Quick change to Friday’s Harbor Walk Schedule – Fiesta Screening Postponed

Screening of uncut Fiesta! film footage postponed.  It will be re-scheduled in a couple of weeks and we’ll promote the new date when we know it!

See revised Friday 8/10 Harbor Walk Schedule below.

Noon: Walk the Walk with Mayor Kirk – Literature and Art Theme.  Meet at St. Peter’s Square.  Fish cakes on the wharf, courtesy Cape Ann Brewery

1:30 p.m. Food writer, Heather Atwood, discusses local cuisine and traditions On the Sargent House lawn

1:45 p.m. Reception, Fred Bodin Historic Photos (Fred discusses his work on historic photos and maritime art and crafts

Step Out into Gloucester:
10 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Beauport House, guided tours on the hour.

10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Maritime Gloucester – Exhibits in the Gorton Gallery, Dive Locker, Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary and on the Wharf

1:00 – 4:00 p.m. Sargent House Open House

2:30 p.m. Sawyer Free Library: guided discussion of historical murals not generally available to visitors

3:30 p.m. Maritime Gloucester: Tour of Harriet Webster Wharf and vessels

4:00 p.m. Narrated tour to Marine Railways and Smith Cove/Rocky Neck
Artist Colony on the Water Shuttle

6 -8:00 p.m. Harbor Tour to benefit Schooner Adventure

6 -8:00 p.m. Sunset Cruise on the Thomas E. Lannon

Whale Watch and Fishing Charter options and more here.

Dining and Evening music venues and more here.

Download the complete Harbor Walk Weekend schedule here.

Placing A T Shirt Order Tomorrow

I’ll be placing a T Shirt order for some of those high quality Haynes Stonewashed Beefy T Shirts in Light Blue and Pink In L,  XL and XXL.  If anyone need a special size beside that write it in the comment on this post and I’ll add in your size for the order. 

Sista Felicia and The Mrs will have them along with their killer Mason Jar Iced Teas at The Waterfront Festival weekend after this one.

Charlie Carroll Shows What the RX100 Is Capable Of-

Got mine Aug 18th… I shoot with a Canon 60D (a full sized DSLR), with all L series lenses and the Sony RX100 comes in at a close 2nd. Shot some Still life’s while sitting Wednie Demouths Gallery last week… Available Light at ISO 125 and the results were remarkable… My apologies to all that were assaulted by my continuous praise of this incredible camera… We ought to have a GMG RX100 Shoot Off…
What’a ya say ?

Here are some Test Shots I took last week… the Images loose a lot of their character when compressed for viewing on the Web… very annoying… The Originals are Vivid and have amazing detail… High ISO, low light… NO NOISE !

I love it !



I looked at Best Buy- Sold Out.  I looked at Ritz Camera- Sold Out.  You can get them at Amazon, they are currently in stock and the number one sold camera in their rankings currently and have it delivered within two days-

Here it is-




Here’s the Link… http://seasquared.viewbook.com/rx100-images

This is what’s capable with that huge sensor.  Allin a form factor you can put in your pocket.  remarkable!

54th Annual Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar Thank You’s From Grace Giambanco Numerosi

The 54th Annual Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar was a success!  Main Street was a hot, happening, fun filled place to be for three days!

I would like to personally thank Linda Palazola of Palazola’s Sporting Goods, Joe Ciolino of The Weathervane and Christine Orlando of Kids’ Unlimited  for their continued dedication to the Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar.
I can assure you that without the commitment of these folks the Sidewalk Bazaar would not have happen and we would have lost a Gloucester Tradition.  I feel honored to have been part of the event for the last two years.

The summer is always a busy time for everyone, and we would not have been able to have such a great event if it wasn’t for the commitment of this amazing community.  Gloucester should be proud.

I’d like to thank Mayor Carolyn Kirk and especially Jim Duggan who was always willing to help address any concerns, City Clerk, Linda Lowe who guided me through the new permitting process, Mark Cole and Rose LoPiccolo of the DPW- street closing and trash are always hot topics, Food Inspector Rosalie Nicastro,  Deputy Chief Steve Aiello of the Gloucester Fire Department and Lieutenant Joseph Aiello of the Gloucester Police Department both are a pleasure to work with, and of course our financial sponsors: Howard Frisch, of Horvitz & Frisch, p.c., Bank Gloucester,
Cape Ann Savings Bank and Rockport National Bank.

Lastly, but definitely not least are the team of volunteers that helped keep the event running smoothly, manning the streets and providing useful information to visitors with a smile- all for the simple love of Gloucester and a bright yellow t’ shirt:  Mary Howard, Fred Bodin, Janet Robbins, Kettie Maclean, Amber Rose Rallo, Marlania Rallo, Evan Dombrowski, Josie Martell, Jack Brown, Chelsea Osborn, Joanne Marks, Pat & Phil Lambert, John Orlando, Fayette Severance, Nina Ryan Sargent, Julie Titone, Chris from Harbor Goods and Melissa and Bill Cox.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  It was fun!

