Christopher Wood’s paintings at Addison Gilbert Hospital

In the course of my ministry as a priest, it’s not uncommon that I go to the hospital to visit the sick and the dying.  Along the wall of the lobby of Addison Gilbert hospital, on the way to the elevator, there is usually a display of art.  I hardly ever stop to look, but I was really struck by Christopher Wood’s current display of abstract watercolor paintings.

To me, it seems somehow odd to go visit a hospital in order to see art, but at the very least, I recommend stopping to see the paintings if you are at the hospital for any reason at all.  Or maybe you can stop in to see the paintings, and pretend you are on your way to visit a sick relative or get some x-rays done…

He describes his work thus, on an explanatory panel next to the paintings:

“My work is organic, bold, gritty, sensual, and completely inspired by my mad scientist tendencies. I paint ferociously; this creates real energy within the piece.  My painting style and its looseness makes watercolor and optimal medium for me.  I paint wet on wet, this allows the colors to mix themselves on the paper, and allows little experiments/accidents to be created within the piece.”

Besides being an artist who has worked in various media, he has a Masters in Conservation Biology.  Check out his website…


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