James and Anna can use our help

cape ann giclee_chase grant

Any of you who know James and Anna at Cape Ann Giclee know that they are wonderful, knowledgeable and talented people who provide excellent services that we are very lucky to have here in Gloucester.

They have applied for the Chase Mission Main Street small business grant. Chase will award 20 small businesses with a $150,000 grant. The first step of the process is to get 250 votes on their website, voting is done through Facebook sign ins. After that all businesses who receive 250 votes submit a questionnaire about their business, community involvement, what they would do with the money and then, based on the answers, Chase awards the grant.

They entered the competition for the grant because, like most small businesses, $150,000 would help them out a lot and allow them to do some of the things right now that they thought they would have to wait years to do. If they win the grant, the first thing they would do is buy a Cruse scanner which is a large format museum grade scanner that would allow them to scan artwork up to 4 feet by 8 feet in one pass, as well as manuscripts, textiles, negatives and delicate objects. They would be able to offer artists, photographers, museums, and whoever else wanted, high quality scanning for less than they charge now and with quicker turn around times. Another area they would invest in is some AV equipment so that they could do workshops and seminars in the studio with really high quality monitor screens and projectors. New lighting to show off artwork on the walls would be on the list as well. And as most people who have talked to them about promoting art on Cape Ann know, they would really love to have some sort of regular art market, fashioned roughly after SOWA Sundays, here on Cape Ann and this grant would allow them to be a sponsor and make that become a reality. They would also upgrade some computers, add some printers, software and upgrade their bookkeeping system.

It would be great if people could help them out by going to their link at the Chase grant site and voting for them – they need to get 250 votes to even be considered for the grant. You can find the link on the Chase Mission Main Street website at https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/business/detail/40531 – vote, and then share it with your artist and photographer friends.

18 thoughts on “James and Anna can use our help

  1. Thank you EJ! And thank you to everyone who casts a vote for us! Also if you go to the Chase Mission Main St website’s main page and type in the Gloucester zipcode (01930) you will see there are 2 other businesses in Gloucester who have also applied and need votes – you can vote for as many businesses as you want, there is no limit on how many businesses you vote for so please cast a vote for them as well!


    1. I know, that is a problem because not everyone uses Facebook. I have an account but seldom go on it. Joey flatly refuses to use it. Hopefully enough other people will vote that it won’t be a problem that you couldn’t – and at least Anna and James know you wanted to help them.


      1. Thank you Dave – it is a Facebook only kind of thing – I read on their website they do that because it is easier for them to verify the votes that way but for people who aren’t Facebook it means they can’t vote but thank you so much for wanting to!


        1. EJ- Cape Ann Giclee Can you take a write in vote these are alway important :-)? Know the spirit of the heart is in the yes vote MA born there…. I even remember we had three stores in LanesVille then (60’s) Mom & Pop’s type great folks never seen a kid eat so much penny candy and if short $$ They let you bring it later 🙂 You are most welcome:-)


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