GMG Will Be Representing At The Sidewalk Bazaar With Mason Jar Drinking Glasses, DVD’s, GMG T Shirts, and Some Of My Favorite Photos Bedazzled

Sista Felicia, Beasley Amanda and The Mrs will be manning the GMG Booth at The Bazaar (So happy they brought back the bazaar name from “Sidewalk Days).

There will be those Cool Mason Jar Recepticals Produced by Sista Felicia and The Mrs

(perfect for Iced Coffee, Iced Tea, Lemonade, Sunny D and Rum, You Name it, It Tastes Better loaded up with ice in these bad boys)

There will be This Is Gloucester DVD’s Which Your Boy Joey Produced

-“This Is Gloucester” DVD Review From A Biased FOB Linda Colman

Posted on December 12, 2011 by Joey C


Linda writes-

Hi Joey!

Here’s my review of your “This Is Gloucester” DVD.  I’ve watched it twice.  First time was the day I received it in the mail.  Since I’m your target audience I decided to watch it a second time with one of my BFF’s, Judy, who’s never been to Gloucester and has never seen the blog.  Not being an FOB like myself, I figured she’d be able to provide the objective viewpoint that I lack since I’m a lover of Gloucester and a rah rah fan of GMG. I’m biased for sure.

Let me begin by saying that the DVD cover is really cool.  Beth Swan has a great eye for design and did a fantastic job.  Appealing right away.  Beginning the DVD with “Gloucester at Dawn” and the beautiful music was a great way to set the tone and my friend Judy said she didn’t know Gloucester was such a beautiful place.  BOOM!

I imagine that deciding what to include and what to leave out of the DVD from all the GMG material must have been the hardest part of making it. I don’t know how you managed to do it, but you wound up with a really well balanced presentation of the essence of Gloucester- the beauty of the place, the fishing industry, the history, festivals and the passionate people who call it home.  A really great mix.

The only trouble I had with the DVD, and believe me I realize that this is totally personal (although Judy had the same reaction), was the appearance of the “Rare Golden Sea Robin”.  I remember seeing it on the blog and it was bad enough looking at that thing on my laptop, but on my big TV screen?  Yikes!! I can see how it might be a big deal to land one of these horrifying creatures but it’s a TERRIBLE thing to look at.  Judy gasped, covered her eyes and I had to tell her when it was over so she could keep watching.  Just when we were regaining our composure, THERE IT WAS AGAIN!!!  It made an unannounced and unexpected second appearance after “The Back Shore” chapter!!  At that moment Judy fled from the room and wouldn’t watch any more.

The people chapters (as opposed to the creature chapters) appealed to me the most. I enjoyed “Building the Greasy Pole Shrine” because of the obvious passion of the people involved in its construction, “Salting Herring At Cape Seafoods” because… well I don’t know, I just liked watching it… and the “St Joseph Novena” chapters that finished off the DVD were the best.  The people who live in Gloucester truly love their city and it shows!  

So there’s my review, Joey.  It’s yours to do with as you please.  Run it on the blog, trash it completely, edit it as you see fit, whatever.  Oh, one more thing.  I think an introduction by you at the very beginning would have been great.

Thanks a million for putting the DVD together!  Linda

There Will Be GMG T Shirts,


Some Of My Favorite Photos Will Be Available As Cards bedazzled By Amandacakes


City Hall Restoration photos taken 07-30-12

Copy and photos from Maggie Rosa

Today, on a beautiful summer’s morning, members of the City Hall Restoration Phase II Building Committee took to the staging to review the ongoing restoration.

We were impressed by what has been achieved recently.



The restored cornice work in the final color but waiting for the brickwork to be painted in the same color


Not many people can say that they have seen the bell from this angle and so close up


I love the "pixelated" look that the mesh gives the photo.


Approaching noon on July 30 2012


St Ann’s was shining brightly as was the repaired ventilator.


Love the reflections offered by the new copper-clad ventilator.


Another "pixelated" view


The big tower says to the smaller tower – I’m so pleased that you are receiving the good care that I received a few years ago.

Thank you, citizens of Gloucester.

Long may we look over you.


Couldn’t resist a self portrait!


Yet another shiny reflection

Move Over Or….

2012-07-30 14.58.43

Thanks Dan Goldthwait  for Da Sticka

Dan writes-

I just read the bicycle rant and plan on mailing you the sticker I had made for my car.  I live in southern California but was born and raised on the Maine coast and I simply lose my squash at the spandex mafia that thoroughly dominates my neighborhood every weekend.  Gigantic batch of asshats who form a massive group every weekend morning making it entirely impossible to get around near our house. And boy are they uppity.  Blow through stop signs, traffic lights and as you said, manage to find themselves dead center of the road going 7 with no intention of moving over. 

Lisa Freed Represents!

Niles now rides with me….

He may come meet Homey one day.



Joey Edit:

The question I have is how exactly Niles got his name?

