Never Has a Cooler Buoy Been Painted By a Cooler Chick Than Lily Linquata

Here’s Lily making the delivery of my very own custom painted GMG lobster buoy.

2012-08-08 12.29.27

Does your business or organization have one of Lily’s killer buoy’s?  Did you want a decorative buoy for your home or office?  Check out Lily’s and order up one or a dozen for yourself and your friends, they make killer gifts.

Don’t go showing up at that wedding shower with yet another butter dish.  I’m telling you, you don’t wanna be that person that shows up with the 17th butter dish and then have to watch the bride-to-be feign her excitement over said 17th gifted butter dish.  Show up with a killer Lily Linqs custom buoy with the bride and groom’s names on it with a anchor in the middle or a lobster or some shit like that.  They’ll love it trust me. 

They’ll love it way more than that 17th gifted buttah dish I’ll tell you that and then you know what happens?  Everyone at that bridal shower talks about how thoughtful you were for getting such a unique and treasured gift.  See, that’s how it works at bridal showers. 

You’re either the person bringing the kick-ass lily Linq’s Custom Buoy or you’re the stiff bringing the 17th buttah dish. 

Don’t be the bearer of the 17th buttah dish.

Wagging for Schooners From Al Bezanson

Joey…. Here’s a shot from GREEN DRAGON a couple years ago when BLUENOSE II was still around.  Maggie here is savoring the odor of the haddock chowder wafting over from the Canadians’ galley and hoping for a chance to clean their bowls when they come ashore.  What happened was that she missed out on the chowder but did manage to grab the skipper’s hot dog when he was on the dock.  Hence the invasion of the BLUENOSE ll’s crew.  Fortunately we had a good supply of Fishermen’s Brew iced down and were able to calm them.

Maggie was also in attendance at ARDELLE’S launching, and here can be seen interviewing Cooper.  You can see Maggie’s blog here… it’s a long thread but scrolling down through it will acquaint you with some of her pals like Effie on Effie.

Attack from Bluenose IIMaggie and Cooper at Ardelle launch

Joe The Woodcarver

Joe The Woodcarver


Seated by Pavillion Beach, Joe carves each

piece with the care and skill and memories

that more than forty years in Gloucester

have instilled in his mind and in his hands.


With his family sitting near him he lays

out large and small sea- horses, whales

and mermaids while chatting with a stranger

about the sculpted wood now emerging .


He talks about his collection of old photos

and the pictures he has taken with the

camera of his eye,  while his knife fashions

from one of those pictures a fearsome white shark.


From eye to mind to hands to knife, Joe

whittles for each a life by the sea; images

of the world around us and beneath us

as we pass a lovely afternoon on Pavillion Beach.


© Marty Luster 2012

More picture-poems at

Baby Joe

In full bloom this month at the Harbor Walk is the fabulous North American native ‘Baby Joe’ (Eupatorium). While maintaining the Harbor Walk gardens, Jay Ramsey of Farm Creek Landscaping reported seeing no less than half a dozen species of butterflies nectaring simultaneously at the ‘Baby Joe’ on a warm sunny morning this past week. Given your average warm sunny summer day, butterflies are typically on the wing throughout the day; I find the very best time of day to see the very most is between 10:00 am until 12 noon.

Honky Tonk Women of Gloucester – FREE concert @ Stage Fort Park ~ 8-12-2012

TONIGHT: Stage Fort Park Sunday Night Concert features:
Honky Tonk Women of Gloucester – FREE concert
7:00 pm.  August 12, 2012 Gloucester’s Stage Fort Park gazebo.
Free Parking, Free Concert, Pet’s welcome.  Listen to the sounds
of the 1960’s in 4 part harmony from Patsy Cline to Roy Orbison,
the Supremes, the Shirelles, the Crystals, the Ronnettes, Brenda Lee,
Connie Francis, Elvis, the Beatles, Patti Page, Dion, The Everly Brothers
and many, many, more.
Sharing the “end of the evening stage” will be the Old Salty Jazz
Band with Dave Sag and his favorite songs of the 50’s to complete
this outdoor concert.  Bring a lawn chair, a cooler, a blanket, your kids,
the neighbors, your grandparents, your honey, your pet and you.
Join us and sing along…you ‘ll know every word.

Pizza from Mike’s Place

First, thanks to those who prayed for me this week while I was on retreat.  I got a good spiritual boost!

This evening, after my return, Fr. John Kiley (the pastor) and I decided to have pizza for dinner.  We have a sort of tradition of getting onion & roasted red pepper pizza from Sebastian’s (58 Washington Street).  However, after six phone calls I still could not get through to them, so we decided to try the same kind of pizza, but from Mike’s Place this time. I’ve read good reviews here on GMG and elsewhere, and it’s right around the corner from the rectory.

The pizza was ready on time, fresh and hot, and the staff were busy but friendly.

It tasted as good as it looked. It was especially good with a bottle of Gloucester Soda which I bought at the street bazaar.

In short, since the pizza was great, and the location is very convenient with respect to the parish rectory (and they have sufficient parking), Fr. John and I will probably start to frequent Mike’s Place more often!

-Fr. Matthew Green

Jiddu Krishnamurti Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

August 9, 2012

“In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.”

Born in rural India during the British raj, Krishnamurti was discovered, nurtured, educated and promoted by Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant of the Theosophical Society as a “World Teacher” whose coming they had foretold. As the leader of the Order of the Star in the East he spoke widely in Britain and the US on Theosophic teachings, but in the late 1920’s, renounced his assigned role and dissolved the Order. Krishnamurti spent the rest of his long life as an independent speaker on spiritual matters, expounding the view that ritual and dogma are not necessary for the pursuit of self-knowledge. Alan Watts, Joseph Campbell, Depak Chopra, Bruce Lee, IndiraGandhi and Jackson Pollock all cite him as an influence on their thinking. “Truth is a pathless land” he said. He died at his long-time retreat in Ojai, California.

Greg Bover

Gloucester Harbor Schooner Race The Lannon vs The Ardelle This Monday Night and You Can Be Part of The Race Crew!!!!

Kay Ellis writes-

Hi Joey,
We are a having an exciting sail on Monday night from 6-8 and were wondering if you could spread the word for us. I have attached a flier for the event.

The Lannon and the Ardelle have been sailing around the harbor together all summer. On Monday night we are raising the ante and having a race.

Mention that you heard about the race on GMG when you call and you and everyone with you will receive $5 off your ticket price.