Rudder Red Sox Raffle & Fundraiser for ALS

From Greg Halle:
This Saturday August 4th Rudder’s entire waitstaff will be donating between 20-50% of their tips to help support ALS research, a cause which is very close to our hearts. Our owner Dennis will be matching all their donations as well.

Rudder Red Sox Raffle & Fundraiser for ALS

We will also be raffling off box seats for 2 different Red Sox games in August…Raffle tickets are just $10.00

Winners will be contacted directly & will be announced on our facebook page and on Twitter

A big thank you to Ruby Wines & United Liquors for donating raffle prizes 🙂

Where: The Rudder at Rockyneck
When: Saturday, August 4th
Time:  Starts at 5:0pm

Local Instant Groupon Deals Lat 43- Minglewood, La Trattoria, Alchemy,Cala’s

The way the Groupon Now Deals work is you buy them and use them the same day.  You can even use them on your cell phone while you’re at the joint.  Why wouldn’t you, right?  Like say you are at the bar at Minglewood and you know you’re gonna eat a burger why wouldn’t you buy one and cut your bill essentially in half???  Duh

The thing about them is they are killer deals but need to be used that day.

Try it now if you are looking from your cell phone and see. Unless you like to pay twice as much as you need to.  These restaurants wouldn’t offer these deals if they didn’t want you to use them.


Wreath made from rope found at Folly Cove From Mary Bowles

Mary Bowles writes-

Hi Joey,

I was at Folly Cove a couple of weeks ago with my niece and nephew (Lily & Stevie) and we picked up a bunch of the pieces of colorful rope that wash up along the shore there.  I bought a wreath frame and today we used the blue and orange rope to make a wreath.  I took this picture of them holding the finished product at Long Beach.  They were really excited to make something out of stuff they found!

Mary Bowles


Way to recycle!!!!!  Awesome!

Don’t Miss August Night on the Neck – Tomorrow

In addition to the great lineup of performers and fun that happens every first Thursday on Rocky Neck, stop in at 77 Rocky Neck Ave and welcome artists, Paul George and KT Morse.  It is supposed to be a beautiful evening, so why not think about taking a cruise over to Rocky Neck on the Gloucester Harbor Water Shuttle from Harbor Loop on the hour or from St. Peter’s Landing at 15 after every hour.

E.J. Lefavour

If you’re not on vacation, find an excuse to take tomorrow off

There’s so much going on tomorrow that it’s just not a good day to be at work.

Gloucester’s Sidewalk Bazaar kicks off at 9am and must be better than ever — otherwise why would our boy Joey represent?

Click here to download the complete Sidewalk Bazaar Schedule

The Farmer’s Market starts at 3pm at Stage Fort Park — remember it’s ON, regardless of the weather.  And the knife guy (forgot his name) will be there this week.  I’m bringing my precious Sabatier French knife that I got in 1974 so he can fix the curve, which I have not been able to maintain properly because I only have a stone, not a grinder.  More on that later . . .

At 6:30pm Allen Estes and Fly Amero will be on the Schooner Lannon for a gorgeous Sunset Music Sail.  Call 978-281-6634 for tickets.  Seeing these two aboard the Lannon is a must.  No mics, no amps, no speakers.  You know you’re in the presence to world-class musicians when there’s literally nothing between you and the sound of voices and guitars.

For all of you who won’t fit on the Lannon, check out Nights on the Neck, which starts at 5pm.  This week you can see singer/songwriter and Noise founder/editor T Max at 8:45.

And of course there’s the Harbor Loop Concert starting at 6:30 — always a good time –and you can bring your kids and watch them dance.  If you video your kids dancing (or other kids) put it up on YouTube and paste the link in a comment to this post.  We’ll show it to all of Gloucester.

If that’s not enough, six other venues have music of all kinds.

But let’s not forget about tonight!  Fly Amero is back from Larry Hoppen’s memorial service and will host the great Inge Berge at Rhumbline.  Marina Evans joins Dennis Monagle at Minglewood.  Steve Caraway hosts an open mic at Catch 22 …

Whew!  I could go on and on.  See the complete live music schedule here.

Dave Sag’s Blues Party To Host John Rankin @ The Rhumb Line This Thursday

Photo by Sharon Lowe

  Well, kids, it’s about that time again. The mad rush of summer visitors at my house has got me in a tizzy and despite visits by the FBI and DEA, the madness continues with the arrival of Mr. John Rankin from New Orleans. He’ll be arriving soon with his muddy boots and resonator guitar to assail you with the entire catalogue of N.O.roots music. Educator,emulator,excavator, this guy does it all. And sings, too.
John has been so busy, what with performances, guitar workshops and teaching, that I’m so glad the New Orleans cops have let him have the opportunity to flee the state and come up here for some much needed community service. I promised to send him back on time.Put up my home as collateral, too.
On drums ,we’ll be sporting Mr. Andrew Jones, who’s been furiously trying to learn the N.O. style of sloppy groove,and with all of us drooling, it’s gonna be a mess. Bring paper towels!
And don’t forget: Monday afternoon from 1 to 3 the Good Old Salty Jazz Band hits the dirt at the Rose Baker Senior Center. It’s free, for all of you who are economically challenged. Mr. Rankin will be playing with us, too. You don’t know what you’re missing. It’s better than “Cats”.

Lobster Fest at Seaport Grille $9.99 Single Lobster #Boom!

lobster, seaport grille, captain joes and sons

lobster, captain joes and sons, seaport grille

Check out those lobsters! We enjoyed our lobster feast last night at the Seaport Grille. I had the steamed and Mike enjoyed the stuffed. He really loved the stuffing, lots of whole shrimp and scallops in buttery goodness.

The Seaport Grille celebrates Lobster Fest on Wednesday nights this Summer. Check out the amazing prices on their lobster dinners!

$9.95 One Steamed Lobster
$15.95 Twin Steamed Lobster
$18.95 Baked Stuffed Lobster
$22.95 Twin Baked Stuffed Lobster
All served with corn on the cob and cole slaw!

Obviously, the lobsters are amazing because they get them from the best Lobster Broker in Town!


Chickity Check It! Gloucester HarborWalk Website is live!

The website for the Gloucester HarborWalk is live!  The HarborWalk is a Walk of Stories, reflecting that we are a City of Stories (really great stories.)  Hints of these stories are given along the Walk, which weaves in and out of the waterfront, up to City Hall, and around and down the brick sidewalks and great food of Main Street, back to St. Peter’s Park.  It is a Walk through the heart of Gloucester.  People might like to preview the stories on the new website. There are Stories and links to more stories, Walking Cinema, and Postcards from Gloucester!  Cambridge 7 Associates produced beautiful designs, and Lise Breen and Catherine Ryan found terrific stories, videos, art and connections from all in the community.  Take a look!
Mayor Kirk invites all to the ribbon-cutting on Thursday August 9th at 1 p.m. with the Lt. Governor, and to walk the Walk with her following the ceremony.
Very best,
Sarah Garcia

Sarah Garcia
Harbor Planning Director
Gloucester MA, 01930