Bottom Line The Camera You Should Buy- The new Sony RX100

They did what no one else has done.

Stuffed a huge sensor in a small camera that can fit in your front pocket.

No one researches new cameras like I do.  No one, because what I do on this blog makes me appreciate what a large sensor and super fast Carl Zeiss 1.8 lens in a camera body that can fit in your front pocket can produce.

How many times have I told you the best camera is the one you have with you? A large DSLR that you don’t lug around with you because it is just too cumbersome is USELESS TO YOU if you decide to not bring it along with you.  But now there is no tradeoff.  they put that huge DSLR sensor into a camera that can fit in your pocket. #Boom!

This is the camera I’ve been screaming that camera makers should make and that people WOULD pay up for.  Something that would deliver excellent results in a small form factor.

I resigned myself last year to chalking it up to it not being possible because I figured I couldn’t be the only person that wants to be able to carry around a camera THIS CAPABLE IN LOW LIGHT in their front pocket.




It’s a premium constructed, premium picture quality Hi Def Video Monster in a small form factor.

They took what was really good about the Canon Powershot series S95 and S100 which are both very good cameras and blew it out with a sensor that is over double the size of those two cameras which are good performers in their own right but the RX100 crushes them in terms of performance.


Here it is-


and the reviews-

First of all the RX100 sales success never stops. It still sells more than any other mirrorless or DSRL or High end compact camera at Amazon US (Click here to see the ranking) and slowly climbing the rankings at Amazon UK and Amazon Germany too. So let’s take a look at some of the most recent new tests:

The well know filmmaker and blogger Philip Bloom  usually tests heavy and expensive video stuff only but he could not resists to take a look at the Sony RX100 too: “This is aVERY small camera with a crap load of stuff in it and it does most of it, from what I have so far, very well. The best pocket camera I have used to date, beating my beloved Canon S100.” You can see some videos on his website (one of them I embedded on top of this post).

An enthusiastic review has been posted by the guys from The Verge (Click here): “Sony’s RX100 is nothing short of the best all-around compact camera I’ve ever seen. Where mirrorless cameras made waves by downsizing DSLR-quality photos into a package you could throw into your coat, the RX100 does the same for your jeans. It’s really no exaggeration to say that it produces images roughly on par with an average DSLR and kit lens combination, making this a revolutionary camera that means you’ll always be in a situation where you can take genuinely high quality pictures.

You can buy it here

JoAnn Jastzab has Some Nice Things To Say


Joey, I wrote you last week after learning about GMG on a work visit to Gloucester.  We picked up a couple of culls after a dentist visit last  week  Our dentist is in Rockport and my husband  was back there today before picking up a couple 2 lb culls from you. OMG, again, they were so good. Fortunately (for me, if not my husband) he has to be back at the dentist again next Wednesday and will be stopping back for more.  Making paella with today’s leftovers tomorrow.
So happy we found you. Love what you are doing to build the sense of community in Gloucester  It is special.

25 days to the Beam Reach From Al Bezanson

Joey…  more photos from GREEN DRAGON and another reminder…

The Gloucester Schooner Race takes place September 2nd.  Nowadays the race is set up as a beam reach, usually three times around a pair of buoys set a couple miles apart.    Schooners are at their best reaching, with the wind on the beam, and if there is a good breeze their big mainsails provide all the  power they can use.  Reaching is also the most comfortable point of sail – no rock and roll.  There is still space available for paying passengers on the larger boats, and the cost is usually less than the price of a ticket to a major league sporting event.

So, spectators, get off the boulevard and get on a boat for an up close and personal experience! 

Al Bezanson

GSF 2008image003Whee

36th Annual Magnolia 5k Road Race Presser From Randy O’Neil

36th Annual Magnolia 5k Road Race

Online registration is underway for the 36th Annual Magnolia 5K Road Race.  The popular race, whose course includes scenic vistas along Magnolia’s coastline, will take place on Thursday, August 30th at 6:00 PM and is expected to draw some of the finest runners on the North Shore and beyond.  "This race has a great tradition and is a great way to kick off the Labor Day weekend for runners and spectators alike", states Doug Reny, one of the race’s organizers. 
The race is professionally timed by Yankee Timing with splits on every mile and several water stops.  The pre-race entry fee is $25 with registration and race results available on
$100 prizes are awarded to the top male and female runners and other prizes for winners of age brackets.  The first 100 Runners to register get a free T-shirt and there are fun post-race raffles for gift certificates and prizes.
"We are very pleased to again be associated with longtime sponsor Cape Ann Savings Bank as well as our new relationship with the Manchester Athletic Club", reports Reny. 
Prior to the 5K race is a 1K fun run that has proven to be very popular with first time racers of all ages.  Associated with both races is a raffle for EMC Club Tickets for a September Red Sox game donated by Giant Glass.   More information, course maps, registration to the 5K and 1K races  and on-line purchase of raffle tickets are all available at Registration is also available on race day at the corner of Norman and Lexington Avenues in Magnolia. 100% of the proceeds go to the Magnolia Library and Community Center.

