Bill Rose Striper Tournament – Magnolia Lions Club Photos from Thom Falzarano

With minutes left for weigh-in Dominic S unveils the wining fish 42″ @ 30.9 pounds, 2nd place John M 38″ @ 20.2 pounds & 3rd place Michael L. 39″ 19.5 pounds and the winner of the kids Division was Michael Shatford!

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The Bill Rose Striper is an annual event sponsored by the Magnolia Lions, donations go to eye research.  This great event ends with a BBQ.  What a great event, hope you can all join in next year!

The Gloucester HarborWalk map is out!

Fred Bodin submits-

The hard copy print version of the Gloucester HarborWalk was delivered to my gallery late this afternoon — hot off the presses. If I were a visitor, I’d be psyched to check this out first thing. As a 30+ year resident, I can’t wait to WALK THE WALK here in Glosta. This may force me to buy a cell phone! You can access the QR multimedia info on your computer:




Bodin Historic Photo

82 Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930

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27 Days to the Gloucester Schooner Festival From Al Bezanson

Hi Joey…The 28th Annual Gloucester Schooner Festival will soon be upon us.  I wonder how many remember The Annual Great Gloucester Schooner Races of the late 60’s.  This is GREEN DRAGON after the circa 1969 race where we were decked out as fishermen.


Here was the deal for those races.  They handed you a little piece of paper with an “X” on it, a black & copy of a section of Gloucester Harbor.  Go anchor on that spot and when the boatload of old schoonermen comes by, hoist your sails and get underway ‘like fishermen.’  They would judge you for up to 25% of your score.  When everyone got underway we gathered by the breakwater where we got the gun to race up to Newcombs and back, boat-for-boat, no handicap as I recall.  Another 25% of your score.  Keep on going and anchor on your X.  No GPS or other instruments.  You found it with landmarks.  Only one try.  Eventually the old timers came back, a captain came aboard, stood at your foremast and figured out how close you were to X by shooting bearings with a sextant.  50% of your score.  Tough luck if the tide changed and you swung off it before the judges got to you.  First place boat went to Lunenburg to face the speediest schooner they had at the time.  These were all small schooners of 30 to 50 feet.

As for the crew in the photo.  All but one are still walking.  That’s my kid with the yellow hair.  First one to ID the lot gets a beer on me at the Cape Ann Brewery or the Gloucester House or wherever he can find me during the festival this year.

Al Bezanson

Meet Our New Fire Chief, Eric Smith

photo by E.J. Lefavour

If you haven’t already, meet Eric Smith, who moved here from Westland, MI and started his new job as Gloucester’s Fire Chief on July 16.  And he’ll now know all there is to know about Gloucester once he subscribes to Good Morning Gloucester.  Welcome Eric, very nice to meet you.  

 E.J. Lefavour





Paddling with Cape Ann SUP

Today my friend, Kristi, and I went paddling with Cape Ann SUP. Such a great time!

Cape Ann SUP


Cape Ann SUP


It was beautiful weather and the fish were jumping all around us. Check them out!

Now we’re headed to the Sidewalk Bazaar!


Joey may wanna kill me, but . . .

I have to say that, certainly from musical perspective, today’s Festival By The Sea in Manchester is the place to be.  [just a little back-peddling, here] Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to the Sidewalk Bazaar in the morning.  And if you’ve taken my advice (given here) you went on Thursday too.  But I gotta hand it to Festival By The Sea Music Director Chris Langathianos.  He put together a DYNAMITE LINEUP headlined by one of my favorite artists: Chelsea Berry with her HOT new band!  Just in case you missed them at North Shore Music Theatre, watch the video below and then tell me you’d rather be anywhere other than Masconomo Park at 6 tonight — REALLY?

And for later tonight you’ve got another 15 artists and Cape Ann venues to choose from.  WOW! See the full live music lineup here.

Food Drive and Bake Sale – St. Vincent de Paul Society

This just in from Helen Downey:

Come join us at Shaw’s Plaza, 127 Easter Ave., Gloucester, as the members of Holy Family Parish’s St. Vincent de Paul Society conduct a “Food Drive and Bake Sale” on Saturday, August 11 from 9am to 3pm.

The Society, through dedicated volunteer efforts, services the needs of many families here on Cape Ann.  We succeed in doing this only with  donations of monetary value or food donations for our emergency pantry.

Shaw’s is a great supporter of community projects and we have been chosen to be the recipient of any profits received through their participation in this event. So come on over and have lunch at the concession or perhaps a home-baked goodie from the many delicious items made by our members.  Hope to see you there on August 11th to support our fund raising event.

If you have any questions, contact helen at 978-283-7391. Thank you for your support!

Fr. Matthew Green

Community Photos 8/4/12

Len Burgess submits-

August 2, 2012

The full moon tonight rose at 8:03 PM, the distance from the earth was 374,848 miles and

it had a whopping 99.8% illumination. –Information for those who are astronomically inclined.

–Len Burgess


Full Sturgeon Moon 2-Aug-2012 From Rick Isaacs

Full Sturgeon Moon, Aug 2, Pavilion Beach, Ipswich


Day Three GMG Community Sidewalk Bazaar Live Blog

Send in your photos from The Bazaar and we will post them as I receive them.

For all of you who got Stickas today send in a picture with your sticka and we will post it on the live blog!

send them to

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Community 2012 Sidewalk Bazaar Live Blog- Send in Your Pics and I’ll Post Em Here

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Day Two GMG Community Sidewalk Bazaar Live Blog

Cape Ann Giclee’s James Eves enjoying the GMG loot his wife brought home from the sidewalk bazaar! –


Cape Ann Giclee!

Mikayla Ciolino Represents!


Erin Avila Gets Friday’s Last Jar


The Girls are on their way to set up with another huge batch of mason jars glasses and iced tea!

Click for the slideshow below-


From Alice Gardner-

Fun to see your family at the GMG Booth! Fantastic iced Tea – perfect! Alice Other pic is my grandson Nate with the Boa.


Budding GMG contributor Grace Giambanco Numerosi reports-

Come support our Students!!
GHS Theater Program, Class of 2013, Class of 2014


Update 9:35AM

The girls barely have finished setting up and sold 25 jars already.  Get down there quick before they sell out for the third straight day!

I also sent down the last few pink and blue GMG T Shirts so those should be available as well as the classic white.

Update 11:31AM

Several people have left tips including Peter Todd.  All tips will be donated to the Pan Mass Challenge.

Only one third of the days inventory is left.  looks like they are headed for a third straight sell out.  get there if you haven’t already

12:56 Update:

One sixth of day three jar inventory left

Bill O’Connor Submits-

B Eats Lemon Slush from Passports


Bill and Melissa Cox Sippin’ and Representin’

Fred Bodin Submits-


1:47PM Update 8 Jars left

2:08PM Update SOLD OUT!

Ed Collard Submits-

Joe Ciolino final customer!


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