Sista Felicia Pasta Bolognese Featured on GDT

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August 15, 2012

Bolognese Sauce

By Times StaffGloucester Daily Times

There are many variations for what is known as Bolognese sauce, and every Italian American home usually has its own.

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan’s version is typical. In her home, as in most other Italian American homes that take their Italian food seriously, it is a staple sauce, especially for the traditional Sunday dinners.

Felicia says that the best way to think of this sauce is as “a meat sauce, it is thick and not juicy.” There are two types of meat — ground hamburger and ground veal — but relatively little tomato sauce.

“I use it as the stuffing along with some peas for my arancini,” she says. “It is almost always served on pasta for Sunday dinner as well.”

Art Now Rockport Comin’ At Ya August 18th The Deets From Sarah Kelly

We were going for a whole Joker from batman look with the shadows across her face (my fault not hers).

Seriously this is the coolest idea involving art I’ve ever heard of.  This could blow up and be absolutely HUGE and one day we will be looking back and say, yep it was that brilliant Sarah Kelly who kicked off this huge Art Revolution.


More info here-

Who Is This Dude?

Fred Bodin writes-

Who Is This Dude?


Yes, you probably do know him and know his family and their business. He’s not from around here now, but he was, and will be in the future. I’ll tell all in a comment to this post, or in person at the Lumpers’ Picnic in my Gallery (1:45 pm until …?) Good friend, we go way back, neighbor, and a Standup Nice guy. I don’t think this will take long! Use the comment box for your answers. For extra points, his cat’s name was…


Get to the Farmer’s Market Tomorrow for your Fresh Blueberries

This Sunday’s Mug Up at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery will feature a blueberry food competition.  Entries can be anything made with Cape Ann blueberries.  So if you want to participate, get picking, or get yourself to the Farmer’s Market tomorrow.  There will be a famous unnamed ringer in the mix, so bring on your best.  Judges are still being vetted, so if you would like to be considered for a judging position, please speak up (Ed, you are confirmed).

E.J. Lefavour

Musical chairs, open mics, special guests, family co-hosts, sing-a-long, smooth jazz scat … and more tonight

You’re gonna have to choose because they’re all going on at the same time.  See the detailed live music line up here.  If you go see Fly with his sister Linda & special guest Jack Senier on piano at the Rhumb Line tonight, you might want to see if Fly will play Mall Cop.  No reason.  Just cuz.

And don’t forget the premiere of Local Music Seen with Allen Estes tonight at 6:30pm, with guest John Rockwell and the TV premiere of Allen’s new song, which you can name if you like — see yesterday’s post about that here.

Dave Sag’s Blues Party to host Greg Luttrell, Sam Hooper and Steve Chaggaris. It’s gonna be good!

Thursday – 9:00-12:00

Dave says,

Any of you who were at the Rummie last thursday witnessed the remarkable sit-in of Mr. Sam Hooper, guitar-slayer from L.A.. Well, guess what?  He’s gonna join us for a complete evening this Thursday along with his old buddy and crackerjack frontman/guitslinger, Mr. Greg Lutrell. It’s gonna be a rainbow coalition!  Greg, one of our faves, has just returned from China where he received the Sum Yung Guy Award for the least amount of noodles in a guitar solo. And he can sing like an angel! Handsome, too. Turns out that Sam and Greg are old buddies, and are looking forward to kvetching and meshing their way thru the entire canon of sweet American soul and other roots music.
I’ll be in the background cringing along with our tonsorally challenged egg-beating rhythm ace, Mr. Steve Chaggaris. I’m counting on losing some hair, myself. We’re gonna wind this thing up and let it go; see where it takes us. It’s going to be a heck ova nite. Don’t forget to re-charge your pacemakers.
And don’t forget: almost every Monday, from 1 to 3 , you are invited to witness the materialization of the Good Old Salty Jazz Band at the Rose Baker Senior Center. We swing ,we sway , we stumble thru the entire labryinth of pre-concocted Dixieland, trad jazz, and the great American schlongbook. And it’s free! EMTs’are standing by! Do come! We’ll be there next Monday. Seeya!

Music Night on the Schooner Ardelle – Thursday

The featured musicians on Thursday’s Music Cruise is Harlow, Hicks, Stone & Spillert. With special guest Barry O’Brien. The band is made up of Guitar, Bass, Dobro, Banjo & Harmonica. Great acoustic tunes with tight harmonies & soaring solos. Come out & enjoy the sunset aboard the Schooner Ardelle!