This Just In: Official Harbor Walk Weekend Schedule

We just got the official schedule for the Harbor Walk Weekend that begins with the Ribbon Cutting this Thursday, August 9.  Download the complete schedule here.

Thursday’s schedule is below:

Harbor Walk Weekend 2012: Step Out and Experience Gloucester!

Thursday, August 9: The Inaugural Walk

1:00 p.m. Ribbon-cutting, St Peter’s Square with Mayor Carolyn Kirk,
Lt. Governor Tim Murray, State Senator Bruce Tarr, State
Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante and other invited guests

In Cod We Trust: Sample salt cod on the wharf, a staple of the early
Gloucester fishing industry. Provided courtesy of Latitude 43.

Mayor Kirk leads Inaugural Walk

3:30 p.m. Pre-screening of uncut Fiesta! film footage at St. Peter’s Club

Step Out into Gloucester:
10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Maritime Gloucester – Exhibits in the Gorton Gallery, Dive
Locker, Stellwagon Bank National Marine Sanctuary and
on the Wharf

3:00 -6:30 p.m. Farmers’ Market, Stage Fort Park

3:30 -5:30 p.m. Sail on the Pinky Schooner Ardelle

4:00 -8:00 p.m. Open House, Endicott College, 33 Commercial Street

4:30 p.m. Maritime Gloucester: Tour of Harriet Webster Wharf and vessels

5:00 p.m. Narrated tour to Marine Railways and Smith Cove/Rocky Neck Artist Colony on the Water Shuttle Leaves from Solomon Jacobs Pier

6:00- 9:00 p.m. Harbor Loop Concert featuring Mile 21 and The Runaround
Allen Estes opens with song in honor of the HarborWalk

10 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Beauport, guided tours on the hour.

Whale Watch and Fishing Charter options and more here.
Dining and Evening music venues and more here.

Sir Orfeo and the Imp Trees


          Do you know where the imp tree grows? Do you even know what one is? Don’t feel bad- before this morning, I had never heard of such a thing. Then, when I arrived at the Summer Pie Playhouse, I learned that our play this week is called “Orfeo and the Imp-Trees”. Still, the meaning of the phrase eluded me. Dona, the head director, charged my fellow cheerleader (a kind of counselor and Dona veteran, to those not in the know) and I with the intimidating task of acting out the story of unfortunate King Orfeo, never having rehearsed or even read the old Celtic legend.

          This was to enthuse the heat-battered, tired Players; to embolden them in the face of summer, if you will. And after perhaps the most terrible waltz ever performed- no offense to my partner, whose feet are probably still smarting from the ordeal of dancing with me- we came to the imp trees. By the end of that, the Players were ready to do what they do best: play, which is much more strenuous than you might expect.

          After our ‘rough draft’ performance, we split up into groups, and I worked with a Player who had taken on the role of imp tree. For the record, they are normal, noble trees, who when overtaken by mischievous spirits known as imps, become insufferable troublemakers. My young friend then came up with what may be the sassiest tree I have ever had the chance to act with.

          In case you have not noticed, this playhouse is a long ways from any theater group organized before. It’s small and weird and we don’t have scripts so much as guidelines, and even those guidelines are squiggly and easily crossed. It is the kind of thing that would and does inspire teenagers to come out of the lull of beaches and endless warm days to take part in. We dance with glittery bits of fabric (I being bestowed with the noble title of  “Scarf Minister”) sing a modified, magic-themed rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing”, and teach each other not only to be loud, but to be heard. Best of all, we come up with some great stuff to show the world. Or at least the Cape Ann area. So, what are you waiting for? The imp trees don’t like to be ignored, and trust me, you wouldn’t like to annoy an imp tree. There’s a mistake you only make once.

Come Home Rubber Duck!

Wow, Rubber Duck got caught in a wicked back eddy and now she is practically off the map. There be dragons down here on this island.

Rubber Duck Tracker Current Location.

She hopes to be back on the right island of Cape Ann by Mug Up this Sunday. RD really enjoyed reading the art*throb article especially the part about her love life. Wow, they almost called Rubber Duck the mascot of GMG. (Of course she knows that isn’t true; she would never usurp Homie’s rightful place.)

Four more days of humidity and hush puppies.

Gloucester HarborWalk Grand Opening Thursday!

The HarborWalk grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony with Mayor Kirk and Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray is this coming Thursday, August 9th. The festivities will begin at 1 pm at The Wharf at St. Peter’s Park.