Was there an illicit sexual encounter on Niles Beach which led to the demon spawn shown in this picture?  Half Rubber Duck/Half Penguin?  You decide.

Two Cable shows feature new music tomorrow (Wednesday)

Two excellent shows premiere tomorrow (Wednesday) on Cape Ann TV Channel 12.  At 6:30pm, Allen Estes welcomes his family for a special, very lively Local Music Seen that’s sort of like a peek into the family living room.

Then at 7:30pm Blues Festival producers Bob Hastings and Paul Benjamin are Rick Sagall’s guest on Cape Ann Report — complete with footage of some of the stars of the festival.  See a preview of that very special show below.

Tonight you can see some of Cape Ann’s finest musicians for free and if you have tickets to  the sold out Ladysmith Black Mambazo concert at Shalin Liu, you’re in for a treat!  See the full live music lineup here.

Gloucester Angels – EJ Gets Rescued and Gets Her Wings

I got lost on my walk this morning.  I am directionally challenged, so normally walk one of 3 established routes.  I had taken the longer walking route up Mt. Pleasant Ave to Moreland to Atlantic to Brace Cove and up St. Louis to Farrington and straight back Eastern Point to East Main and up Rocky Neck Ave.  This time I turned up High Popples, a route I have taken with walking buddy artist, Caroline Kwas, who is not directionally challenged, and has a GPS.  When I got to Grapevine, I followed my “sense of direction”, turned left and continued walking.  By this time I was tired and wasn’t seeing anything familiar.  I spotted a couple in their front yard and went up to them and asked where I was.  They laughed and said: “You’re in Gloucester, Mass!”  It was Ed and Jean Pasquina, and Jean immediately offered to give me a ride back to Rocky Neck, which I gratefully accepted.  Thanks Jean, you get the Good Morning Gloucester angel of the day award.

The next angel is Tom Bernie of East Gloucester.  Tom, a longtime pilot, has wings, and gave me my wings when he took me up yesterday in his very cool two-seater open cockpit experimental, homemade in his basement and attic, bright red plane.  It was without a doubt the adventure of this summer.  I got to take 400+ photos of the coastline from Hampton to Cape Ann, and got many cool shots of familiar places from a very unique perspective.  I’ll be sharing some of them with you over the next couple of days.  This series is Tom preparing the plane for takeoff, me looking like a cool aviator chick, the plane’s shadow on the beach.  Can you identify the others?

Thanks Tom for a really great experience and view of Cape Ann.

E.J. Lefavour


Dutchman’s Pipevine Photo from 1915

Look what Fred Bodin from Bodin Historic Photo shared!

Julia Lane, later Julia Wheeler, posed for Alice M. Curtis on August 12th, 1915, in Gloucester.

Fred read my post about Dutchman’s Pipevine and Pipevine Swallowtail Butterflies titled Plant, and They Will Come!  I mentioned in that post that the Dutchman’s Pipevine had it’s heyday in gardens in the previous two centuries. Pipevine was planted  to climb porches and arbors in pre-airconditioning days, providing  shade and cooling the rooms within. The Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly is rarely seen in our region today because the Dutchman’s Pipevine is rarely planted.

Thank you Fred for taking the time to find this delightful vintage photo showing the Dutchman’s Pipevine growing on the porch in the background!

Dutchman’s Pipevine is the host plant for the Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly and makes a wonderful addition to the garden. Back when it was in vogue (and practical) to plant Dutchman’s Pipevine, Pipevine Swallowtail Butterflies were a regular occurrence in the northeast.

4-day old Pipevine Swallowtail caterpillars, and recently molted. Notice their spiny discarded skins.

Note: the flower in the second photo of the Dutchman’s Pipevine is a Rose of Sharon, not the flower of the vine.

Joshua Nelson aka "The Prince of Kosher Gospel" this Friday, August 3rd at 7 pm.

Temple Ahavat Achim (86 Middle St., Gloucester) is hosting a Musical Shabbat with a special guest Joshua Nelson aka "The Prince of Kosher Gospel" this Friday, August 3rd at 7 pm.
This event is free and all faiths are welcome to attend!

Check out Joshua Nelson’s music here
"Gloucester Daily Times" has featured this event here


Harbor Loop Concert Series ~ Thursday August 2nd 6:30pm to 9:00pm


Simply Said is a party rock band based in Gloucester, MA performing originals and covers including songs by J. Geils, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, and more…

Simply Said:
Scott Parisi – Vocals, Guitar
Len Palazola – Bass, Vocals
Rick Geraghty – Drums
Mike Chipperini – Harmonica, Vocals
Frank Hawks – Guitar


Dented School Bus

Dented School Bus:
Frank Bernadini – Vocals
Thereas Gray – Vocals
Rick Geraghty – Drums, Congas, Vocals
Walter Piscitello – Drums, Vocals
John Donlon – Bass, Vocals
John Silviera – Guitar, Vocals
Frank Hawks – Guitas, Vocals


Cape Ann Talent Will Be In Full Force at The Weekend’s Festival By The Sea

This Saturday’s Festival By The Sea is expected to draw crowds of visitors excited to experience the best of the Cape Ann art, music, and food scenes in downtown Manchester by the Sea. With art and food vendors extending from Town Hall Common, through town center and down to Masconomo Park, there will be something for everyone. From painters and photographers to jewelers and crafters, visitors will have the opportunity to shop the local arts at a variety of price points.

