We have a Saturday Winner ~ You could be the Sunday Winner!

Congratulations Lisa Clark.  You won 2 tickets to ORLEANS at Northshore Music Theatre plus 2 GMG killer mason jars.

Zip Line Kid picked the winner.  He’ll pick another winner tomorrow.  So come down to the Waterfront Festival between 9am and 6pm tomorrow and enter to win.  Remember, it’s FREE!

BALD EAGLE in the 2011 Schooner Race from Al Bezanson

Joey ….. When you look left from the end of your dock and you may see this schooner on her mooring in Smith Cove.  BALD EAGLE will be racing again this year on September 2nd in the Small Schooners Class vying for the Betty Ramsey Plate along with ESTRELA, GREEN DRAGON, IRENA, LEWIS H STORY AND SUGAR BABE.   Amy Beaudet got this photo from GREEN DRAGON in the 2011 race.  Here are some words from her owner.

“BALD EAGLE was designed and built by two men whose names are associated with sea-kindly and beautiful wooden vessels: Crocker and McIntosh.  Sam Crocker designed more than 300 vessels. Bud McIntosh was a designer and builder of large and small cruising boats for more than 50 years and built many Crocker designs. Her graceful lines were taken from Gloucester fishing schooners.  BALD EAGLE came out of McIntosh’s Piscataqua River boatyard in 1955.  She is 37’ on deck, white oak frames, mahogany planking, fir spars and two tons of iron on the bottom of her full keel.  She is gaff rigged, carrying a Yankee (jib) off her bowsprit, staysail, foresail and mainsail.  Her name, BALD EAGLE, is because she is a bald headed schooner, carrying no topmasts.  Her wheel is from the Lunenburg Foundry, her mast hoops were made by the skipper.  In 2001 she spent 10 months in Harold Burnham’s boatyard in Essex getting an extensive rebuild that included replacement of 80% of her frames, 20% of her planks, new deadwood, cabin house and decks.”

Al Bezanson

Bald Eagle, 2011 GSF

Blueberry Mug Up Competition






Reports have come in that there were no Cape Ann blueberries, or any blueberries at all at the Farmer’s Market this week, so feel free to use Market Basket, Shaw’s, Willow Rest, or whatever blueberries you can get if you want to enter the blueberry bake competition at tomorrow’s Mug Up. 

E.J. Lefavour


Giant Swallowtail Photos from FOB Sarah Gershaw

Several days ago we posted about the local Giant Swallowtail Butterfly sightings. GMG reader and Wenham resident Sarah Gershaw reported she spotted a Giant Swallowtail in her garden that very day. She’s sent in her terrific photos. Thank you Sarah for sharing!

Giant Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio cresphontes)

All Photos Courtesy Sarah Gershaw

Raising the GMG tent @ the Waterfront Festival

Zip Line Kid films as we raise the tent and set up the contest at about 8:30 this morning.  Come down for your killer mason jars w/ crazy straws AND enter to WIN 2 more jars (they make great gifts) plus 2 tickets to ORLEANS at North Shore Music Theatre.

OK it rained for a bit, but it’s not raining now, so COME ON DOWN!

After Hours at the Cape Ann Museum

If you were not at the Cape Ann Museum Summer “After Hours” event last Thursday, August 16, you really missed out!  This museum is one of the under-recognized jewels in Cape Ann’s cultural crown.

There was great music, great food from Alchemy,  live music/dance pieces featuring Sara Slifer, Kristen Miller, and 3rian King… and the personable staff and breathtaking art that you can always find at the Cape Ann Museum. Here are some photos.

Their next event is today at 3PM:

Elyssa East, author of Dogtown: Death and Enchantment in a New England Ghost Town, will discuss Hartley’s sixteen-year relationship with Cape Ann and how it changed his life and work. $10 Museum members; $15 nonmembers. Reservations are required; to make a reservation please call (978)283-0455 x16 or email info@capeannmuseum.orgDogtown Lecture series generously sponsored by Cape Ann Savings Bank.

