodge Aboard the Tight Lines Catches A Giant Tuna

Fishing solo Mark landed a tuna that dressed out at over 750 lbs!  That’s what we call a slob ladies and gentleman!

Ohana Just Crushes Dinner

Sophisticated- Sultry- Magnificence For Your Palate and Your Eyes

The Mrs defines the butterfish dish as her favorite dish anywhere, ever.  Not much more needs to be said after that does there?

The butterfish at Ohana-


I went for the Price Fixe three course menu of







The Mrs Got the Molten Lava Chocolate Cake for dessert-


The drinks are potent and creative-


If you haven’t been to Ohana, you really need to.

Check out the Bar menu as well for lower priced offerings.


For more info check out their website-


Read Ron Gilson’s Letter To the Editor in Today’s Gloucester Daily Times

October 1, 2012

Letter: City’s harbor vision out of focus

Gloucester Daily Times

To the editor:

Why is the city of Gloucester, its Waterways Board and some elected officials “hell bent” on establishing a municipal recreational boat “floating marina” in the middle of our harbor in direct competition with existing private, commercial marinas?

For the entire Letter click here

Ardelle In Washington Photos From Richard P. Blatchford and Live Broadcast of The 2012 NEA National Heritage Fellowships Concert

Dear Joey,

A cousin in Maine frequently forwards me pieces from Good Morning Gloucester.  She sent the one on Capt. Harold Burnham’s voyage to Washington.  I went to see Harold and the Ardelle this morning in Washington.  Penny (the cousin) said you might be interested in the pictures I took.

Why is a person from Maryland interested in Gloucester and the Ardelle?  Well, I was born in Lynn.  My dad was Gloucester born and bred.  He was James W. and had brothers who lived lifelong in Gloucester.  They were Roger (Gloucester police) and Howard (Gloucester postal service).  As a boy, I spent many summers in Essex at another uncle’s egg farm.  As a result, Essex marinas & boat yards and Gloucester have always been an interest.

If you like the pics, feel free to use them.  Just give credit to Richard P. Blatchford as the photographer.  :-)  That would be me.



I’ve been following all of your coverage of Harold Burnham’s trip to DC and I wanted to make sure you and your readers know that the National Endowment for the Arts will be webcasting live the 2012 NEA National Heritage Fellowships Concert. It will take place on Thursday, October 4 at 7:30 p.m. EDT. To watch, all you have to do is go to During the concert, Mr. Burnham will be interviewed about his work by Nick Spitzer, the host of public radio’s American Routes.

Here is a link to more info:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,


Liz Auclair

Public Affairs Specialist | National Endowment for the Arts

1100 Pennsylvania Ave. NW | Room 525 | Washington, DC 20506


27th Annisquam Arts & Crafts Show

Watercolor Painting by Marion Hall of Manchester

For 27  years, the quiet village of Annisquam has come alive each Columbus Day weekend when it presents the Annisquam Arts & Crafts Show.  This weekend, celebrate the spirit of Christopher Columbus by exploring, and an ideal starting place is the Village Hall in Annisquam at 34 Leonard Street Saturday, October 6 and Sunday, October 7 from 10:00am to 5:00pm. 

Forty local North Shore and New England artists and artisans will be displaying and selling their handcrafted items which include pottery, jewelry, fabric arts, children’s toys, jams, photographs and paintings.

A few of the local artists displaying their special visions are Manchester watercolorist, Marion Hall, 13-year old Teddie Moskall from Gloucester with his beautiful photography cards, Kenn Tarr  “Gramps in the Attic”  with his always popular crafted wooden toys, and Annisquam/Rocky Neck artist, E.J. Lefavour with her aerial Cape Ann photography and just published Tales of Bong Tree Island book.

This much anticipated annual event brings you a chance to discover new worlds of art, a new way to interpret the world around you, a sense of adventure, and a head start on local holiday shopping! A portion of the proceeds from all sales will go to the Annisquam Village Church, Cape Ann’s historic Third Parish, established in 1728.  There is no entrance fee and the facility is wheelchair accessible.

It is a great time of year to visit the lovely village of Annisquam, and the Annisquam Arts & Crafts Show is a great reason to visit.  The Annisquam Exchange at 32 Leonard Street will also be open on Saturday, so you can stop by there too if you haven’t been recently.


Ready for Rocktober in Gloucester?

The fall entertainment season is in full swing this week with performances by your favorites and as well as some people you can’t see that often.  See this week’s schedule of live music in Gloucester & Cape Ann here.

And it all starts with the Bandit Kings Open Jamm at Rhumb Line tonight.  Remember, you still have time to help them make a record.  Click here to help.

You may know we’ve been adding more videos to every week.  We’ve got a nice little collection of Bandit King videos here.  Here’s one of my favorites from their album Precious Stones (just love these harmonies).

City of Gloucester Tourism Commission Notice


All Businesses and Service Providers,

Eurodam will be visiting Gloucester two times this week.  Let’s make their experience one they will remember.  Eurodam’s capacity is 2000+ passengers and 800 crew members. 

Eurodam arrives tomorrow, Tuesday, October 2 arrival time @ 7:00 am
Passenger tenders will start arriving at Cruiseport about 7:30 am. Typically the first to arrive are going on buses or whale watch, etc.

Passengers (lots of them) will begin to visit downtown @ 8:30 – 9:00 am.

The departure time is 4:00 pm

Seven Seas Thursday, October 4 – Cancelled

Eurodam Saturday, October 6 arrival 9:00 am
Passengers will start arriving at Cruiseport about 9:30 am. Typically the first to arrive are going on buses or whale watch, etc. However we will start seeing the passengers (lots of them) who will visit downtown by about 9:30 – 10:00 am.

The Tourism Commission

2012 Cruise Ships Schedule

2012 Cruise Ship Schedule as of now:


Monday, October 1, 2012

Noble Caledonia 116

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Eurodam 2000+

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Eurodam 2000+

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Noble Caledonia 116

Monday, October 22, 2012

Seven Seas 1200

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Seaborn 500

Note: Trolley will be operating for ships with over 150 passengers. Most passengers will arrive in town approximately 9:30 am. Businesses, please note Sunday dates. 

info@gloucesterma.comFall Events

You may know that shows a schedule of major events on every page.  This schedule is maintained by volunteers and we are looking for more events that will attract visitors to Gloucester during the upcoming season.

If you know of any these events, please email us details at   

Sista Felicia’s Amazing Smoked Mackerel

My lucky day–I just happened by at Captain Joe’s dock as Felicia was bringing by a plate of her freshly smoked and deliciously warm and sweet mackerel. Is there anything that woman can’t cook, and cook beautifully??

Skipper Richie Cassola enjoying Felicia’s smoked mackerel

See GMG post from September 2010 when Captain Richie kept on hauling lobster gear with a fish hook stuck in his finger. Ouch!

And the recent post about Skipper Richie’s mutant speckled lobster landing.