The Gloucester HarborWalk is a self-guided tour through 42 story moments granite posts. The 4-day celebration, August 9th through 12th, is devoted to the HarborWalk; each day of the event’s “Walk the Walks,” hosted by Mayor Kirk, will feature different aspects of the city’s storied maritime and cultural history.

As many of you may know I designed the horticultural master plan for the HarborWalk. The new gardens are planted with nearly 100 percent North American native wildflowers and have quickly become a pollinator’s paradise. Once fully established, the gardens will require minimal maintenance.

Sunday, August 12th, at noon, there will be a re-dedication of Gus Foote Park (now part of the HarborWalk Gardens) where I will help in giving a guided tour of the butterfly gardens. I hope to see you there!

Schedule of Events

Thursday, August 9th at 1:00pm at St. Peter’s Park. Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

Friday, August 10th, at 12:00 noon at St. Peter’s Park. Mayor’s Walk, focusing on literature and art.

Saturday, August 11th, at 10:45 at City Hall. Especially intended toward families, and featuring the works of Virginia Lee Burton.

Sunday, August 12th, at 12:00 noon at Gus Foote Park. Re-dedication of Gus Foote Park, with a focus on Gloucester’s maritime heritage. Guided tour of the  gardens.

Harbor Walk, Harbor Loop, Blues Fest, Farmers Market …

There’s just too much going on this week to fit into one post a day, so today we’re just going to step back, catch our breath and review what’s coming up.

Gus Foote Park Garden designed by Kim Smith ~ From Gloucester Daily Times ~ photo Allegra Boverman

Let’s start with music.  We’ve been adding new shows almost every day this week as we find out about them.  Remember, there’s even music at the Farmers Market.

Check the live music lineup to see the latest.  Check it again tomorrow; it’s likely to list more shows.

If you were paying attention, you’ve already saved the date for the Harbor Walk Ribbon Cutting.  Today’s excellent article in the Times gives you a first glimpse at what you can expect.

Later today, we’ll post a full schedule of Harbor Walk events that start Thursday, connect with the Harbor Loop Concerts and continue all weekend long.

Now, you DID take my advice yesterday and get your ticket to the Blues Festival, right?  Good, because we (including the Zip Line Kid) will be live blogging from the festival all day long — with a special focus on those of you who are like us and decide what to do at the last minute.

more to come later …

Wednesdays with Fly Amero @ The Rhumb line

Surf & Turf Specials!
Wednesdays Only!

Hello everyone!
Wednesday, August 8th
Filling in as Guest Hosts:

I’ll be taking a night off this week, leaving the Rhumb Line in
the capable hands of these warm and wonderful musicians.
Chick and Jay are just amazing together.  And, in case you
haven’t heard, Ellen and Laurie sing like sister songbirds! ~ Fly
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Surf & Turf Dinner –
 $11.95 (while they last)
Something new for the summer! Tenderloin Tips with Grilled Garlic Shrimp!
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Coming soon…
John Rockwell

Dan King

…many more!
Looking forward…
…to seeing you there!  🙂 ~ Fly

My Garden Grows

My Garden Grows………….

Found this cool Cape Ann Blog on Gardening.

From Mary Mahoney Howard;

Here’s another shot of Sophia (with her Great Uncle Vito – my second best gardening buddy) harvesting zucchini this morning from our new bed. She is not particularly fond of eating vegetables. I had hoped she might be willing to try some of the ones she grew, but right now she would much rather give her crops away than eat them,

Git Yer Lobster On This Weekend in Rockport!

The Rockport Rotary Club is sponsoring the annual Lobsterfest this weekend in Rockport, which is always a good time. Check out the info HERE and be sure to stop by! There is more going on in Rockport this weekend, so stay tuned to Good Morning Gloucester to find out all there is to do.

Community Photos 8/7/12

Joseph Ciaramitaro (not Joey C joseph ciaramitaro) writes-

Hi Joey,
Check out this photo. It was taken on 7-26-12 from Ipswich facing Gloucester.
Joe Ciaramitaro (another joseph ciaramitaro)

Morning Sun 7-26-12

Hi Joey, 

I wanted to send in this photo of my amazing friend Leslie Witham who came down with her hubby and adorable 2 year old daughter to run the beautiful and scenic Cape Ann 1/2 Marathon today. They left their house in Waterboro, ME this morning at 5:00 AM so they could get her packet etc.  This is her running on Bass Ave across from Gloucester Elks, what she called the sun stretch. It was great seeing not only her run but so many runners out there today!  It was crazy hot and it was amazing how many people ran.  Congratulations to all the runners.  You all did a great job!

Jess Bean

Leslie Whitman Cape Ann half