Gloucester There’s always something new to discover From FOB Meg Lee

Meg writes-

Hi Joey,
Shame on me for not posting on my visit last month. Hopefully my visit this past weekend will make up for it.

I think my husband is becoming a fan of Rocky Neck and Main Street. We came back to the hood on Sunday.

We stopped by Khan Studio/GMG Gallery to see EJ, as she is doing a mat size reduction for a Wendy Demuth print my husband purchased last month. By the way, guest artist Deb Schradieck’s work is incredible. As EJ and I were chatting, my husband Paul and son Freddo went next door to Wendy’s gallery. There they met and chatted with Charlie Carroll and enjoyed looking at his work. We visited the Aquatro Gallery where we met Gigi Mederos and saw some of her amazing work – hand painted silk scarves and beautiful abstract paintings. We had a nice chat with Gigi and I want to thank her for reminding me about the Artists Way. She encouraged me to read it again and to take it seriously this time!

I don’t know why I never noticed before, but some stained glass pieces in another gallery caught my eye and I had to go in. I was turned on the Fantasia Glass Art studio and the amazing work of Susie Byrd. I mentioned Joey C and the GMG blog and she said she was in some past postings. Now I remember – there were some posts a few years ago about Susie. I’m a big fan of dichroic glass and it’s not the type of art that’s frequently seen around. Susie’s stained glass work is also pretty impressive. I’m happy to have a new pair of Susie’s earrings in my jewelry collection.

On the way back to the parking lot, we stopped at the Imagine Gallery as we always like to do, and Freddo purchased a scarf from Thailand. I think he wears it well.

Paul stopped in his tracks when we were walking by the Rocky Neck artist in residence studio – something caught his eye in the window. We walked over and though the gallery was not officially opened, artist in residence Lisa Rosenstein greeted us and invited us in. We had a really nice chat with Lisa. She is so passionate about her work and we got to see some very unique pieces.

On to Main Street…
We enjoyed lunch at Supreme Roast Beef and afterward walked up Main Street on a mission to Mystery Train Records. Of course we window browsed all the way down, and when we got to Bodin Historic Photo the cod tee-shirts caught my eye. We went in and met Fred Bodin for the first time. Nice to finally meet you Fred! I always enjoy your intriguing "back in time" posts to the GMG blog. I was happy to add to my wardrobe a new "In Cod We Trust" tee-shirt.

Mystery Train Records is always a fun place to visit. We are steadily adding to our CD collection. Where can you find an eclectic collection such as this at one store? You can’t, unless you go on and maybe you’ll find it there. It’s more fun combing thru the CDs at Mystery Train and challenging your eye sight. It’s like going on a treasure hunt.

Our last stop was Elizabeth Gauthier’s studio – the window display was quite an eye catcher so curiosity had us check it out. Elizabeth’s paintings are very classic, but her tee-shirts are amazing. I imagine these will be popular sellers, and the really cool thing is that each one is totally unique because they are all hand painted and not reproduced. Support the Arts! were her words to us as we walked out the door.
We always do.

Meg Lee

Comments From Our Homies


JoAnn Jastzab writes-

Hey, I met you this afternoon in your lobster pound.  Got two culls. Just finished them. They were extraordinarily delicious. My husband will return on Monday (after a repeat visit to our dentist where we were earlier today ). Thanks do much for the wonderful lobsters and your blog that I love reading. 


