Joey: Media Mogul!

Joey’s featured in the latest issue of North Shore Art*Throb

Media Mogul

By Lou Mandarini

Joey Ciaramitaro didn’t necessarily set out to revolutionize the media landscape on Cape Ann, but that’s the way things have turned out since he started his blog Good Morning Gloucester, nearly five years ago.

Subtitled My View Of Life on the Dock, the website is first and foremost a community blog, but describing Good Morning Gloucester so simply is kind of like describing Jackson Pollock as just a painter. Such a perdestrian description doesn’t do justice to the kind of sensory overload at work. To read the article in its entirety, click here, and go to page 26.

Congratulations Chief!

“At its essence, Good Morning Gloucester is a Technicolor love letter to the city where Ciaramitaro grew up.”

North Shore Art*Throb, based out of Salem, is a free publication that incubates a regional movement of sustainable communities invested in the arts, a local economy, and cultural engagement. NS Art*Throb covers Boston’s North Shore including Gloucester, Salem, Beverly, Lynn, and Marblehead.

Joey and Craig at the Kahn Studio and Good Morning Gloucester Gallery

Rock The Baby Day Care Opens in Magnolia


Rock the Baby Daycare Center is now Open!

Located at 15 Lexington Avenue in Magnolia-Gloucester

We are a small family-like daycare center offering flexible plans & drop-in child care.
Serving ages 6 weeks up to age 8!
Open Year Round Mon – Fri 7am – 5pm and Saturdays 9am – 4pm

Our mission is to provide a safe, healthy, fun, loving, family-like atmosphere for your children. We encourage the children to use their imagination, explore new things and expand their creativity. Our goal is to give the best possible quality care that your child deserves.

Excellent, experienced, qualified, QUALITY staff
2 spacious rooms
Spacious outdoor back play area
Scenic neighborhood walks
Easy on-street parking right in front of the daycare center
No babysitter/nanny? Sign up for the day or pay hourly with our drop-in child care
Phone texting option for drop-in care inquiries for busy parents

Click on photo more view of Rock The Baby!

Happenings at Rock the Baby:
– Saturday Social for kids up to age 8
– Kiddie Dance Coming Soon!
– American HeartSaver CPR & First Aid Classes offered on a regular basis for educators, families, babysitters & nannies, and anyone interested in KNOWING HOW TO SAVE A LIFE. Next class is Sunday August 19th –Visit our website for details

See you soon!!

Join us on Facebook!

Register by August 17th to save!!


Carolyn Sanchez
Rock the Baby® FACEBOOK.COM/ILoveRocktheBaby


15 Lexington Avenue UNIT #1
Magnolia (Gloucester), MA 01930

Sweet Shots Secret Spots Tour With Violet and Cory

This is what I’m talking about!  A guided personal tour around the island to incredible hidden spots off the beaten path in a brand new macked out Jeep- soooo cool. 

Must do!

click for the video-


Check out the facebook Page here

Violet writes-

Hey Joey,
Thanks again for taking the ride with us this morning.  We wanted to make an offer to your readers that if they mention GMG we will donate $10 of proceeds to non profits (5 to cultural center on rocky neck and 5 to whomever you; (Joey) chooses).

Merluzzi- If the old timers were still alive they’d be having a field day.

Guys like Mickey Red, Leo The Flounder, they’d be going crazy for the whiting that’s been coming in.  Fried, in a broodu, you name it- Whiting, my favorite fish to eat.

Let the Menagani Babu eat 30 day old swordfish, I’ll eat a mess of fried whiting any day over that crap.


When we were in Ravello, Italy we saw the Merluzzi at a Farmer’s Market. Same fish in the Mediterranean that we’re landing here in Gloucester.


The hitch-hiker stood up and looked across through the windows. “Could ya give me a lift, mister?”

The driver looked quickly back at the restaurant for a second. “Didn’t you see the No Riders sticker on the win’shield?”
“Sure—I seen it. But sometimes a guy’ll be a good guy even if some rich bastard makes him carry a sticker.”
– John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath

Alchemy of Art Opening – Wednesday August 8th 5:30-7:30

From Jim Clyde:
“When the immortal Scottish poet Robert Burns penned the words….”the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang oft agley…” he must have had the plein air painter in mind.

Many times I have set up my easel in the brilliant sun of a mid-winter day only to find a short time later that the temperature has dropped 20 degrees and the wind has created a chill factor that renders one’s fingers inoperable.  Struggle on or pack it up?

Or the refulgent summer sky deteriorates into overcast and thunderstorms.  Not wishing to confirm Franklin’s theory of electricity, I fold up my easel and head home.

But there is nothing quite like painting outdoors, or “en plein air”.  Under the tutelage of Gloucester painter/teacher David Curtis, I have gained an appreciation of outdoor painting and the spontaneity that it necessarily generates.  By the way, you can always identify a painting that’s been done en plein air…. There are bugs and grass in the paint!”