Grace Giambanco Numerosi
2012 Sidewalk Bazaar Coordinator

For all the 2012 Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar Coverage click here

Lumper’s Picnic, Labor Day, circa 1950 From Fred Bodin



In the large pot of boiling water: Monsta Lobsta’s. Beers of choice: Ballantine XXX and Blatz.


The Gloucester Lumper’s Picnic, Scandinavian Grove, circa 1950

From left to right in the photo above: Louie Houle, Jocko "Gas Bag" Powers, Mel Mountain, ?, ?, Bill Saint Pierre,?, ?, ?,and Wesley "Hank" Hannon.

Fred adds-

Hi Joey,

Glad you liked my Lumpers’ Picnic submission, scheduled for 6 pm tomorrow. I’m hosting a Lumpers’ Picnic themed reception in the gallery on Friday, August 10th for the Mayor and her Walk the Walk tour at 1:45 pm. I’m waiting to hear from Mark McDonough about a picnic platter before I put anything out. Maybe you’ll want to tack this onto my Lumper post, or do a separate one. Up to you my friend.

Thanks, Fred

Bodin Historic Photo

82 Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930 info@BodinHistoricPhoto.com

Like us on Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/BodinHistoricPhot

Bruce Tarr reveals the secret of successful ribbon cutting

I just got back from the Harbor Walk ribbon Cutting and inaugural walk led by Mayor Kirk with lots of great video.  Here’s a little gem in which Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr reveals the secret of successful ribbon cutting to the crowd on hand.  Lt. Gov. Tim Murray at center and Mayor Carolyn Kirk with the big scissors.

More Harbor Walk video in the days to come  . . .

Pin Wheel on Wicked Tuna

When I took these photos in July, I was sworn to secrecy by the Wicked Tuna film crew and made to promise not to release these photos until after August 4th.  Not sure what all the secrecy was about, but here is the Wicked Tuna film crew and the crew of Pin Wheel out of Rye, NH, who apparently will be upcoming in the Wicked Tuna series.  I don’t have a tv at the gallery, so can’t watch the series, but maybe those who do will understand the significance.  Deb Schradieck, guest artist at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery through August 16th and Wendie Demuth of Wendie Demuth Photography wanted to get in the action too.

E.J. Lefavour


Today’s the Day! Gloucester HarborWalk Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!






Gloucester Harbor Walk August 2012

Click Photo to View Larger

I thought GMG readers would like to see just how far we’ve come! The before photos of I4-C2 were taken in May, of this year!


I4-C2 May 2012

I4-C2 August 2112

Helenium autumnale ~ a bee and butterfly magnet 

There’s a new poster coming to town today ~ and you’ll never guess who helped create it.

As many of you know, ORLEANS’ founding member, John Hall will re-join the band for their 40th Anniversary Tour — and their first east-coast concert is at North Shore Music Theatre on Fri, Aug 31 (get tickets here).

You probably also know that Gloucester’s extraordinarily talented musician, Fly Amero is a longtime member of ORLEANS, which means he’ll be with the band on Aug 31.

What you may not know is that Fly is also very talented with Photoshop — and he created a new photo for us to use for the top of the new poster, which will be showing up around town starting today.

Looking at the poster, you’ll also notice that award-winning Gloucester songwriter Allen Estes is opening.

And that 10% of profits will benefit summer camp programs at the YMCA of the North Shore (where 1 in 4 kids attend only because of your generosity).

This will be one of those shows that you talk about for years!

Allen will make a special appearance tonight at 6:30 to open the Harbor Loop concert with one of his signature songs about Gloucester as part of Harbor Walk Weekend, which starts NOW!

It’s such a great weekend that I can only think of one tiny bit of bad news: you just can’t see all the live music, so you’re gonna have to choose.

Here’s some help with that — get the full live music lineup here.

Chickity Check It! Gloucester 2.0 From Derrick Z. Jackson Boston Globe

Gloucester 2.0

By Derrick Z. Jackson Globe Columnist  

  August 09, 2012


This town’s last national burst of buzz came from the movie version of “The Perfect Storm,” in which desperate fishermen going farther and farther out in search of dwindling stocks of swordfish were swept into the abyss by a hurricane. You may soon hear about Gloucester again, as visionary leaders chart out what they hope is a perfect scenario of renewal. There are still hundreds of working fishermen here, but officials now talk of Gloucester becoming a cluster for a much broader “marine economy.” Picture an aquatic Silicon Valley — a center of research on the “wired ocean” and a workshop for entrepreneurs developing products based on discoveries from the deep.

Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk demonstrates how QR codes enable an interactive smartphoe tour along the city’s HarborWalk.

Wendy Maeda/Globe staff

Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk demonstrates how QR codes enable an interactive smartphone tour along the city’s HarborWalk.

“This is what’s happening to the city, this is where we’re going,” vows Mayor Carolyn Kirk. “Come hell or high water, we’re going there.”

Touring the city this week, there was ample evidence that Gloucester can build on its seafaring heritage, even as it seeks to develop economic niches beyond fishing.

For the entre story click here