Robin Jones writes-

First of all, it was nice chatting with you Monday morning. I’m the guy from Ohio that kinda looks like Ned Flanders from the Simpsons. Folks used to tell me I looked like Mark Spitz in his prime. Sigh….. comes with age.
I tried to stay out of your way the best I could… you’re one busy guy.
We’ve gotten a lot of great ideas from your blog for restaurants & interesting places to visit over the last couple of years. I still cannot believe the volume of content you come up with every day. It has to be almost like a second job. Thanks for keeping it up.
Anyhow, on to my annoying bicyclist story……
I was on a trip down to the Miller-Coors Brewery down in Elkton, VA.
To save the customer some money on airfare, I flew into BWI (Baltimore) It’s about an hour longer drive than IAD (Washington Dullles) at 1/3 the price.
Anyhow, I had found a restaurant along my path
Reading reviews on-line I knew I had to stop. A family restaurant serving BBQ, Maryland seafood & Thai food, with a take out booze store & a dive biker bar all in one building…. A couple of reviews included comments about how good the food was but being worried about the "scary biker guys" in the bar area…..
It turned out to be nothing more than guys my age (old) with tatoos…. yeah, biker dudes but totally harmless….. So, we’re sitting around the bar swapping stories and laughing about the "scary biker guys" thing when what walks in? Some yuppie with the bike helmet, spandex shorts, jersey covered with logos…. you know, the full asshole outfit. He’s standing there shaking his sippy bottle and asking the barmaid, "Could I trouble you to fill this up with some ice and water?"
WTF??? You walk into a bar, don’t buy a damned thing, ask for free ice ‘n water and don’t even thank the barmaid???? Much less leave her a tip????
Before he even walked out, I turned to the guys at the bar and said, "So, is that one of those scary biker guys I’m supposed to be worrying about?"
I thought a couple of ’em were going to piss themselves laughing.
Oh, and when I was much younger, I used to commute to work on my bike. But, I made it a point to stay out of folks way as best I could…. No point in pissin off someone driving a car that weighs close to twenty times you. The math just doesn’t favor the guy on the bike

Temporarily Sold OUT!!!

2:30PM Due To Overwhelming Demand The Girls Temporarily Sell Out of Mason Jars.

DVD’s T Shirts and Post Cards Still Available and They Will Be Working through The Night To Generate More Mason Jar Glasses For Tomorrow’s Bazaar


I repeat if you missed out today get there early tomorrow as they will be working throughout the night to create more mason jars for tomorrow.

GMG at the Sidewalk Bazaar

From this morning while setting up the GMG tent–I arrived at 9:30 while supplies of the GMG drinking cup mason jars made by Sister Felicia and Jill were still abundant. They were going fast…

The eager sales force

Custom made T-shirts for the sales force

Madeline and Eloise exhibiting Joey’s bedazzled greeting cards, bedazzling courtesy of Amanda

Open Door Good Food Farm Kids

How to Tell the Difference Between a Male and Female Monarch Butterfly

For Devera, who wrote in yesterday asking how to tell the difference between a male and female Monarch Butterfly ~

Click photos to view large.

The first photos shows all male Monarch Butterflies necatring at Seaside Goldenrod. Notice the pair of little black pockets, or dots, on the inner vein of the hind wings. These are pockets of pheromones, or what scientists actually refer to as “love dust,” which the male sprinkles on the female during courtship.

The female Monarch Butterfly lacks the the black pockets on her hind wings. Notice too that her wing veination is thicker and smokier.

During courtship, male and female join, and he carries her to higher ground. This photo shows the male and female mating, with the male above.

BREAKING NEWS: Fly Amero’s touring band, Orleans, welcomes co-founder/songwriter/guitarist John Hall for a 40th Anniversary Concert in honor of Larry Hoppen at NORTH SHORE MUSIC THEATRE ON AUGUST 31

You saw it on GMG FIRST.  Just like you heard about the sudden, tragic death of Fly’s longtime friend and band-mate Larry Hoppen last week (see post here).

The next day, Fly demonstrated the healing power of music (see that story here) and on August 31, the healing continues as the show goes on (see details here).

All of us who know Fly are celebrating the band’s commitment to music in honor of their friend and brother by inviting John Hall, who wrote the multi-platinum #1 hits Dance With Me and Still the One to join them for this very special 40th anniversary concert (get tickets here).  Here’s a video of John making a special appearance with the band last year.

