Are you Kidding Me Brad Pitt????

This may be the all time dumbest commercial and expose on taking oneself too seriously of all times.  OH MY LOOOOOORD DUDE, SERIOUSLY????

I hope you got paid ALLL THE MONEY and I Mean ALL THE MONEY for this ad.

Listen Haters Gonna Hate. I’m no Brad Pitt Hater.  I actually liked Brad Pit and his body of work… alllll the way up to ten minutes ago when I saw this commercial on TV.

Dude, you don’t have enough money that you gotta sell out like this?????  Someone needs to fire their agent STAT! Agent needs to go, ad agency needs to go, handlers need to go, anyone associated with this debacle needs to go.

What’s next? Tampon commercials?  Midol commercials?  Bath and Bodyworks commercials?

Douchebag says what?

Flutter From Bill O’Connor

Hi Joey,

On a recent trip to Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary in Topsfield, I was followed by a couple of chickadees that would fly very close to me as I walked along the trail.  On a whim, I stopped and stretched out my arm with the finger extended and they would actually land on my finger and quickly fly away!  I tried to get numerous shots but found it hard to manage the camera while the bird was standing on my finger. I snapped this at the moment that one fluttered away.

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Gloucester scores 2 shows this week in The Noise Magazine Live Show Picks

I love being right (just like Paul F.)  I predicted Gloucester’s music scene would benefit as a result of The Noise Magazine publisher/editor, T Max, moving here.   Check this out: The Noise Live Show Picks for this week include not one, but two Gloucester shows, putting us on par with Cambridge for the week’s picks.

So I figured you might enjoy a video series I published in February where T Max walks Gloucester’s music scene, visiting many of our excellent music venues, plus you’ll see chance encounters with some of Gloucester’s finest characters.  Here’s the first one:

Watch the other T Max in Gloucester videos here.

Well, T Max is right.  It’s an excellent week for music in Gloucester.  See the full live music schedule here.

#Boom! Bradley Makes An Honest Woman Out Of Kimberly On Niles Beach Saturday!


photo 3 nb

Joey!  Happy October!  From Kimberly & Bradley
We did it!  Niles Beach, October 20, 2012
Mr & Mrs Bradley Scheetz
(Newlyweds & big fans of Mighty Gloucester)

Engaged On Pavilion, Married On Niles!

You may remember this post back on August 28th-

Newly Engaged FOBs Kimberly Funk & Bradley Scheetz!

Posted on August 28, 2012 by Joey C

Hi Joey-

My boyfriend (now fiance!) Bradley and I really enjoy your blog and we LOVE Gloucester (we definitely have the wheels turning for a relocation from Boston one day). Thought I would share a Gloucester story from this past Sunday..
We often come up on the weekends to hang out and one of the things we (mostly me) like to do is look for sea glass at Pavilion beach. That’s where we were this past Sunday when Bradley called me over to look at something in the sand. Just sitting on a rock was a beautiful shiny sparkly ring. I was a little slow..even thinking aloud that someone must have lost their ring..doh! Anyway it was for ME and we got engaged right then and there! We were super lucky that local, Amy Clayton happened to be on the beach and she snapped some pictures for us! Here our a couple of our favorites ..
Kimberly Funk & Bradley Scheetz


I’m Right! Everybody Else is Wrong. Unless you Agree with Me.

There’s been a lot of Comments on The post:

When I first heard that 5guys were going there I didn’t think they had a chance. Burgers and fries and that’s it? They need a bigger choice of menu items. I feel bad for the guys who started that Franchise. They were really energized.

Of course most of these people commenting are wrong. Here are my Thoughts. :)
Japanese? we have Midori’s, Lat 43, the Madfish for raw fish.
Boston Market is on their way out.
I would love a KFC TACO BELL but they don’t have any drive thru options up there.
Indian food may work well in a downtown location but not at GC. WHAT THE HECK IS INDIAN FOOD ANYWAYS? They don’t eat meat, Right?
What the “F” is a Steak and Shake is that the Mad cow disease?
Starbucks? Overpriced burnt coffee.
Average Joe’s? Never been there so I can’t comment.
Bertuccis? We don’t need no stinkin’ fake Italian Restaurant here.
Never heard of Londi’s, Cosi’s and the other’s to comment on.

But most of you are wrong unless you agree with my list below


1. Qudoba
2. Panera Bread

and of Course Fred ,Sista Felicia’s Restaurant would a be a great addition to The West End.
GC Is too mall like for the kind of food Felicia cooks. Her place needs charm to go with that food.

Open Door Autumn Breakfast Thursday October 25th


Breakfast is FREE. Donations accepted.

Thursday, October 25 Cruiseport Gloucester

6 Rowe Square

7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m.

RSVP by Monday, October 22

978-283-6776 ext. 205
Register to reserve a seat

Founders’ Award

Leslie Pearlman

Helen Muise

Community Service Award

Bruce Gordon

Sharon Muddiman

Unsung Hero

Val Gilman and Jared Gilman

Lisa Reis

Outstanding Community Builder

Joey Ciaramitaro
Good Morning Gloucester

Gloucester Education Foundation Celebration From Terry Weber

Hi Joey,

On Friday night at the Cape Ann Museum, the Gloucester Education Foundation (GEF) held its annual celebration, noting its growth and progress over the past year. Over 100 people attended including teachers, donors, and city officials.

One exciting GEF initiative you’ll be hearing more about in coming weeks is the "Using Technology to Enhance Project-Based Learning" program which will allow students in the program to use iPads to document changes to Gloucester from 1900 to the present day. More details to come!

To see more pics of the celebration, click here

To learn more about the GEF and their mission, click here

MAIN STREET – REMOVAL OF PARKING METERS MEETING Kyrouz Auditorium – City Hall Tuesday October 23rd 7:00 p.m.

This is to advise you that the Gloucester City Council will be holding a continued public hearing regarding the removal of parking meters on Main Street, from the intersection of Main and Spring Streets to the intersection of Main and Washington Streets with a two-hour time limit on a pilot basis only from January 1, 2013 through March 31, 2013 inclusive.

The Council vote is to amend the current Ordinance to have free, non-metered parking, on a trial basis, from January 1, 2013 to March 31, 2013. The two-hour time limit and anti-shuffling ordinance will still be in effect during this time period. The intent is two-fold, first to offer residents and businesses a break in the off-season while still maintaining the rules of the time limits and anti-shuffling laws; the second is to see how this trial experiment works as to whether or not this Ordinance can be enforced on a year round basis.
The Police Chief has been asked to attend to explain parking enforcement’s role.

If the trial basis works, the Council may propose to make the amendment a year round law by Ordinance.

Please attend if you are either in favor or against. Let your voice be heard.
Melissa Cox, Ward 2 City Councilor