Jim Clyde

Come join us to see Jim and his work this coming Wednesday evening to Alchemy’s brick room gallery from 5:30-7:30 PM.  And when you’re done taking in the view, if you’re still feeling frisky stick around for some live music by John Rockwell and some ladies night delights.  Music from 7-9.

Save $12 by getting your Blues Festival tickets before midnight tonight

“GMG readers deserve the best price available!”  That’s what Bob Hastings said in an email to me this morning.  And he’s right.  Click here to get your tickets for $28 on-line by midnight tonight or pay $40 (cash or check) at the gate on Saturday.

Gate opens at 9am on Saturday.

Weather looks good.

And so do Shemekia Copeland and Kenny Neal, two of the big stars you’ll see at the show.

You really don’t want to bemoan the fact that you missed Gloucester’s first-ever Blues Festival do you?

Be smart, click now and save 12 bucks.

Now, there’s no reason to wait until Saturday for great music.  In fact there’s even more music this week than there was last week — and last week may have been a record-breaking week of music on Cape Ann.  See this week’s full music lineup here.

ORLEANS: The Show Must Go On!


Orleans, in its 40th year of life – WILL PERFORM
North Shore Music Theater
Friday, August 31 – 8pm
“We mourn the sudden passing of Larry Hoppen.  However, we will undertake to
finish out the rest of the year’s schedule in Larry’s honor.  The touring band now
consists of mainstays Lance Hoppen, Lane Hoppen, Fly Amero, Charlie Morgan –
plus returning co-founder, John Hall.  Please keep us in your hearts and prayers.”
~ Lance Hoppen

By now, pretty much everyone knows about the loss of my dear friend and band
mate of so many, many years, Larry Hoppen.  His contributions to the world of
music and to contemporary pop culture will stand throughout history, never to be
forgotten.  It occurs to me, having invited him to so many intimate shows here in
the northeast over the years, Larry was a friend to a number of you folks as well.
We all must now share in our grief, hold ourselves together and be ever thankful
for our lives and for what we have.
But it is the band’s resolve to continue – at least through 2012 – to carry out our
2012 touring schedule in Larry’s honor, the NSMT at the end of this month being
no exception.  Co-founding Orleans member, John Hall has come onboard to join
us on the trail… and numerous pop chart luminaries have made generous offers
of availability for surprise walk-ons and sit-ins along the way.  No way of telling
who may emerge from the wings on these remaining shows.

So, this message is basically in response to those who have been asking, “What’s
next?  Where do you guys go from here?”  The answer is the same as it always
has been in the entertainment business – the show must go on!  Or, perhaps an
even better reply may be found in the words of Larry Hoppen himself…




Mile21,The Runaround, Allen Estes, Marina Evans and Charlie Bianchini all in one night at The Harbor Loop Concert~This Thursday August 9th.

Mile 21:{%22ImageId%22%3A17925499}

Formed in the fall of 2000, Mile 21 established itself as a seven piece
punk/ska band with influences of reggae and hip hop ranging from the
Mighty Mighty Bosstones to the Wu Tang Clan. After taking a hiatus from
shows in 2003 Mile 21 returned with a new sound that incorporated
catchy hornlines, melodic riffs and influencial lyrical patterns.

Over the years Mile 21 has been the featured band at several festivals
and shows in the NorthEast, playing at clubs and venues such as CBGB’s,
The Knitting Factory, The Empress Ballroon, The Middle East Club, The
Webster Theater, and Harper’s Ferry. Influenced by a uniquely wide
variety of artists, bands and styles, Mile 21 Band maintains a fresh,
self-owned sound. The list of those owed credit and notice are an
extensive group from Bob Marley & the Wailers to the Bosstones, John
Coltraine to Wu-Tang Clan, The Toasters to The Skatellites, and B.B.
King to Steel Pulse. Each of these as well as many more have offered
styles, sounds and inspiration for these 8 players to put every ounce
of energy and heart into the success of Mile 21 Band.

After a few EPs and Demos Mile 21 has released a new 3-song Demo that
truly captures their ska/roots/reggae styles. This new music expresses
their desire to release socially conscious music while maintaining a
very pop element that appeals to a wide range of people. Since their
release of Nine Ivy Days in 2005 Mile 21 Band has opened for such acts
as The Toasters, The Planet Smashers, Toots and the Maytals, Sean Paul,
Badfish, and Morgan Heritage. Mile 21 Band released its first
self-titled album under Megalith Records in 2007 and is currently
working on a new release that captures the influence and growth of
their 2010 hiatus. The band’s 2012 return welcomes the 2007 lineup
which includes Carlos Menezes Jr. on Trombone, Mike Francis on lead
vocals/guitar, Keith Amero on bass, Steve Russo on Drums, Mike Lentini
on saxophone, Mike Goulart on lead guitar, Julian O’Brien on keys, and
Shawn Lowe on Trumpet.
The Runaround:!/pages/The-Runaround-Sound/74830706772?sk=info

Celebrating its 5th-year, The Runaround Sound is a highly energetic,
entertaining machine delivering the sounds of ska, reggae, pop, and
soul! The group features Carlos Menezes Jr on lead vocals and horns,
Steve Russo on vocals and drums, Nick Capello on saxophone, Christian
Towler on Guitar, Tim Klopotoski on vocals and keys, and Bill Spencer
on vocals and bass. The band’s repertoire is quite expansive, ranging
from the Skatalites to the Beatles.
Allan Estes will play an acoustic solo set as the Mayor ends her Gloucester sidewalk presentation at around 6pm…
Charlee Bianchini & Marina Evans will
also play an acoustic set to open!