Street bazaar taekwondo continued


Above: Phil Demetri leads his students in group exercises (or whatever the technical name is…)

I sprained my wrist two weeks ago punching a free-hanging punching bag. The young gentleman in the photo below broke three boards with one punch and walked away without a cast…
Fr. Matthew Green

Pet of the Week-Emily Rose

I’m Emily Rose and I am staying at the Cape Ann Animal Aid located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter in Gloucester.  I am looking out the window and I see two people sitting in a truck with a dog sitting between them.  That might be me someday when I am adopted!  It looks like the driver is coming in to donate some items we need like paper towels, newspapers (glossy inserts removed, please) and some ceramic dishes for cats and dogs.  He must have seen our wish list.

The volunteers and staff are wonderful here.  I hear them talking about the Waterfront Festival at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester where we will have a booth August 18-19 from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.   Dog Day will be on September 9 from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Stage Fort Park.  You can check our website for details and other events coming up such as the 2nd Annual Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter Golf Tournament at Bass Rocks on October 15th by visiting:

Please always feel welcome to stop by the shelter and visit us as well.

Oh!! I hear another truck pulling up to the building and there isn’t a dog in it…maybe that might be my new owner….and it’s a bright red truck, my favorite color!!

Not one but TWO Lanesville Gallery Openings on Saturday.

Have you heard? Flatrocks Gallery in Lanesville is opening a show in their beautiful new gallery this Saturday from 5 to 7 pm.

Also, Elizabeth Enfield has an really interesting exhibit opening this weekend at her gallery just down the road from Flatrocks, across the street from the Lanesville Post Office. The exhibit is called 50/50 and here’s a bit more about it from Elizabeth:

There will be an exhibition of my father’s work, over 50 framed photographs, displayed in my gallery at 1095 Washington Street in Lanesville, about 3 miles from downtown Rockport. He was an architectural designer of furniture, lighting and interiors. There will also be renderings, drawings and blueprints to look through.  About 10 actual pieces of his work will be displayed, tables, desk, chairs and a pair of etageres. …This auspicious event will continue through the month of August: Friday, Saturday and Sunday and by appointment other times. Tel: 786-282-2434


Community Photos 8/15/12

Amandacakes writes-

amanda GMG photos 029

Beauport / Sleeper McCann House From Anthony Marks

Beauport  /  Sleeper- McCann House

Bruce Slifer Submits-

The crew over in Burnhams Boat Yard  in Essex building a new boom for Adventure !


Community Stuff 8/15/12

2012 Schooner Festival with Adventure


Tusinski Gallery, Rockport,MA


You’ve been in my gallery to see the ‘catch’ exhibit last yr, this yr., I’m featuring a guest artist to show with me –in my gallery: TUSINSKI GALLERY 2 Main St., Rockport, Ma

I’m hanging her work this Thursday evening so it will be up for the weekend, with a reception Sept.1st, 5-7 p.m.

Folks can re-visit my works, & ck out Kate’s amazing paintings as well ::: she will have several fish paintings that look just swimmingly!

Over ten years ago Kate & I  used to share studio space for 3 yrs. in the former Blackburn Bldg….we had great views of ‘Fiesta’ as you can imagine.


Melissa Cox Forwards-

HMS Bounty To Offer Dockside Tours During Schooner Festival


Tracie Simonin writes-

While in Gloucester we will be opening to the public for dockside tours of
the ship during the Gloucester Schooner Festival.  The cost will be $10
per adult, $5 per child and seniors and children under 5 are free.  We
pride ourselves on bringing the ship to new places and sharing the story
of the Mutiny on the Bounty and what it is like to sail a traditional
square rigged vessel from the 1780’s.  Although we are not a schooner, we
were anxious to be a part of the schooner festival that weekend and share
the Bounty with the town of Gloucester!

We would love it if you could share this info on your blog site.  In the
meantime, feel free to link to our website where we too have a wonderful
blog that could get people excited about reading first hand from a crew
member her experiences with sailing with the ship this summer.  Our link

Tracie Simonin
HMS Bounty Organization, LLC


Good morning, Joey:

As a longtime reader and friend of the blog, I know you are heavily into community service. 

Each year, the members of Sandy Bay Engine Company 1 of the Rockport Fire Department raise money for a scholarship to honor the memory of one of our former officers, the late Fire Lieutenant Sheldon Knowles.  Sheldon passed on many years ago, way too young, from the ravages of cancer but is still remembered by our department as a firefighter/EMT who served the town with a pride and a commitment to which we all aspire.

This year, the Engine Company is once again sponsoring a harbor cruise fundraiser on Cape Ann Whale Watch’s Hurricane II.  I was hoping you could post the attached flyer on the blog to assist us with this.

Thanks very much for your help and for doing such a great job in promoting what’s truly the experience of living on Cape Ann .


Capt Kris Juncker, Sr

Sandy Bay Engine Company 1

Rockport Fire Department

‘On Call Professionals Serving the Community with Pride.’