Gloucester Harbor, 1919 From Fred Bodin

Fred Submits-

Hi Joey,

I just saw this post on a seaplane, and thought maybe it would be fun to add this:

Lingard Seaplane, Gloucester Harbor, 1919


This was the US Navy seaplane flown by Annisquam’s Eric Lingard In WWI. Ensign Eric Lingard flew missions against German submarines from Naval Air Station Chatham, making this the first aircraft to defend the US against direct enemy attack. During one submarine attack, Lingard, frustrated by his bombs not exploding, threw a wrench onto the deck of the German sub, which hastily retreated. On October 18th, 1918, Lingard’s plane went down in heavy seas due to engine failure, and he died of pneumonia 11 days later. The Lingard home is diagonally across Washington Street from the Annisquam Church, and was later the home of the renowned Crouse family (Sound of Music lyrics and actress Lindsey Crouse).

Printed from the original 5×7 inch glass negative in my darkroom.

Bodin Historic Photo

82 Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930

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"Bold" mapping off the Back Shore From Dwight Hebert


The Ocean Survey Vessel (OSV) Bold is EPA’s only ocean and coastal monitoring vessel. The Bold is equipped with state-of-the-art sampling, mapping, and analysis equipment including sidescan sonar, underwater video, water sampling instruments, and sediment sampling devices, which scientists can use in various monitoring activities. The vessel is a converted Navy T-AGOS class vessel and is 224 feet long and 43 feet wide. EPA acquired the Bold on March 31, 2004.

EPA recognizes that accurate and timely data collection and analysis along our coasts will help us take actions necessary to keep our nation’s coastal and ocean waters healthy.

The OSV Bold is the former Navy vessel, United States Naval Ship (USNS) Bold. Constructed by the Tacoma Boat Building Company of Tacoma, Washington, as a Tactical Auxiliary General Ocean Survey (T-AGOS) vessel, the ship was first commissioned in 1989 as the USNS Vigorous. The vessel was later renamed the USNS Bold and has served on many surveillance missions. The Navy decommissioned the USNS Bold in 2004, and then transferred the vessel to EPA. EPA converted the vessel to an Ocean Survey Vessel to replace EPA’s aging OSV Peter W. Anderson.


Alpacas at Bothways Farm in Essex

Dean Burgess from Gloucester writes-

           I work at Bothways Farm in Essex .Here are the Alpacas that we have at the farm. I thought the GMG viewers would like to see something different in farm animals.As most may know Alpacas are from the South American region and are a cross between a camel and LLamas. Alpacas are herd animals and are used for their wool fibers.We have shaven these Alpacas and have sold the wool. I have seen these animals run very fast,just like a camel.The GMG viwers can see these Alpacas out in the front pasture as they drive by Bothways farm along Southern avenue in Essex.


Get Down To Mile Marker 1 Now To See The Monster Tuna Being Landed In The Bluefin Blowout Right Now Saturday! Open To The Public Under The Tent!


Follow the action on twitter but better to get there and see it live.  the place is crazy and tonight is gonna be even crazier!!!!




Click below for slide show from Brianmoc


As of 2:30PM Saturday- Maya Elizabeth in at 582 pounds. Currently in the lead.

photo (32)

If the Red Sox can do it …

Seagulls for Sale5PM edit: I came back an hour later and there was $4.85 in the cup. Should Rubber Duck consult a lawyer before we move to a more popular beach? The overhead is dirt cheap. A few breadcrumbs, maybe a fish rack or two.

I stole the concept for this idea from XKCD comics and forgot to atribute them. They are math nerds who make you laugh with equations and other science stuff. I usually wet my pants when I read them. The seagull one was just weird.

Live! Whalemobile at Maritime Gloucester

Bill O’Connor Submits-

Hey Joey,
Live at Maritime Gloucester!

photo (31)

The Whalemobile is at Maritime Gloucester!


The Whalemobile is at Maritime Gloucester!  Join whale naturalist Cynde McInnis for a very special Creature of the Week, featuring Nile the life-sized inflatable humpback whale.

When: Saturday, August 25, 10:30-11:30

Who: PreK – 6 years

Where: Maritime Gloucester, 23 Harbor Loop

Cost: Free with admission/membership, no registration required

A few teasers for some of tonight’s music events. There is so much more happening in this fine town or ours.

Wes Thibodeau
This, our last performance of the 2012 season at The Madfish, is going to be an incredible show that you’ll surely want to attend… The music will be hot, the drinks cold and the crowd moving to the classic rock sounds of one of the North Shore’s best classic rock bands, Full Circle! Slip on your dancin’ shoes and come join the fun!
The BKs mix it up at The Rhumbline this Saturday with 3 full sets of new and used originals and a sprinkling of their best b-side covers…9:30pm, free, but tip your awesome bartenders!

So what’s this band Mike O’Connell and The Backstabbers playinMinglewoodTavern AtLat? I heard they are a wicked hot, roots, blues and rock band from Gloucester MA. Is it true………..Oh yeah! 9:00pm

This is not the Mike O’Connell and The Backstabbers. It is however Mike OConnell, Dan King, Joe Cardoza, Scott Noring and Andrew Jones. You get some kind of idea what you are in for tonight. Mike and the guys made the crowd go wild.

More music here > click it >