Drowning victim recovery off of front beach in Rockpor

Ok so this is the latest 411 on the drowning. Corroborated by two Rockport Policemen. 23 year old Korean National college student visiting Rockport with a crew of fellow international college students from many different countries. His friends didn’t report him missing immediately because they thought he went to get some food. At around 6PM I was sitting on the beach and noticed the Rockport Harbor Master boat patrolling in a back and forth search pattern. I also noticed two cops standing on the railing over looking the beach. I mentioned to two ladies sitting next to me that the Harbor Master boat patrolling like that was unusual, in fact I hadn’t seen that in my two years here. I heard the guy standing on the bow of the boat say “There it is”. He jumped off the bow into about 3-4 feet of waist deep water between the raft and the shore and grabbed something. At that point 4 policemen came on the beach and cleared the beach. So I moved up to the railing. i then overheard one of the policemen radio in and say “Contact the medical examiner’s office”. The fellow in the water dragged the body so that it was on the far side of the boat away from the beach. i could see the two people on the boat pull the body onto the boat. Then the boat sped off towards Granite Pier. That is the point I took this photograph.

Well Lookey Here At What Lily Linqs Made Me! You Rock Lily!

If your company doesn’t have one of Lily’s unique and expressive authentic hand painted lobster buoy then shame on you!

Lily produces these works of art herself and there isn’t anything more expressive of local flavor than a lobster buoy painted with your logo now is there?

Check out her website and order up yours like right now.

What, you’re still reading?  You mean to tell me you didn’t click on the link and get to ordering your very own personalized buoy? That is totally unacceptable!! 

Thank you Lily!

Also follow her on twitter.  She’s badass.  Well badass in a pixie ingénue kinda way.  If that makes sense.  Probably not, but whatever- @lilylinqs



I Propose A Monster Lobster Bash At Maritime Gloucester’s New Harriett Webster Pier for Schooner Festival

At night under the lights- huge rows of picnic tables.  The crews of the Schooners, Our Fishermen, Our Community-  A lobster, ear of corn.  Kegs of Fisherman’s  Brew, Ryan and Wood Folly Cove Rum, fun under the lights!!!!

A bash, proceeds to Maritime Gloucester, fun for all, move a ton of lobsters which help promote our local lobster industry.  Let’s Do It! Let’s make It An Annual Tradition!

Kinda Like The White Party Where everyone brings their own picnic baskets and tables.

Our lobster dock Captain Joes will provide them for tiny margin over cost.

Schooner Festival should be one of the Top 3 events in this whole city but it always seems to come and hardly anyone except for the schoonerheads knows about it.

Lets get the community down the Heritage Center and blow it out!  Reminiscent of the old Lumper picnics.


Gino Mondello what do you say?  Tom Balf what do you say?

Mary Kay  Taylor what do you say?


Schooner Festival Lobster Fest FTW!

Check out the scene of the proposed crime at The Maritime Gloucester Web Cam


A 22-Second Video Guide to Rockport’s Art Exchange

Before you check out the video…if you’re on Twitter, Art Now Rockport just joined. Follow Art Now and Art Now will follow you back big time.

Last week we were off camping and visiting relatives but now I’m back on Cape Ann charged up and ready to swap some art at Art Now‘s upcoming Art Exchange on August 18th! Here’s a little video we made (just 22 seconds so it won’t cut into your day too much) about the event:

What Will Happen at Art Now 2012 from Sarah Kelly on Vimeo.

A 20 second visual example of what will happen at the 2012 Art Now Rockport Art Exchange, scheduled for August 18th, 2012. Only there won’t be a man with a top hat there.

Captain Lou Williams Catches A “Rare For These Waters” Triggerfish

2012-08-04 11.48.40

We usually see one of these a year.  In the past years Aaron aboard the Lady Margaret, Doc Herrick aboard the Dog and I caught one.  If you notice all three got landed in August with the warm water temps.

Triggerfish At Captain Joe’s

Posted on August 12, 2009 by Joey C

Day before yesterday Aaron on The Lady Margaret brought in this Triggerfish.  In my 33 years down the dock and after handling a bajillion pounds of fish at our dock I’ve only seen a couple of these.  The wikipedia page … Continue reading →

Johnny “Doc” Herrick Catches A Triggerfish

Posted on August 30, 2010 by Joey C

We don’t see these too often.  About once or twice a year.  Dave Jewell caught one a year or two ago and we got some video for you below. This picture was taken by FOB Joey Ciolino when Joey and … Continue reading →