Fr. Matthew Green

A Big Thank You and a Few (Brief) Thoughts on Art

Thank you so much for helping us reach our goal on Kickstarter. The project we funded through Kickstarter is called the Art Exchange and it begins TONIGHT at 6 o’clock on White Wharf in Rockport. The response to the Art Exchange has already been interesting, and it has yet to take place. Usually when people hear about the idea behind the Art Exchange, they say something like “What a great idea!” followed by “I really want to be a part of this!” followed by “But what-if-what-I-bring-is-worth-more-than-what-someone-else-brings?” or “But what-if-what-I-bring-is-not-as-good-as-what-other-people-bring?” followed by, “I’ll just wait and see this year and maybe participate if you do it again.”

What if you could trade this…
…for this?
Then you would be one lucky dog.

This is the thing: the Art Exchange is an experiment for all of us. At times we allow our experience of art to become an overly-mediated one, or we allow the market to dictate our response to what we see.  The point of the Art Exchange is to make the art market a more immediate, interactive experience. Things may get interesting, or they may stay boring. You may find the experience to be less than satisfying, or it may be the best night of your life. The thing is, I don’t know. And neither do you. So in between gallery openings and the block party, come down to Rockport’s Art Exchange. Eat a hot dog, listen to some tunes, and if you really like a piece of art you see there, try to trade for it. If not, you’ll have had a few hours on one of Rockport’s beautiful wharves on a nice summer evening. So things could be worse. Hope to see you there, and thanks again for your support!

Go to www.artnowrockport.com for more information.

Live Community Blogging The 2012 Gloucester Waterfront Festival

We will be posting updated pictures all day long from the Gloucester Waterfront Festival.

If you wander down there snap a picture or two. if you are a vendor down there send in your photo in front of your booth and we will post it.  Send in your iphone/android phone pics from the waterfront festival to goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com

If you don’t have a camera or the ability to take a picture head to our GMG booth(Booth 88) and Amanda will take your picture and send it in.

9am to 6pm each day

Where to Park?
Free parking along Stacy Boulevard or at the High School.
However, please note that there is small fee to park across the street at Beach Parking.

Directions … Stage Fort Park, Hough Ave, Gloucester, MA
Easy to find … From Route 128 North, take Exit 14, follow to end.
Weather … Held Rain or Shine! …and it’s gonna Shine!
Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Area info dining, shopping…

Meet the Artisans at the Gloucester Waterfront Festival …


7:30AM getting set up.


There are a limited number of the new GMG T Shirts for sale in these sizes-

M, L, XL Pink

L and XL Sunwashed  Blue

L and XL Navy

S, M Lg Youth

Dri Fit Long Sleeve Navy (Bad Ass)  Limited number of these and once they are gone we probably wont be getting more.

Mason Jars with Iced Tea



Report From The Waterfront Festival and Rotary’s Pancake Breakfast From Ron Gilson


12:00PM Update From Bill O’Connor

Taken from High above on Tablet Rock



12:20PM Update Latest Mason Jar Iced Tea Customers- The Melvin Family


12:40PM Update

B represents at GMG Live!


Pictures From Around The Waterfront Festival Taken By Amanda

Lasers Will Stop a USCG Search in its Tracks

Hi Joey,

I came across this tonight at the Coast Guard website and was wondering if you would share: Lasers Halt Coast Guard Searches

Apparently  the USCG is looking for help to get the word out about not aiming lasers at their aircraft.  It may sound like a cool idea to hit a low flying helicopter with your laser pointer, but lasers can blind a pilot and crew long enough to end up in a catastrophe.  The Coast Guard has seen a huge increase in laser activity directed at their craft and have instituted a policy where a mission will be terminated and crew grounded immediately should a laser be visible in the aircraft cockpit.  The crew is grounded until they are seen by a physician and cleared to fly a craft again.

The policy is great for the crew of the craft, but if you’re floating around in the Atlantic in the middle of the night and the rescue crew that’s coming to get you is grounded… You wait.  


~Bill OConnor   
North Shore Kid


Community Photos 8/18/12

Thursday, August 16th

Dear Joey,

Here are six photos I took aboard Ardelle during Monday night’s Schooner Race against Thomas Lannon.  (I’ll send them in two separate emails, because they’re large.)   You might want to feature one or two on a slow day.

It was a beautiful, warm evening, and the crew was most welcoming; they do Gloucester proud, and the sail was worth every penny. 

I love GMG site!          

                                                           Best Regards,

                                                           Leslie DeVaney    

Linda Colman and handsome Ed Collard at Captain Joe and Sons