While taking in the work of local artists, visitors will be treated to a special afternoon of live music on 2 stages. The Town Hall stage will feature soloists and duos including Charlee Bianchini, Janice Fullman with Izzy Attenborough, Bradley Royds, Joe Wilkins, and local music staple, Dan King. According to Co-chair and Musical Director, Chris Langathianos, “each musician will play about a 45 minute set.” He added, “we really wanted the opportunity to feature as much of the local talent as possible. I don’t think a lot of people recognize how lucky we are to live on the North Shore – Cape Ann, in particular. If you love live music, you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else in New England with the depth of talent that we have on Cape Ann.”

The waterfont stage in Masconomo Park with feature a separate lineup of musicians, including Henry Allen & The New Swingset, Just Like Newman, The Dejas, Marina Evans with Jack Tomiaolo, and Chris Phillips. The day will end with an extra special, 2-hour finalé concert by The Chelsea Berry Band from 6 to 8pm.

Speaking of the evening’s finalé concert, Langathianos said, “This is one of the things that the Festival committee really set out to do when we created this event – we wanted to cap it off with a special, family-friendly, musical event in Masconomo Park. We were very fortunate to sign on Chelsea Berry and her band fresh off of opening up for Chris Isaak at The North Shore Music Theatre last month. She is a gifted songwriter and performer and she is backed by a top notch band that includes, Michael Thomas Doyle, Pete Iannitto, Michael Feingold, and Renee Dupuis.”

The Festival came together pretty quickly when it was announced that The Manchester Arts’ Festival was taking a hiatus in 2012. A group of local residents came together and formed a committee to explore creating a new event that would bring visitors to town to support local businesses while shopping from local artists and hearing the music of local musicians. With the support of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, Festival By The Sea was born.

Co-Chair, Michael Storella said, “we felt that a summer festival in Manchester was essential, not just for the businesses in town, but it has also become a summer rite of passage. We were troubled by the thought of a summer without an event like this in town.” After some quick preliminary planning and a speedy approval by the Board of Selectment, a date was set and the wheels were in motion. Storella added, “we were able to get things moving along quickly thanks to the instant support of Singleton Plumbing & Heating, who immediately stepped up with a generous donation to get the event off the ground. That coupled with the support of The Chamber of Commerce and local businesses made this event possible.”

The event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 4th from 11am to 8pm. Artists will be set up from 11am to 6pm and from 6 to 8pm, action will shift to Masconomo Park for the Chelsea Berry concert. Event maps and music schedules will be available at local shops at the end of the week or by visiting

All this talk about music lately…………..

All this talk about music lately…………..

Thanks too Peter and Vickie all this talk about the local music scene had me thinking about all the concerts I’ve been to. Aerosmith in 1979 at the old Garden is a one I won’t forget. Plus the crazy ride there on the “Concert Train”, buying Bootleg T-shirts and watching the bootleg t-shirt guys get busted.  The concert was great but you could see they were having problems during the show. Drug induced, I’m sure. The next nights concert they cancelled and there was a riot in Boston and the green line station was destroyed. I found this full concert on youtube. Isn’t modern technology awesome?

Ben Macadam’s paintings at Alchemy

At the grand opening for “The Hive”, I found my self seated next to Ben Macadam, one of our up-and-coming Gloucester artists. He mentioned that he has work on display at Alchemy (3 Duncan Street) for a little while yet (until August 5, I believe?).  Since someone recently gave me a gift card for Alchemy’s, I trotted on down there for lunch on Sunday and snapped some photos.



These are not all the paintings, of course – you need to go down to see them yourself!

As I ate snapped photos and ate my delicious “native corn bisque” soup, I was entertained by great bluegrass music! It turns out that it was Flynn Cohen and a guest musician; Cohen plays there every Sunday with other musicians that he invites.

Fr. Matthew Green



Here’s Your Move Regarding Teeth Whitening

I drink coffee.  Lots of coffee.

How to keep the pearly whites staying pearly white after drinking all that coffee?  No need to get expensive dentistry teeth whitening treatments.  That’s for suckas. 

Floss, use Arm and Hammer Advanced White toothpaste with peroxide and follow up by swishing some hydrogen peroxide around in your mouth for thirty seconds after you floss and brush in the morning and before you go to bed.

The big jug of Hydrogen Peroxide at CVS was $1.49 and will last you a long while.