Now I hope you’re reading this on your phone because that means you’ve taken the day off and are out at the Sidewalk Bazaar and planning to visit the Farmers Market and take in some music this evening.  See today’s AMAZING live music lineup here.

(There may even be tickets left to see Fly and Allen Estes on The Lannon at 6:30 — and, finally, the weather looks good.  Call 978-281-6634 to find out).

Community 2012 Sidewalk Bazaar Live Blog- Send in Your Pics and I’ll Post Em Here

I know lots of you have been asking where the GMG tent will be.  We should know in about an hour and I’ll post it here.

In the mean time, we’re gonna do like we do for most big events- Live Community Blog it!

Send in your cell phone or regular photos from this year’s sidewalk bazaar and I’ll post em as they come in right here.

Send them to

Look for Sista Felicia, the Mrs, Amandacakes, BJ and Donna Ardizzoni manning the tent.

Regular on the hour posts from our contributors will show up just under this post which will be stickied to the top of the blog throughout the day.  New content from our contributors will show up just below this post til I un-sticky it.


Ed Collard Submits-
GMG Setting Up Shop In Front Of Sugar Mag’s


2012-06-22 11.08.05

Get Your Ice Cold Refreshment On!

Bill O’Connor Submits-

Fred Bodin Representing!

photo (25)

photo (27)

GMG Has A Busy Booth

photo (28)

Check Out

2:30PM Due To Overwhelming Demand The Girls Temporarily Sell Out of Mason Jars.

DVD’s T Shirts and Post Cards Still Available and They Will Be Working through The Night To Generate More Mason Jar Glasses For Tomorrow’s Bazaar


I repeat if you missed out today get there early tomorrow as they will be working throughout the night to create more mason jars for tomorrow.

Community Photos 8/2/12

Gayle White writes-

Hi Joey,

    Fred Bodin suggested sending you a few pictures from the 2012 Annisquam Sea Fair.  We came up from the South Shore to spend the day there, and discover this charm of this little village.  What a beautiful spot! Could have just spent the day down by the boats and bridge, lol, but the Fair itself was wonderful and the people so welcoming!  From the books for sale, the waterdunk, white elephant table to the food–awesome crabmeat roll and onions rings – everything was just perfect small town Americana at its best!  Annisquam is so beautiful, and the gardens at every turn are just breathtaking! So happy we made the trek north for this small town fair! Loved it!
    Photos are 1. Annisquam Bridge  2, a great old fishing boat   3. a handsome dog I met named Max   4.the Sea Fair main area,   5 and 7 gorgeous flowers for sale and 6.the Annisquam Art gallery with the bustle of crowds in the background.        

     Spent the rest of the day down on Main Street, visiting some great antique and books stores. Love Gloucester!

Take Care and good luck with all that you are doing for Gloucester!

Gayle White


Hi Joey,

     Here’s a few of the fair taken by Kate Conway, another South Bostonian – Fred Bodin told her to send a couple of pictures your way as well. Since Kate is in the middle of a move, she asked me to send them for her.  We usually travel around in a pair – picking a new spot/ location each Saturday – spend the day taking photos, eating at one of the restaurants, and walking around the location to get the feel for it. We do a little write up at the end of the day, and that ends up on our facebook pages. We try to send on whatever photos to business owners/ restaurants etc.  We will soon be turning into a blog.

     The Annisquam Fair was our third trip to Gloucester – something about the place reminds us both of South Boston – the neighborhood feel, the waterfront, the people, the good restaurants, and the pride in community we have come across there.  I have to say, you don’t always get that sense when you go into other communities. So, we’ll be back!  Use the photos or not as you see fit. Just wanted you to know how much we love the place!               Thanks, Gayle White


Spirit of Massachusetts Clearing the Breakwater From Bill O’Connor

Hi Joey,

I was fortunate enough to catch the Spirit of Massachusetts coming into the Harbor last week.  I noticed she’s tied up at Maritime Gloucester while she’s here.

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid