An Open Letter to My Bike Wheel Thief from Jim Dowd

An open letter to the person who stole my rear bike wheel at the Gloucester Train Station yesterday:


Dear Douchebag;

So, I stepped off the train yesterday to find you had run off with my real wheel. Really, Douchebag? Really? I was coming home from work… wait, I should explain. Work is this thing I do- It’s sort of cool. I go into Boston and do interesting stuff with technology and science and then they pay me money so I can buy the goods and services my family needs. You should go to your local library and check out this whole “having a job” business, you will learn all kinds of neat things. Many of the most famous people in history, for instance, had jobs. The Roman Emperor Valarian, (253-360 AD) had one and so does Snoop (1971-Present).

As you do your research you’ll find that not everyone has a job all the time, but even folks that don’t have one usually find other useful things to do like volunteer or get additional training. Based on what your skill set is probably like maybe you could offer to serve as ballast on a ship or as a large, lumpy thing to put in front of a door to keep it propped open. The point is, doing most anything is better than just sitting around, though that in and of itself is preferable to making a public nuisance of yourself as you have done.

It’s important to note that I had to purchase this bike last September after somebody stole my previous one (the beloved Madeline) from the exact same place you took my wheel. You’d think I’d wise up and not park my bike there, but I sort of don’t have a choice, that’s where the locking station is. I secure the front wheel to the frame with that great big chain you probably noticed, but I didn’t think anybody would be enough of a massive pestilent ass-boil as to unship my rear wheel, detach it from the bike and stagger off as you did. But here you are, proving me wrong. I guess in some weird way that’s a kind of public service you’re providing, sorta. Maybe you should still try out for the doorstop job though, just to keep your eyes on the prize.

So its drugs right? Maybe I’m still in denial, but I just can’t imagine that any non-impaired human mind has the potential to be this profoundly lame. Though I don’t have much experience myself I hear from some of the musicians I like speak frequently about how much fun drugs are. One time I even got stuck on a bus in a snowstorm next to this guy who for some reason found it necessary to spend seven hours explaining the supreme excellence of various specific types in exquisite detail, so, I get it. Drugs are fun. I too enjoy a number of recreational activities such as reading, boating and electronics. But, key difference here my man DB, if at any time I find myself thinking, “I should commit a petty crime so I can make a circuit board for this hobby project,” I will drop my soldering iron and seek help immediately. See the difference?

And it was a petty crime, wasn’t it? That’s another key point. Besides obviously having nothing to do in the middle of the day than steal people’s stuff, you haven’t even put very much effort into being a criminal. You took the back wheel off an unattended bike at the train station. Not exactly Professor Moriarty are we? (your local library will have information as to who Professor Moriarty is and why that’s funny.) Cool criminals from literature typically live by an internal code that define an alternate, but rigidly defined morality. You, on the other hand, live by a large pile of scratched lottery tickets and empty Natural Ice cans.

Yeah, I know poverty is endemic and addiction is a disease. I’m Irish and I grew up in Lynn, I didn’t need a sociology course to teach me that. I have plenty of sympathy for people in need and have been in need myself. But my rear wheel and hub are not a loaf of bread. Most people are able to make their way, even in the face of extreme hardship, without resorting to nuisance crime. You, on the other hand, are the kind who not only does, but also who will do so in such a brazenly stupid manner as to have a number of witnesses call the cops on you. Way to go, Lux Loser.

The harshest fact is this: if you’d come up to me at the train station and told me that you needed a rear wheel, I probably could have gotten you one (and one not one drilled out for Schrader valves with that goofy trailer-hub I have one there. Good luck figuring that out!). I have three of them at home; I know a bunch of people who have spares. People help each other out like that all the time. Dude, I got like ten emails after I posted the picture of my wheel-less bike on Facebook offering me a new one: “Just go take one out of my garage” said a friend on vacation in Utah.

In summary: A). Your life has become a waste of time and energy for the rest of us. B). This could be ameliorated somewhat if you were to find some useful task, like being dragged on the end of a line behind a boat to serve as bait for the shark over in Truro. C). You are even bad at crime. D). You gargle dog testicles.

Thank you,


The Yokohama Lucys in Gloucester

An unusual tour of organists takes place August 13-18, when six young Japanese women, “The Yokohama Lucys”, bring their talents to bear on five notable organs in New England. 

During their internships at the Minato Mirai Concert Hall in Yokohama, these women have trained with resident organist, Hatsumi Miura, on a pipe organ affectionately nicknamed “Lucy.”  Lucy is the three-manual, 62-stop instrument built in 1998 (Opus 110) by C. B. Fisk, Inc., the renowned organbuilding firm in Gloucester.  Miura, who organized the tour for her interns, has concertized in numerous cities in America as well as in Europe and Japan, and is a professor of organ at Ferris University in Yokohama. She was recently celebrated for her significant cultural contributions to the city of Yokohama.

On Monday, August 13, at 7:30 PM, three of these distinguished performers will present a concert on the newly completed Fisk organ, Opus 137 at Christ Church Andover, 25 Central Street, in Andover. The concert features repertoire from many eras, including new works from Japanese composers. Barbara Bruns, Music Director and organist at Christ Church Andover was born and raised in Japan and is delighted to welcome her Japanese colleagues to play this recital even before her official inaugural recital of dedication on September 29 at 7:00 pm.

On Tuesday, August 14, at 8:00 PM, the other three performers will take their turn on the organ bench at the historic Old West United Methodist Church, 131 Cambridge Street in Boston. A part of the Old West Summer Series, the concert features familiar repertoire. Old West’s organ, Opus 55 of the Fisk firm, was built in 1970 and is one of the premiere pipe organs in the country. It served for many years as the concert organ for the New England Conservatory. Miura, who was educated at NEC, has played recitals on Opus 55 on several occasions since her days at NEC.

The tour continues on Friday, August 17 at 8:00 PM when Yuka Saruwatari and Reiko Okamoto  play the Jeremy Adams Organ at the Annisquam Village Church, 820 Washington Street, in Gloucester. The Adams two-manual, 13-stop instrument was built in Danvers in 1986. The program features works from many traditions, culminating in an exciting duo of the “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah.  Kathleen Adams, Music Director, at the AVC, notes that Miura played one of her graduate recitals on the Annisquam organ when she was studying under the legendary Yuko Hayashi at the New England Conservatory.  Hayashi, now retired from NEC, will be attending some of these concerts, underscoring the lineage which has ensued from her pedagogy.

On Saturday, August 18, starting at 7:30 PM, two recitals back to back on Fisk organs next door to each other will feature another two duos of “Lucys.”  Kumi Shibusawa and Momoko Koshimizu, will play on C.B. Fisk’s Opus 97 at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 48 Middle Street, in Gloucester.  Included on their program is a four-hand/four-feet arrangement of movements from Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik.”  The two-manual, 18-stop organ at St. John’s was installed in 1988.  Mark Nelson, Music Director, recently retired from organbuilding at Fisk after more than 30 years with the firm. Nelson has recently formed the Cape Ann Choir School at St. John’s, open to children 6 years old and up.

The music of the evening continues next door at the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church, 10 Church Street, in Gloucester following light refreshments served on the lawn in front of the church as the audience traverses from one church to the other.  At 8:30 PM Mineko Kojima and Naoko Asao play the concluding recital on the 1962 Fisk rebuild of an 1893 Hutchings organ.  Their program will feature a variety of organ music including that of contemporary Japanese composers.

All the concerts are free (with free-will donations) and open to the public. For information call 978.283.1909.

Where will you be next Thursday (8/9) at 1pm?

St. Peter’s Square would be the right answer … so you can join Mayor Kirk, the Lt. Governor for the Harbor Walk Ribbon Cutting and a special walk led by the Mayor.

This isn’t your usual boring ribbon cutting event, folks.  It’s the kick off to an extraordinary weekend, culminating in Gloucester’s first Blues Festival and highlighting everything Gloucester has to offer from our proud fishing heritage and continuous working waterfront to art, music, food, literature, heroism and the spectacular natural beauty that inspires every one of us.

Much of this is embodied in the Story Moments on granite posts along the harbor walk, supported by an excellent website and phone apps built by Mike Ciolino (see notice of the website launch here).

And that website features a WALKING CINEMA starring one of Gloucester’s best singers: Ann Marie of the Bandit Kings, Safety (and who backed up Chelsea Berry at North Shore Music Theatre on June 28).

See Ann Marie in the Walking Cinema intro below:

I can’t even begin to list all the music THIS WEEKEND — it’s going on RIGHT NOW at the Sitewalk Bazaar.  Just check out the full live music schedule here.

Surfside Subs Isn’t Just A Sub Shop Y’all

I’m telling you right now, if you are a fan of thin crust pizza Surfside Subshop at Long Beach Dairy Maid is a contender.


Really really good.  So good that I think they are doing themselves a disservice by calling themselves Surfside Subs.  it should be Surfside Lobster Roll, Pizza and Subs.

Trademark that shit Matty!  Try it I swear you won’t be disappointed!

Saturday August 11th !The fourth annual Reggae Bashment on the High Seas~Updated 4

Saturday August 11th !The fourth annual Reggae Bashment on the High Seas 4 live n direct from the 7Seas Wharf Gloucester MA 01930 with Reggae Djs Lion Pride Sound on the 1’s and 2’s. Spinning strictly the best in Reggae ,Roots, Rockers, Ska, Lovers and Dancehall. Please join us for a magical evening on the water of dancing, entertainment and fun! We meet at 7 seas wharf (next to Gloucester House Restaurant)@6pm and the Boat leaves at 7pm Sharp!!!Tickets for the cruise are $20 and can be purchased by contacting .

..Lara 603 759 6487 or sending $20 per each ticket to via…Tickets are 1st come first serve… Come down, invite your friends and join in on the fantasticly fun night!

*** If you had planned on coming to the Reggae Bashment boat cruise on July 28th we had to reschedule it for Saturday August 11th due to the weather conditions. See you all on the 11th


SATURDAY August 11th 2012




INFO/ TIX 603 759 6487 OR


Art Party at “The Annie” – paintings by Sheila Lavelle

Yesterday evening there was an art party at The Annie for the opening of a show of beautiful paintings by Sheila Lavelle.  The artist was present, as was Henry Allen (founder of The Annie).

Artist Sheila Lavelle (second from right) with Henry Allen (far left) and guests

Her paintings are tranquil and calming, most of them suggestive of beach and sea skylines.

Overview of some of the new art on display

The art was accompanied by dishes of delectable appetizers, presented with artistic flair…

…including faux “candles” glowing in origami boxes!

The art will be on display all month. Several of the paintings sold while I was there, so get down to see them soon if you want to buy one of these beauties!

If you can’t make it, you can also view and buy her art on line.

Fr. Matthew Green

Day Two GMG Community Sidewalk Bazaar Live Blog

Sista Felicia and The Mrs were up into the wee hours of the morning producing more of their killer mason jar drink thingies.  Yesterday they sold out before 2PM but today they are stocked up.  Get yours with Sista Felicia’s Iced Tea in front of Sugar Mag’s today.

Send in your photos from The Bazaar and we will post them as I receive them.

send them to

The mason jar drinking glasses are obviously re-usable.  Try out Sista Felicia’s Iced Tea recipe we posted last year to fill yours-

Sista Felicia Iced Tea (with directions this time)

Posted on July 25, 2011 by Joey C

Click here for Day 1-

Community 2012 Sidewalk Bazaar Live Blog- Send in Your Pics and I’ll Post Em Here

Get your GMG Stickas, Your This is Gloucester DVDs, your GMG T Shirt, Donna Ardizzoni Photography, Joey C Gloucester at Dawn Note Card With envelopes bedazzled by Amandacakes and more.  Lot’s of fun at the GMG Tent, Believe That!

Fred Bodin Submits-

Shannon Lane of Manchester and her new friend “Minion.” She met him at Bananas, and just had to have him over for dinner.


Good Egg report From Grace Giambanco Numerosi

This young man is a true good egg! He found an envelope of money at the Sidewalk Bazaar and turned it over to me and we were able to track down the owner -10 year old little girl who was too shy to have her picture taken! Way to go Chris Frontiero- from Gloucester Clean Team



1:01PM The Girls report They are running low on Mason Jar Drinkware- Get down to The GMG Booth Now!!!


1:08PM Update- Only 4 Mason Jars filled with iced tea left.  30 unfilled.  Get there

Rockport National Bank Representing at the Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar!


Hi Joey,

B got his face painted at the GHS Class of 2013 booth during the Sidewalk Bazaar today.  Great fun for a good cause!


~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Grace Giambanco Numerosi writes-

The Sturdy Oaks Band- if you miss them today, they’ll be back tomorrow 3:30-5:00pm – great fun family music!

photo (29)

Community Stuff 8/3/12

Skeptics in The Pub August


Oasis Rockport is helping the community with a photo day for charity, which will benefit those less fortunate in Cape Ann with the upcoming holiday season, a season that can be a source of extreme distress when a family is suffering a hardship. Photo Day For Charity will be held August 25th (rain date August 26th ) from 8am through 7pm. Photo sessions will be $20 each, which includes an online gallery for each individual, couple, family or pet that is photographed. Every penny of that $20 goes towards assisting families experiencing hardships in the coming holiday season. Interested in scheduling your photo session on Oasis Rockport’s Photo Day? Contact or call 978-290-3184. . With our warm-hearted helpful community, I bet these shoots will fill up very fast!